Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Quad Wednesday! Photo Shoot, Lunch, Pumpkin Craft and more!

We had a busy day!! No lingering over our coffee and books this morning!
We had scheduled a photo shoot with Ladybug From Texas  , my gifted photographer friend!
We met at scenic Centennial Park and Louis Dean found a bench to sit and wait first thing!!!

This photo reminds me of this song.......

"Waitin' On A Woman"
Sittin' on a bench at West Town Mall 
He sat down in his overalls and asked me
You waitin' on a woman
I nodded yeah and said how 'bout you
He said son since nineteen fifty-two I've been
Waitin' on a woman

When I picked her up for our first date
I told her I'd be there at eight
And she came down the stairs at eight-thirty
She said I'm sorry that I took so long
Didn't like a thing that I tried on
But let me tell you son she sure looked pretty
Yeah she'll take her time but I don't mind
Waitin' on a woman

He said the wedding took a year to plan
You talk about an anxious man, I was nervous
Waitin' on a woman
And then he nudged my arm like old men do
And said, I'll say this about the honeymoon, it was worth it
Waitin' on a woman

And I don't guess we've been anywhere
She hasn't made us late I swear
Sometimes she does it just 'cause she can do it
Boy it's just a fact of life
It'll be the same with your young wife
Might as well go on and get used to it
She'll take her time 'cause you don't mind
Waitin' on a woman

I've read somewhere statistics show
The man's always the first to go
And that makes sense 'cause I know she won't be ready
So when it finally comes my time
And I get to the other side
I'll find myself a bench, if they've got any
I hope she takes her time, 'cause I don't mind
Waitin' on a woman

Honey, take your time, cause I don't mind
Waitin' on a woman

I love that Louis Dean never hurries me or frets about waiting!!
I do so love this man!!!

In the case of waiting this morning, he was actually waiting on FIVE women and one handsome little boy!!

They all DO love their Granddad!!!!!

Debbie is a natural when it comes to photographing children!!!
I loved watching her work her magic with them!

She shared early on that she had a surprise for them after the last pictures were taken!

Cracked corn to feed the ducks!!!
This was far better than candy or cookies for the kids!!!!
Feeding the ducks was THE highlight of the entire day!!!

When Ruth Ann and I walked the park yesterday, we talked about bringing bringing something to feed them. When we walked Lively Park earlier this year, we kept a bag of peanuts in the trunk to share with the squirrels. Debbie told me you can get cracked corn at Shady Grove Feed Store for $0.40 a pound. This is healthier - and CHEAPER! - than bread!!!

You can tell by this pic that I do NOT claim to have photographer skills AT ALL!!
Still, I wanted to share a pic of our gifted Debbie with the kids - or most of them!!!

Amber and I traded cars at the park and we took the quads to lunch at our local Big State Grill!!!

Granddad takes two and I take two!!!

I like this picture because it shows how similar Granddad and Kailey are!

YUM!!! yum!!!!

The kids acted so good while we were waiting for our food!
I only had a slice of lemon to occupy them!

We did 'Lemon Smiles' all around!!!
 After that I showed the the pics on my phone and they especially loved THIS one!

I told them he was saying, "Come closer!!! I want to get my HANDS on you!!!!"
They LOVED that and said it over and over with different variations!!!
Harrison would say, "Come closer! I want to get my hands on your DADA!!"
And on and on......

We were seated by a table of six elderly people. When they got up to leave, one lady came over and said, "Our older brother saw you being seated and said 'Oh no! FOUR kids!!!' But at the end of our meal he was saying, 'They are so cute!' Just wanted you to know!"

I do have to say - these are four of the best little kids EVER!!!

We came home - driving Amber's SUV - and Kailey telling me to 'be very careful!' all the way!
Reading and naps followed.
We slept for two solid hours!

Trystan is always asking me what craft we are doing.
Fall means PUMPKINS and I have a ton of ideas for them!
Tonight we stuffed orange painted paper bags with plastic sacks - explaining that we DO NOT put plastic bags over our heads! NEVER EVER!!!

We twisted the top and tied it with jute, painted that part green to make a stem and added some fall foliage! I LOVE them!!

My inspiration was this one!!!
Amber bought it for me at The Ardmore Craft Fair when she was about 10 years old.
I have treasured it over the years!!! The mice got to it and it is worse the wear now. Still I hold on to it! How fitting that now SHE has FOUR of them made by her little quadlings for HER - just as she bought this one for HER mama!!!

It's been a long day but it has been a GOOD one!!!


Blondie's Journal said...

Love these photos--LD is a natural and I love how he loves those babes. The words to the song are awesome. :(

Jane x

Susie said...

LInda, I loved all the pictures. That was a huge compliment from the lady at the next table. I have paid compliments to parents of well behaved kids...cause I have seen some that are ill behaved. LOL Your art project touched my heart. Blessings, love all of you, Susie

Sandra said...

i love that shot of LD on the bench and have never heard the song. i like the words and i wish bob had a little of LD patience. he is horrible about waiting on me, so doesn't go with me. but he hates waiting at traffic lights and RR crossings and refuses to eat in a restaurant that has a line..
that is wonderful to get a compliment on the kids. when we go in a resturant i look to see where there are no kids and ask for that table...

Arlene said...

I love Louis Dean's over alls...very handsome! And my husband loves that song by Brad Paisley. Whenever he has to wait on me, he says "I'm waiting on a woman!" I love it. And what a wonderful compliment to the quads at the restaurant. I admit to being one that cringes when I see a gaggle of childre being seated next to me at an eatery as well!! Love your paper bag pumpkins. I always used that craft when I taught twos at the preschool. They are so stinkin cute!!

Linda @ Life and Linda said...

Very sweet post Linda. The quads are growing up fast. What a treat to spend time with them. Makes me smile.

Cheapchick said...

Those kids are good because they have great people bringing them up including parents and grandparents. Also, they have been taught how to behave in public - that is a big thing. So many parents don't teach their kids that. They sure are cute though :)

BeachGypsy said...

Precious!! Love readin of your adventures! !

Vee said...

Always a joy! Those children are growing so fast and I loved hearing the good report they received. Beautiful pictures, too!

Wanda said...

Your energy level is so impressive....of course to do remember take care of yourself, as you love naps. Your photo shoot is so adorable and so is your darling LD. What cute pictures with the quads and you are the queen of crafts, and you will be remembered long after we are all gone.

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

Oh what fun you all have over there! Such beautiful children...all of them

Deanna Rabe said...

What a fun and full day you had! Those pictures are going to be wonderful! I love this craft idea! I may have to try this with my granddaughter!


Sweet Tea said...

What a beautiful Fall day of fun!

Penny said...

Beautiful photo's, what fun the quads had feeding the ducks. X

Carla said...

cute photos. Debbie is a talented photographer and what a beautiful setting.