Monday, February 17, 2014

All Clear and It's a SMALL small World!!

I was so excited to get a good report from my doctor this morning! I am ALL CLEAR from that monster infection I have been battling for a little more than two weeks! Twice I narrowly missed having to be admitted to the hospital! I was thrilled to finally be pronounced well again! I'm still taking it a bit slow until I get all my energy back but it was nice to hear good news from my doctor! Plus I am now on a medication to prevent further infections! Win! WIN!!!

Yesterday afternoon we made a visit to Quadville where we met up with RAYNIE!!
She modeled the little apron I made her for Valentine's Day.
I have since discovered a link from my friend, Deb, at Lady Bug From Texas, using recycled denim jeans for aprons!
That will be my next sewing project!

Summer ordered this sweet banner which I am putting by the kitchen pond where I can see it when I look outside! EIGHT 'Grands!' Ain't it GRAND???
Summer, Sabrina, Raynie and Louis Dean and I got a good visit in while the quads were napping!
For some reason I did NOT get a pic of Raynie and me together!! THAT won't happen again!!

As soon as the babies were up these two girls wanted to be with their Granddad!!

Kailey would NOT leave his side!!
We were there for hours and she only got down to play for maybe a half hour!

My Little Logan!!!

Notice all the quads were wearing overalls in honor of their Granddad!!

Sunday afternoon and evening spent with family makes for a good ending to the week!

Louis Dean was so happy when I got back from the doctor this morning!
He celebrated my good news and the good weather by cleaning out our kitchen pond!

Our awesome neighbors put up a fence last week and it is a TALL one!!!
This added some space along the deck that we will be landscaping!
We plan to move the climbing rose bushes from the front planter back here behind the pond.

It was a good Monday all the way around!

For dinner I made a Tuna-Noodle Casserole - something I have been hungry for but haven't made in ages!!
I found the recipe in a 1996 Better Homes and Garden Cookbook that I picked up at a garage sale.
I have several from different years. This one has never been used! The recipe I needed was on page 252 and the pages were still stuck together! I have not added the date to it as I do all the recipes I use. It will be the very first mark in the cookbook.........can I DO it???

While this was in the oven, Louis Dean and I sat out on the driveway with a glass of wine (it's been a LONG time since we've done that!!) and visited with our neighbor from across the street. It is such a small world!! His last name is Warren and I mentioned my Aunt Irene (for whom I am named) married a Warren - twice!
She was married to Uncle P.R. for 25 years, divorced and later married Uncle Harry for 25 years. After Uncle Harry died she remarried Uncle P.R. Our neighbor called his dad on his cell phone as we sat outside and it turns out we are kind of related! Uncle P.R. was his grandfather's brother! My neighbor's dad KNEW my Aunt Irene!! He was at the REwedding and remembered that their son (and my cousin) , Jerry, was very ill at the time and was one of the reasons they remarried. Just wait til I tell Mother about this!! 
Just goes to show you - it really is a small SMALL world!!!


Kathy said...

It certainly is a small world. Who would have ever guessed the connection? I'm so glad to read each day how good you are feeling. Rayne's apron is just adorable! Now I want to go make Tuna Noodle Casserole. It's something I always loved. I don't know why I stopped making it.

Vee said...

Love your is hair~cute. How fun to find Raynie visiting so that you could all have a visit. Funny about your neighbor being related by marriage. Did your aunt have a happy and successful remarriage? I've heard of people remarrying each best friend married her husband twice and it didn't last either time. They really were not meant for one another I guess.

Your link to Deb takes me to my own dashboard. That was different, but typical of what goes on with me at the www. I was able to google and find her and YOU so that I knew that I had found her.

Wanda said...

You are looking so good and perky. Love the haircut, or as said above, Hair-Cute. The pictures of you and DL holding the girls is so priceless. The stories of a small world right across the street. Amazing isn't it.

This was a "deep" cleaning of the bathroom today. She looks good now!

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

So glad that you got the 'all better' from your Doctor. Love seeing the grands to day. LD looks so very sweet in the pictures today and you look elegant with your new haircut.

Deanie W said...

Such a wonderful bond LD has with the quads, you can see the love in his face & theirs too:) so happy you got the thumbs up from the doc. Do you know what I remember from the 're-wedding? Our pastor married them, later he & I were talking & as he looked a cross the room, he said " look at that stunning child" I looked & beamed w/ pride as I told him that is my niece Amber & she is a synchronized swimmer. She did look beautiful & she was still a child. Fast forward, still beautiful & is VERY BUSY:)

DREAMS ON 34th STREET ~ French Bread & Family said...

Love all the sweet faces and that darling banner! Do your grands call you Bella? How dear!

Say What? said...

I'm so glad you are feeling better. A lesser of a person (me) would have been in the hospital for sure! Bless your heart!

Sandra said...

out of all your photos of the babies, i love ALL the ones of your hubby with the babies in his lap, he always looks so happy ad IN LOVE with those babies. glad you got the all clear for your heath...

peggy said...

Cute story about the Uncles and super cute apron! I'm so glad you are feeling better.

Carla said...

So glad I got to the post that said you you feeling good. Hope all the energy comes back soon.. Got to see the quads in action last night. Oh My. We got to see Amber for about 30 minutes and poor thing crashed in bed with the babies after a long active day.