Monday, September 28, 2015

Monday Moments and Letter No. 11

It was wonderful to wake up knowing I didn't have to take another one of those dreadful pills!
While I am grateful they did what they were supposed to do, I'm just as grateful that's now done!

Louis Dean and I took our coffee out on the kitchen patio/deck this morning where we sipped that first cup together. We usually save pouring the coffee until we're both up......not that we don't go ahead if one or the other is a real sleepy head! I have actually been waking up before 8:00 - and STAYING awake - not just rolling over and going back to sleep. I am enjoying my glider and that chair that Louis Dean is sitting in so much that I'm now going to actively look for another one to take down to the ranch. I just can't part with this one! We take our second cup of coffee to the gazebo where we read and pray before moving on into our day. 

We are really enjoying the more moderate temps lately. Not actually COOL yet!
Even so, we couldn't bring ourselves to close up the house and turn the A/C on today. Yes, it was a mite warm in here but I pulled the curtain in the den and we did turn that window unit on when we went in there to rest. Pretty soon the leaves will be falling in earnest and not just the stray dry one drifting down. I found one brown leaf inside on the kitchen floor this afternoon. Shades of things to come but I don't mind.

Neil Diamond is singing for just another day or two now. I haven't played him constantly. Occasionally I will tune in the classic radio station or just listen to the sounds of nature if the doors are open. Still, I confess Neil has been getting on Louis Dean's nerves. Today when I asked him to figure out why I couldn't get the lights on in the kitchen ceiling fan, he said he would work on it IF I turned Neil Diamond OFF!! Just two more days and I will pack him away until next year. Louis Dean asked me if I would be playing an 'October Song' and I assured him I didn't have one. I didn't think that was the right time tell him about Loon Song by Nature Quest and Whispers in the Night by Relaxing Nature and Lakota Traditions which is a CD of beautiful Native American music. No, I didn't say a word about those but I do have them stacked right by the stereo for Wednesday morning!

It's been so long since I have shared a letter from my Katherine Krueger collection even I lost the thread of what was happening and had to go back to the last one. Only four more left!

I hope you can  read these! I just love looking at the writing but it is a bit of an effort to decipher the words. The w's all look like m's to me.

We recorded Scorpion so that will be our evening's entertainment.
It's been a good Monday!!!


Deb said...

Happy Monday!!!!

Kathy said...

These letters are so interesting. Wish I knew how all these people were related to each other. And so happy you are over taking the medicine. I know you must be feeling better. Let's tell that infection to stay far away.

DREAMS ON 34th STREET ~ French bread & family said...

So happy to read that you are feeling better, Linda! I am able to get back into my old routine here on the blog, now that the reunion is behind me and mom is on the mend. Mr D and I are now only 2.5 years away from retirement. I look forward to a morning routine like you and LD.
When you read this,there will be only two more September Morn's to go. Man, it went fast! October brings my fifth year blog anniversary!
Keep well! Don't over do!

Penny said...

Glad to hear you are not taking those a/biotic any more Linda. They are a wonder drug in many ways, but can make you feel so unwell sometimes. The old letters are real treasures. X

BeachGypsy said...

I love looking at your old letters, its like my Ma-Maw's handwriting!! sure brings back memories..........

Vee said...

Oh dear...wonder what's troubling Willis. Polly's little charge sounds very cute. Hope that the $20 shows up in time.

Things are looking up for you two! Yay! That is so good to know.

mxtodis123 said...

What a lovely patio. I would so enjoy having my coffee out there every morning.

Debbie said...

"hand-writing" a thing of the past, but oh so beautiful!!! you are right about the "w's"....that tidbit would have helped when i started reading but made everything a little clearer in the end!!

have a wonderful week linda, ld looks great!!!!

Angie said...

I love how fun you and Louis Dean are. Your inspiration for my marriage most definitely :)

Sandra said...

so glad you are feeling better and off the meds. prayers the bad old UTI will stay far away from you.... hope you find another glider soon... our TV talks all day long, when i am working i say if you are not watching that i am turning it off. i like total quiet when i am doing something.

Susie said...

Linda, I love seeing you and LD just enjoying your lovely weather. That cracked me about LD saying turn off Neil Diamond. LOL. You must have been playing it a lot. :):) I bet LD could sing September Morn to you. Gosh Linda, times were so hard for the people in the's heart breaking. I remember some hard time growing, borrowing a cup of flour from our aunt, mom would send us over with a bag or cup...we didn't have a hone to call before hand...some times aunty was snippy and other times so nice. I miss all of them...for all my aunts and uncles are gone but one set. Blessings, love you, Susie

Beth said...

Hi Linda, So glad you are feeling better! I love how you and Louis Dean pray and study the Bible together. Nothing like sharing spirituality with your hubby! May God bless you and your family. I love reading your newsy blog posts. Hugs, Beth

Deanna Rabe said...

So interesting! It is amazing how they get around! Seems like Willis and Polly have been all over the place!


Carla said...

i love your morning and evening rituals, Yep you should have had LD singing. LOL
Sounds like you're feeling better here.