Sunday, September 27, 2015

Easing Back into Life!

I haven't been out of the house in 8 days other than the trip to the doctor last Monday.
What better place to go to begin the process of easing back into life than church?
It was SO good to be back in the worship services! 
I sat by a beautiful lady named Mary. Louis Dean and I met her at Whataburger one Sunday afternoon last spring. I noticed how elegant she looked and walked over and told her so! I mentioned that people don't always dress up for church anymore and inquired as to which church she attended. I was surprised when she answered, "The same one YOU do!! I usually sit right behind you and I always notice you since you come in late." OUCH! She wasn't being tacky, I assure you! She said she thought my hair was pretty. Normally she ate lunch out with a group of ladies but none of them were at church that Sunday. Today I asked if I could join her and the others for lunch and she was so gracious. She even suggested I ride with her and her friend. We ate at Arby's and it was really good. They were sweet ladies. One is 90 years old, another 85, and another 80 and the fourth one I have no idea except she was quite a character! I got up to get my drink and when I sat down she said - loudly - "SOMEBODY is wearing some STRONG perfume!!!!" We were the only ones in Arby's.
I confessed that I must be the one! The other 3 quickly claimed they couldn't smell anything!!
When we finished eating and were visiting, I told them I was going to Sherwin Williams to order wallpaper whereupon she quickly informed me that wallpaper was OUT OF STYLE and had been for a long time! I was just as quick to tell her that wallpaper is ageless and has been used since the 1600's at least! My last boo boo was to stand beside her as she was stepping off the curb to get into her car. The car I was riding in was right next to hers so I was basically waiting for her to step down before I did. She stood there and stood there and stood there. We were all lined up behind her except for the driver of the car she was to get in. Finally she said - in a LOUD voice - "You are making me nervous! Go ON!" So I did!! While Mary waited for Nita (that was her name and I will not forget it since that's my sister's name) Pat and I got in the car. I settled in the back seat and must have given a sigh/groan/sound when I got in. She said you do the same thing we do. Grunt when you get in the car and then laugh! About that time Mary got in - grunted and we ALL laughed!!!  We all had the best time!!! Nita may not have acted like she likes me but guess what??? I am going to be extra nice to her every single time I see her! Not overly and not obnoxiously. Just normal nice! I will win her over - just wait and see! Right now I am counting my blessings that I now know FOUR ladies' names at church! Having been a member for over a year, I never dreamed it would take this long to make friends. It's my own fault though. We never get there for Sunday School and since the church is in Dallas and we live in Irving, there are no small groups close to us. Still.......I made a little progress today! I think the older ladies are my best bet since the younger ones are all so busy. I volunteered to help decorate the church for the Hanging of the Greens last year and I cannot tell you any one's name from that afternoon. Now mind you, our church is friendly! Everyone is nice. People are just busy and I need to find the right slot to fit in. I'm working on it!

Now in other news......

I went back to Sherwin Williams and have hopefully ordered paper for my dining room!
This is close to the original pattern I had ordered previously but that one was out of stock.
The only difference is this one is a tad darker but I think I can live with that. You don't really see my walls anyway! They are all covered with debris or by furniture! It's not so dark as to make much difference and I do so LOVE this pattern!!!

From THERE - since I was so CLOSE - I simply HAD to stop in at Quadville!!!
Amber had been sick all weekend so I thought she could use a hand in getting the house in order before her week started back up. I worked in the kitchen - you know how I love to clean - and scrubbed and washed and wiped until all the dishes were done and the counters and stove were clean.
Amber worked nonstop on the playroom and laundry.
I tell you, she could keep a full time housekeeper busy 8 hours a day everyday what with the four children, 2 dogs, 1 cat and a set of parents!! She does an amazing job in mothering these precious grand quads and keeping up with their needs!

The bonus of this time was the kids were at the other grandparents so it was just the two of us.
We seldom get one on one time anymore so I loved it!

I was still there when the kids got home! Win! WIN!!!
Harrison is putting puzzles together all by himself!

AND Kailey is all about looking at my pictures. On my phone.
She is a little teenager!!!

Everyone is SOME ONE'S 'Mini Me!'

Trystan is the cutest thing!!! She loves to talk and tell stories!!!

Makes me SMILE!!!!!

Logan is MY mini me but here she is withe her sweet mama!!!!

It's been a really good day!
I came home and Louis Dean met me at the door telling me his chest felt funny.
I never like to hear that. We brewed up some green tea for him and he finished watching his football game. He thinks it's more of a lung thing than a heart thing but I had told him when I got home to get his wallet, slippers and socks and put them by the front door.
For some reason when I saw them there awhile ago as we went out to look at the moon tonight, it gave my heart a tug. I treasure every day he and I have together and never take this time for granted.
I am trying my best to live my life with no regrets.
Now he is back out there watching the night sky and I am about to join him!
No wine tonight. We haven't had wine in a long time, it seems. I took my last pill this evening so I am hoping to slowly get back into the swing of things!!!


Penny said...

Lovely post Linda, I enjoyed hearing about the church ladies, I think you will win over that prickly lady no problem! Hope LD is ok. I intended to watch the Supermoon eclipse last night but by 1.30am nothing had happened and I was just too tired to stay up any morel the moon in itself was just beautiful though, even though I didn't see the eclipse x

Vee said...

Well you are a peach! Nita? Not so much. Here's the difference between you and me: you take it as a challenge to win her over and I would not bother. I think your approach is probably the more godly one. And how sweet of you to help Amber. My daughter was here helping me yesterday in the same ways so I know what a blessing it is. Praying for all to feel better again soon.

mxtodis123 said...

Sounds like you had an awesome day. Isn't it funny how we choose to sit in the same seats week after week. In church we are all understanding should someone take our seat, but when I was attending the senior center, they'd come pretty close to blows over seats. LOL!!!!

Kathy said...

You really are a saint trying to win over Nita. I would just avoid her. I'm so glad you can post videos again. I'm going to have to try because I haven't been able to do it in the longest time. Hope LD is OK and feeling better.

Debbie said...

Well I am soo glad to hear your feeling better and had such a nice day. I got a kick out of hearing about Nita, lol, and your plan to win her over. Not sure I would bother, but pretty sure yours is the right approach. I KNOW you know how blessed you are to have your daughter close enough to pop over to help when she needs another pair of hands. I always feel so bad for my daughter that no family is near to her and those 3 little ones she cares for....soo much work. But I know our God knows it and is got a certainly is making her strong. Hope Louis Dean is feeling just fine today. Have a good week!

Arlene said...

I had to laugh at Nita...isn't there one like her in every bunch? I hope you make more friends at church. Unfortunately this morning, I am going to the funeral of a young(52) wife and mom who was a sweet friend. Lung cancer took her life...she was not a smoker, was fit as can be and yet cancer is no respector of persons. I do understand what you mean about treasuring each day. As I get older, that becomes more clear to me every day.

Susie said...

Linda, I hope and pray you and LD both are feeling well this morning. I know you enjoyed your church time and the quad time.So sweet of you to help Amber out. Glad you explained about your house to me. LOL. Blessings, love you, Susie

Deanna Rabe said...

Maybe Nita is like 'Weezer" in Steel Magnolias! Some people are just a bit odd. You'll win her over for sure.

Glad you got some time with your daughter, and then with the quads!

Treasuring each day is so important. Hopefully you and LD have many, many years together, still!


RobinSC said...

Nita reminds me of my grandma. Heart of gold but thought her opinion was always right and thus it needed to be voiced. What worked with her was acknowledge her opinion and move on. You will win her over in no time!

Sandra said...

you may not win Nita over, she sounds like a lady at the YMCA, she is like that with every one about everything and i went out with her twice and that was it. it is not that she doesn't like you, it is just her personality to say what she thinks, the lady i know is 83, and has been like that for the 9 years i know her. i don't know how you can add more people into your busy life, you have so many friends and family. i LOVE your answer about Wall paper.. priceless and true.

Blondie's Journal said...

You are a very intuitive lady and I can see why this lady touched your heart! Funny how life does that to us. And HE knows who will grasp that.

Great times for you and I hope you keep an eye on that wonderful man of issues scare the heck out of me since I nearly lost my guy 3 years ago,

Jane x

Doreen@househoneys said...

I love the comment about Nita sounding like Weezer lol. My thoughts exactly, and Linda, you are truly a saint (or a masochist) to try to win her over. I'd be switching out her toothpaste with preparation h.


Angie said...

I'm glad your feeling more at yourself and were able to get out of the house. I love being home but after so long I feel cooped up! Your Church Ladies story was too cute. I bet you and that woman will be good friends in no time. I mean how could anyone NOT love you?

The quads, oh my they have grown. They are all just precious. I'm sure Amber really appreciated the helping hand too. I know how hard it is for me to keep up around here, I just can't imagine all she has on her plater.

Hoping LD starts feeling better and that you all have a wonderful week!

Sweet Tea said...

That Nita is a character - I bet she's the same outspoken person with everyone. Seems there's one in every group. LOL

Nonnie said...

Nina sounds like a real mess! I am betting on you to win her over!

Hoping for the best for your LD. I hear you on treasuring those moments. Life is fragile. Your daughter and those quads are so precious.

Carla said...

that Nita sounds like a character indeed. LOL. I'm sure you've won her over by now.
Glad you got some new friends to hang with