Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A Monkey Wrench in Our Tuesday!

Ruth Ann and I had great plans for today! We opted to skip a movie and do some shopping and browsing through Hobby Lobby, Michael's, Tuesday Morning, Home Goods and various and other cool stores with lunch out at a brand new (at least to us!) restaurant! That was our plan!
I woke up this morning and knew I had another bladder infection. I decided to call the doctor and before 10:00 I had an appointment for this afternoon. Ruth Ann was such a good sport! We went right on to the thrift stores and she took me to lunch and then went with me to the doctor! All through lunch I was thinking that perhaps I had jumped the gun and called the doctor too soon. Right before we left the restaurant I got a phone call from my primary care doctor. The lab results were in and she wanted me to know I had bacteria growing - bladder infection. Again. She was happy to hear I was heading to the urologist right then. Apparently I have had the UTI for a least a week.
We DID go to North Irving but not to shop at the cool stores. Ruth Ann and I went to Sam's to get my medicines! The happy part of this story is that I am in the 'donut hole' on my insurance for meds so the doctor prescribed some generic medicine that I CAN afford. So all in all - we still had a good day and I am relieved to have the medication and won't be going off on vacation ill!

Our evening went more according to plan!!
I set out art and started baking that cake......Sweet Potato Spice Cake.

We were all SO looking forward to it but it was a dud!
I must have done something wrong!
It was dense and heavy and not cake like at all!!
However, it DID smell good!

Ruth Ann gave me this beautiful needlework for my upcoming birthday.
She found the pattern in Granbury and has been working on it for weeks.
I LOVE it!!! 
She wrote on the back and I tell you - it just meant the world to me!
I teared up over it!!!
This is a not a run of the mill average embroidery.
Some of this is colored with old fashioned crayons!
I will NOT be putting this up with my fall decorations!
This will live in my house full time!!

While the cake was a bust, my meat loaf and mashed potatoes turned out great!!

I love the way the house smells on art day!!
I had candles burning, tea made and food cooking - AND three jars of turpentine open!

This is my dear friend, Louise! She lives in Oklahoma now but drove down to finish a Santa she started on - my goodness! I guess it was 10 years ago.
Ruth Ann painted and Sherry (my daughter in law) came by to visit as did another dear friend, Debbie. We missed Sabrina who stayed home because Summer is still ill and medicated.
We all chatted as we painted and it was FUN like a PARTY!!!

I painted in the background for the Boots painting.
I am going to LOVE painting this!!!
This is a large canvas - 24 X 36!

I found a few treasures at the Goodwill today!!
The purse is like new and I am going to change it out and take it when we go on vacation!

This Granny Square Table runner is now draped over a chair in the living room.

The little Fisher Price stroller will hold one of the quad's little dollies tomorrow!

I admire needlepoint pillows! That's one talent I do NOT have!!
This one is hand done and needed a good home....so I gave it one!

I never pass up a nice wreath!!

Our weather has warmed back up again - but it is not HOT HOT!!
We do have the A/C back on and the chilly weather is just a pleasant memory.
We are looking forward to packing up jeans, long sleeved shirts and sweaters for our trip to Colorado!


Kathy said...

So sorry your cake didn't turn out. I'm glad you told me before I made it for Coffee Hour on Sunday. I think I will do the coconut custard pie instead.

You can head over here for your cool weather. We are in the 50s and 60s already. Bring your jackets.

So sorry you have another UTI. They never seem to go completely away once they have you. But at least you are right on it. That's the only thing to do.

All in all you still had a lovely day. Can't wait to see the boots painting when you are finished.

Ginny said...

LOVE the wreath and pink doll seat! The picture she made is very lovely!!! I have never heard of using crayons! The first four or five years of my marriage were filled with many U.T.I's. To be frank, the doctor...well, e-mail me if you want to know, and drink plenty of cranberry juice.

Deb said...

I'm glad you got to your bladder infection soon! They are no fun...drink lots of water...blue berries are good for your urinary tract ...

Estelle's said...

Hi Linda! I so hope you are feeling better soon! UTI's are horrible! Please let me know what happened with your cake...hmmmm....the recipe was rather easy and absolutely wonderful....maybe I can help determine what happened. I just am so sad about that......perhaps we could do a post on that! Hugs to you!

Penny Miller said...

I sympathise with you having a UTI, unless you've had one you can never understand how debilitating they are! Looks like it didn't hold you back too much. Hope you feel much better soon X

Vee said...

So glad that you are already on the mend...you're not one to allow some infection to ruin your fun! Love that Santa painting your friend did...such a sweet expression on his face. And oh how lovely the embroidery that Ruth Ann did for you! Happy planning for your Colorado trip!

Debbie said...

meat loaf and mashed potatoes, my favorite meal!! it has gotten so cold here at night, we have to close the windows!!!

uti's are the worst, i'm glad you got it in time!! and i LOVE santa!!!

Sandra said...

our baby girl has had the UTI for 2 weeks, hope the meds make it go away before your fun trip... that needle work gift is awesome.. real talent to make that. the Santa is beautiful, i got a chuckle out of 10 years to finish it...phooey on the cake bummer...

Changes in the wind said...

Glad you got on top of that infection before you left! Be safe and have a wonderful time.

Cheapchick said...

I hope you get better soon - so tough to keep getting sick with the same thing over and over. You did find some nifty things though at the thrift stores. Love that wreath!