Sunday, September 7, 2014

Keeping it REAL!

There's just something special about a Sunday, attending church, worshipping together as a family....
it 'makes my heart sing!'
(Remember the old Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman TV show? I think Sully used to say that!)
We are loving First United Methodist Church Carrollton!

After church Kailey got dibs on Granddad!!
Harrison asked Granddad if he came in his big white truck.
He spied it on the parking lot! Harrison loves that truck! We are planning on buying a car seat to keep in it so he can go places with Granddad! As a matter of fact - when we get around to replacing our little Ford Fusion (which will not be right away!) - but when we DO - Granddad says we need to get a small VAN so we will have room for more than one or two grandchildren at a time! After all - we have EIGHT grands!!

Sunday Dinners are always special!
It's fun going out to eat with the kids and they are loving it!!
They ate with their forks very well!!

The quads loved their Sunday School class. I asked Logan if she colored some pictures. She shook her head YES! Did you sing some songs? YES! Do you want to go again next week? YES!

Now that the babies are growing up, their world is getting bigger and bigger!!!

We said our goodbyes in the parking lot and we headed home.
While we didn't PLAN to start another BIG job in the kitchen - it just sorta happened!!
I noticed yesterday that the top shelf on one of the cupboards was bowed and Louis Dean fixed it while I took a nap. Then I noticed.....

the cabinet had pulled away from the wall. LD couldn't see this originally since I had garland 'debris' down that side.

So THIS is what our kitchen looks like this evening!!

There is nothing that Louis Dean cannot FIX!!

He used that piece of wood to hold it while he hammered and glued and did no telling what all to fix it.

I started painting my kitchen wallpaper a couple or three YEARS ago!
There is so much 'debris' that you never really SEE the walls.
At any rate this area had not been painted so I taped it off and Kiltzed it this afternoon/evening in between football games.

It is all ready for me to paint tomorrow. Kiltzing it keeps the paper from sucking up so much paint!
This is something I learned the HARD way!!
It seems there is always a project that needs to be done around here!!

Enough for THIS day! I am off to bed because I have set my alarm for 6:00 AM!!!
For some unknown reason I scheduled my yearly check up for 7:15 AM!!!
WHAT was I thinking????


Deb said...

That looks like an awesome family morning! There is always something that needs repair around here also

Ginny said...

With a house, it really never ends! What a great picture of lunch after church. Sitting at a big table with real flatware! I love the first picture of Louis Dean and Kailey. We just had our van for a year and it was so roomy for my big purses and the kids. But we had to be towed at least three times and finally sold it to the junk yard for about $300.50 It was very old. In that one year we lost thousands with the towing and repairs! But I miss it so bad! I love our little red Mazda, but it is TOO small!!

Penny Miller said...

Can I hire out Louis Dean for some jobs around my house please?! X

Susie said...

Linda, I love that all of you attend church together. It's nice to see how the kids are learning. You all have come a long way in two years.
I knew work found you and can't leave you two alone.:):) There you both go on a new project. Bless your hearts. xoxo,Susie

Sandra said...

i love the family dining out photo... what memories you are creating and happy to hear they love Sunday school.... the work you will be doing in your kitchen gives me the heeby jeebies just thinking about it. it seems like only a few months ago, not years, that you could not take the babies out because of germs...

Jan said...

It's a real blessing to be able to worship with family isn't it! It's one thing we enjoy so much about being close to the grands!

Sweet Tea said...

Great that you and the Quad Family all attend church together!

Angie said...

What a precious Sunday dinner photo! It's amazing how fast those Quads have grown. They aren't babies anymore, they are little people :)

You and LD stay so busy. My house needs so much work done. I wish had your motivation!!!

Hope you have a blessed week friend!

Pam said...

Good to hear you both got such good thankful for good health! Also good to hear about the kiltzing wallpaper before painting it. My daughter in law is about to start painting over some wallpaper we put up in our house (they bought it from us) almost 26 years ago! My husband about had a fit that she wanted to paint it and I had to remind him that just because we liked it....26 years ago.....doesn't mean the should like it today, and our youngest son is the one who bought it so he has lived with it even longer.....probably time for a change. I'm glad to know what to tell them, and us, because I'm sure we will be helping them! Have a great week and I just love reading about all your talents! A friend in East Texas, Pam.