Thursday, September 11, 2014

Fun Times in Quadville - in Videos and Pics!

We arrived in Quadville yesterday morning and really enjoyed our day with Trystan, Kailey, Harrison and Logan - AND Amber! I am happy to report that our Amber is doing and feeling so much better!! As always, the babies were happy to see ME and THRILLED to see Granddad!!!

Logan is crazy about the movie Frozen!

Can we say 'Grass HOPPER??'

I love how young children - actually children of all ages - LOVE music and dancing!

Logan has the twirling down pat!!!

Kailey has a set of lungs on her!

Trystan has a homemaker's heart for cleaning!

This makes me so happy!

Nothing makes Logan happier than saying, "Let's empty the dishwasher!"

Before lunch the girls helped me mix up some cookie dough. We used the 3 ingredient recipe I found on Facebook. Cake mix, Cool Whip and 1 egg. We dusted them with 10X sugar before baking.

They had fun stirring the dough but they REALLY loved licking the Cool Whip container!

I used a Devil's Food cake mix and they were yummy!!!

I am so amazed at how the 'babies' can TALK to us now!
After talking to them for over two years it STILL takes me by surprise when they actually talk BACK to me!!! Or ANSWER!!
Last night as Amber and I were doing baths, she told Harrison to come take his medicine and he said, "OH! I forgot!!" Priceless little conversations happened all day long!
By the way - all of the quads - and actually ALL of my grands confiscate my tea for themselves!

Louis Dean bought a big box of corny dogs at Sam's the other day and thought the kids would like them. He was right!! Kailey actually ate TWO of them!!

After naps ( Logan and Trystan never went to sleep but they DID rest/play in their room - while Granddad, Harrison and Kailey all got a pretty good nap in!) we had a tea party. 

The kids expect one every week and I am happy to oblige!

These little munchkins are climbers and there is nothing they can't seem to get into these days!
Notice that Trystan is not up here! She is the only one that's a little bit more cautious about things!

Amber came home from an afternoon of errands! LOTS of errands!
She was tired and her knees were in need of ice packs - but she was still SMILING!!!
Kailey is her Mini Me!! She loves taking pictures and she loves seeing what Amber brings home from her shopping trips! She actually GASPED when she saw Trystan's new slippers!!

Speaking of Trystan.....she LOVED the cookies we made together!

They ALL loved them!! The tin was practically EMPTY by the time we went inside!

I think they all had about TWO 'Too Many!!'

Amber wrote numbers 1-4 on the sidewalk and they all played relay races.
Trystan got distracted by the cookies in her hand so she was bringing them over to me to hold for her!
We had a very GOOD day in Quadville!!!


Deanie W said...

Great post, sounded like a near perfect day. Precious x 4 ❤️

Ginny said...

They ARE talking back and making sentences!! I am going to look up the recipe, I can make it with Anne Marie. We just finished watching Frozen.Seems everyone loves it! But even better was The Making Of Frozen on the network the other day.

Kathy said...

You may have had a good day, but it was a BUSY day. I love hearing them all talking to you. That Logan is going to be a dancer!

Sandra said...

I like the word Frozen when she says frozeeeen... and they sure love music. dancing is great exercise... when they are in their teens or have kids of their own they can watch these movies...

Wanda said...

Oh what a fun the little homemakers. Like Grandma.