Thursday, September 25, 2014

Lunch in a Plane and an Afternoon By a Mountain Stream.....

We took our time enjoying our morning coffee, continental breakfast and reading before gearing up for our next to last full day in Colorado.
Our first adventure was having lunch at The Airplane Restaurant.

Louis Dean was THRILLED with the menu AND the super cute server!!
All the employees were dressed in old time flight outfits.

I ordered HEALTHY this time!! Soup and salad!

Louis Dean was happy to have a Guinness!

I think he will be seeing a LOT of salads, fish and healthy menus once we get back home!

Such a clever idea for a restaurant! They opened in 2008 and is located - appropriately enough - out by the airport!

I nor Louis Dean have any sense of direction but when we left the restaurant we knew we were headed to Cheyenne Mountain. It was easy enough to SEE the direction we needed to go!

On the way we found another great Goodwill!!
I KNOW!!! Not many people shop thrift stores on vacation but we have our own way of having fun!

I found a cook book that reads like a novel - or history book!
We Called it Macaroni.
I love a cook book that READS!

Louis Dean found a treasure as well!
We always have a book we read out loud together and this will be one of them.

In addition to the books, I found a queen size cotton cover with ONE matching pillow sham!!!
Win! WIN!!!
I was wanting a new white cover!

We managed to find our way to Cheyenne Mountain Park!
Can you see me WAY up there on the bridge?

We took LOTS of photos!!

I LOVE the sound of the flowing stream!!!

Louis Dean didn't hike up to the falls but stayed below taking pictures.

I DID climb up and this is from the top.
In years past I have climbed WAY up to the top of the mountain with my children.
But I was MUCH younger then! I am trying to remember that I am NOT 65 anymore!

We found a spot beside the mountain stream where we spent the rest of the afternoon.

I kept trying to post a video with Louis Dean playing his guitar......
however I get confused about which one I post....
Hope this is the right one!
I did manage to post his song on Facebook!
Not sure why I can only do snippets on the blog.

Helen Hunt Falls - one of my favorite places on earth! Our resting area was just below.

I have really used this little folding $10 chair I bought in Mart last summer.

There is nothing more enjoyable to me than sitting by the stream reading my book and sipping my tea.

I even had a nap quilt. Louis Dean took MANY pics of me - but TRUST ME!!!
NONE were complimentary!!!

This was the best of the lot!
Okay! So I am resting and reading and sipping my tea and admiring nature and just RELAXING!

I lift myself up and here is Louis Dean just looking at me!
He said, "You take your time. Enjoy yourself and we can stay as long as you want. I am just letting you know I am ready to go anytime YOU are!!!"

I did get to stay longer than I thought I would so I was a good sport and we decided to go  back down the mountain. To tell the truth, the sun was going down and I was getting chilly.
As we packed up another car pulled up and a young couple got out with a thermos of coffee and a couple of warm furry covers. They looked so sweet as they sat together cuddled up and drinking their coffee - or tea! A perfect contrast to Louis Dean singing 'I'll Bring You a Daisy a Day!' to me!
An older couple and a younger one.
The circle of life......


Miss Dishywoo said...

I have never been to Colorado so going on this virtual trip with you is wonderful. Thanks for showing us so much beautiful nature. Happy Birthday to you and many more. The Airplane Restaurant looks so fun! By the way, I went on a quick trip last year to take my son to a convention. It was in a small town so while looking for something to do one afternoon, I went to a thrift store. I found some treasures and enjoyed looking around even though I was sort of on a vacation.

Ginny said...

Louis Dean's picture of you is very good! It is a more serious Linda with just a touch of a smile. You have a wonderful husband, and so do I. We are both so very blessed! The Airplane Restaurant is TOO cool! And the food looks very good, too. Is it the airport's restaurant?

Kathy said...

We had an airplane that was turned into a restaurant around here too. But unfortunately it closed and was taken away. I never got a chance to eat there. What a shame. So glad you got to eat in that airplane. It looks like fun!

Thanks for taking me on a virtual trip to Colorado. I've never been there and had no idea it was so beautiful. When you mentioned the young couple I thought the same thing you did -- the circle of life.

Kelly said...

I think you should put a Goodwill app on your phone so you never miss one near you! Although, you don't seem to have any problems finding one even on vacation. LOL! Your time spent in CO looks like a lot of fun. I know you will enjoy the memories that you have made there.

Susie said...

LInda, I think you and LD are so romantic. I love that he sings to you. He's a joy. But oh boy that big old burger lunch. LOL. I see you cutting back on his burgers, once you return home. Bless his heart. Be safe. You are an amazing couple. xoxo,Susie

Sandra said...

the last two photos of the two of you are awesome. i would love to eat in an airplane, as long as it is on the ground. what a super idea... i like the sound of the water to...

Stacey said...

Looks like so much fun I'm ready to go to Colorado. I'm laughing over Louis Dean's giant burger and onion rings. That's just what my hubby would choose too.

Gypsy Heart said...

So great to see you having fun! Beautiful scenery and the cool temps call to me. :)


Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

How fun...the airplane turned restaurant! Glad you had such a good time in CO.