Thursday, October 1, 2015

Quad Wednesday and Special Friends!!

We were so excited to see the quads yesterday morning!
I was still not feeling well last week so, even though Amber brought them over for a brief visit while she fixed lunch for all of us and then left enough for Louis Dean and I to eat for a few more days, it just wasn't the same as our NORMAL 'Quad Wednesday!'

We got right to our arts and crafts right after they arrived!
I used acrylic wine glasses for these pumpkin votive candle holders. 
Trystan knows the parts of the glass - she painted the 'bowl' orange and the 'stem' was to be green!

Arts and Crafts!

The kids are now learning to make LONG strokes!!
I absolutely LOVE to see them learning things right before my eyes!

They play so well together and apart!
It seems like a dance the way they will all play with something and then drift off in twos and then then maybe one will find something to interest them and go off by their self and then they all come back together again.

Granddad was just waiting for a lull in the action so he could introduce them to yet another musical instrument! He had it out and ready in the den!

A Dobro lesson!

Everyone got a turn!

It took awhile! All four had their own little lesson.
Granddad held court while giving me time to prepare lunch!

The quads dearly love the dilly bits!!

It's just oyster crackers with olive oil, dry ranch dressing mix, lots of dill and garlic salt and any other seasonings you can get your hands on! Bake in a slow oven - or a convection oven to speed it up as I did yesterday.

I am loving this milder weather!
We had the A/C on but I let us all go in and out without worrying about shutting the doors every time.

This little Trissy just captures your heart!
She is the most articulate of the four and I LOVE to hear her tell her stories about when she was a 'little girl!' Of course, now she is a BIG KID!!!

After lunch we finished up our project by painting the stems.

I think they turned out lovely!!!
I painted the two in the back and they are glass while the quads painted unbreakable ones.
You're welcome, Amber!

Naps followed with a chapter of Little House on the Prairie first.
Louis Dean has the entire set of the Little House series collector dolls and the kids get to look at them in the doll case each week and now they can identify who is who.
All four of them napped for over an hour and I slept right along with them!

We were getting ready for special visitors after we woke up.......and a birthday cake was in order!

Look how grown up they are looking with Logan putting her hands on her hip!

Kimmy and June are two of my oldest and  dearest friends.
I've known Kimmy since the early 70's and both Kimmy and her mother, June, have been in my art class in years past.

They came bearing treats for the kids - just as they never failed to have a treat for Amber and Benjamin back when they were little! Pistachios were Amber's favorite and she still thinks of Kimmy and June when it comes to pistachios. Ben's favorite was Runts!
Back when Amber was a baby and just beginning to walk, she would crawl to the door on Tuesday nights and wait for the art class ladies to arrive. Kimmy was most often the first one and Amber would grin up at her and reach for her hand. Then Kimmy was STUCK!! Amber would pull herself up and proceed to walk all around the house holding Kimmy's hand!! She did this with Pat and a few other art ladies as well but Kimmy most of all!

Just look at my friend June!
She is 84 years old YOUNG and simply beautiful!!
She has been such a good friend to me over these long years.

Louis Dean cooked her a birthday dinner to remember!
Chicken fried chicken, gravy, homemade biscuits and finger potatoes with green beans.
The kids like to eat at the dining room table and I think it makes them feel grown up.
Amber and Mike joined us for dinner and it was fun like a party!!

While we all lingered in the dining room talking, the kids and Granddad went out to den to do some serious Paw Patrol watching!

Cake followed afterwards.....

It was a wonderful evening and a great celebration of LIFE!!
I love seeing all the ages celebrate together.
We are all connected.

Neil Diamond is now packed away in the music case and nature CD's and Enya are now playing.

Thursday after Quad Day is a sleep in and recover day around here.
My CT/IVP test was today and I'll see Dr. Bloom for the results tomorrow.
I put the house back to rights while Louis Dean went to his jam session this evening so we are all set to sit out in the cool air on this very first October night!
I don't think it's quite cool enough for a sweater but I do have the attic fan on!
October is my favorite month right after September!!!
I'm going out to the gazebo where Louis Dean is waiting. He poured me a glass of Riesling and I am grabbing a light sweather - just because!!!


Deb said...

I love hearing about your Quad days! What a nice celebration of old friends!

Stacey said...

Hope you enjoyed your evening outside Linda. Just got home from our cruise today and I can't believe how much it has cooled off. ;)

Angie said...

I bet those quads just LOVE coming to your place. You sure do know how to entertain. That little art project they done was so cute!!!

mxtodis123 said...

Looks like such a fun day...and that of my absolute favorites. The table decor and the food look fantastic. Happy Birthday June.

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Love the wine glass cute. Hope you get a good report at the drs office!!

Dee said...

I love the art project and the videos with the quads always touch my heart. The little ones are so sweet. Have a lovely weekend... :)

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

What will happen to quad Wednesdays when they get old enough for school? Maybe Amber will homeschool them and they can still come to you and Louis Dean for art and music on Wednesdays!

You are a wonderful grandma.


Estelle's said...

This is what life is all about....celebrating those moments that mark a milestone and simply enjoying days with Mee-Maw and Granddad! The Quads could not be more adorable! Love and hugs to you all!

Vee said...

You and Louis Dean know how to celebrate Life! I am certain that your beautiful friend felt honored and loved. Those quads are amazing.

Cheryl said...

Multi-generational celebrations are the best!

I've said it before...but you get an amazing amount of things accomplished in a days time!! And you even took a nap! I need to follow you around for a day and take notes. :)

I am so glad that you were well enough for a Quad Wednesday this week! (And I hope you got that bug away from the paints. ~smile~)

Jill said...

There is so much goodness in this post! I love all the pictures and that craft is simply adorable! My youngest wants to try it! And dilly bits? Never heard of them before but we will be trying them also! Thank you for sharing your heart and lovely family, truly makes me smile today. Family is what it's all about! Have a great weekend!


Sandra said...

sorry you are not back to 100 percent. i just love seeing the quads sitting all in a row at that long table doing their crafts. their voices are so sweet. this is my first time seeing and hearing a dobro. miss trissy with legs crossed made me smile.

Penny said...

Lovely family post Linda, what a nice birthday celebration for your friend, I bet she loved every minute and felt really special. X

Susie said...

Linda, I love coming to you house, via your blog. have the best times. So many friends and family gatherings. Those beautiful grandchildren are growing so quickly. I know that one day LD and the grands will be playing music. The kids seems so interested when he has the guitars out. I love it. Glad you are better and hoping for really good reports when you see your dr. Blessings, love all of you, Susie

White Lace and Promises said...

What a gift you are giving your grands. I hope when mine are a little older they'll want to come stay with BonBon and Grandy. They have such tight schedules and early bedtimes that it's not so easy right now. The votives are precious! The music is great! What a legacy!

Vee said...

Here it is the end of the day and I am finally getting back to see the videos...loved every one. Now I want Dobro lessons, some dilly bits, and some gummi candies. Loved that Harrison did not want to get paint on his new hat.

Carla said...

That project turned out awesome! Too too cute.
Trystan is a cutie. All the quads are. Love seeing them interact with LD and music.