Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A Shot in the Arm! (Something that has a sudden strong positive effect on something)

I think Louis Dean may really be on to something with Lucy!

I know it's been frustrating to put up with her and me BOTH at times!!

He is always willing to learn something new. 
(Let's see if I can use the word 'something' just one more time!)
One of the programs he watched was a healthy cooking demonstration and suggested recipes using flax seed.
I notice we now have flax see in the pantry.
No telling what all he would have learned if I had stayed any longer in the examining room!

I am feeling a little better every day and while I haven't resumed my 'normal' life yet - I did feel like I was up for a visit to Quadville this afternoon.

We arrived shortly after they woke up from their naps.
Louis Dean dropped me off while he went off to Walmart on an errand.
Actually, I think he wanted to make his own grand entrance to the quads.
They love me but they go CRAZY over him!

It had been exactly one week since we've seen them.

They are talking more and doing OH so MANY things now!!

I have watched this video clip a few times since we got home.
It just melts my heart to hear Harrison say Grandma!

Granddad and I just hung out in the playroom with Amber and the babies for the late afternoon.

It was a much needed 'shot in the arm!'
There's nothing as delightful as watching little ones play and learn and discover LIFE!
Trystan is going to be a devoted cat lover like her mama!
Sometimes she just lays down alongside Snowball.

Amber made a delicious dinner tonight (as usual! She cooks nearly EVERY night!) and Granddad brought a box of Valentine cupcakes for dessert. They were those mini ones which he thought were the perfect size for their little hands. He was right. Logan REALLY liked hers!!

Just when I think they can't get any cuter - they do!!
I hope and pray all four love each other every day of their lives!
I see them comfort each other and hug each other and I think my heart will burst with joy.
Of my four children - three of them are parenting and what excellent parents they are!


Terra said...

How fun to visit them and see how happy they are.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

I'm so glad you are feeling better every day, Linda! When I saw your posts on facebook I was so worried. I know seeing the quads made you feel even better--there is nothing like sweet grandchildren to bring a smile to our faces! Take it easy till you get back to 100%!

Wanda said...

See I told you LD would be a good "Dog Whisperer" The quads are so adorable. Love the petting the kitty through the fence. BTW, tell DL I have used milled flax seeds and regular flax seed for a long time. I like the milled ones as they don't get in my teeth. Put a spoon is my oil and vinegar dressing, in oatmeal, in cookies, I've sprinkled it on fish and other meats...healthy and easy to use.
So glad you are better...that's good news, and I like good news. Had some bad about my brother that I will be sharing as soon as appropriate.
Love and Hugs

Francesca Edesia said...

It's good that you are feeling better. Take care. You must be thrilled to see your grandchildren, they are adorable.
Greetings from Sicily.

Kathy said...

So very glad you are feeling better. That is such good news.

I just knew LD and Lucy would gel at some point. You can tell he really loves that little puppy.

As always thanks for a visit to Quadville. They are so big now and talking! I could hardly believe it. And only a few months and they will be 2 years old! Where did the time go?

Changes in the wind said...

Glad you are getting better and think you both are pretty special. Always enjoy your posts with all the pictures and video.

Sandra said...

everyone always looks so happy and full of joy in your photos... spread the joy with us ... we are trying the fist thing with baby. will let you know if it works... it looks like the seats in your dining table may have to be enlarged soon or another table....

Vee said...

Sweetness to the tenth power. So adorable. I really appreciated your sharing this "fist" tip with us because I am going to try it with my beagle grandpuppy. He is a handful that beagle.

Jutta said...

Those videos and photos are priceless. Such cute babies.

Susie said...

Linda, You should know by now, that LD is a wizard ! LOL That was cute when Lucy turned to pose. I loved the clips of the babies. You know Harrison looked too cute with his own little ball cap on like Papaw's. Praying for you to get better and start enjoying yourself. You just take it easy and let others tend to you for this little bit. xoxo,Susie

Kelly said...

I've heard good things about Flaxseed too. That's so funny that it now appears in your cabinet! It was probably good to get to see the quads to boost your spirits and get your mind off of your illness too. That's your "happy place"!

Pondside said...

Those toddlers are cuter with every one of your posts.
I'm glad to read that you are up and about again. Stay well!

Carla said...

They are growing up so quickly