Friday, February 14, 2014

A Valentine Apron for Raynie, Red Crepes for Mother and Louis Dean in the Kitchen!

This has not been my regular Friday! Instead of spending the day in Fort Worth I found myself back in my doctor's office. It seems I have a complicated kidney infection due to an abscess that is being ridiculously stubborn about getting well! Once again I was offered a choice between a bigger, better, stronger dose of Rocephin - or being admitted to the hospital. I chose the shot! 

My sister, Deanie, picked Mother up and took her to lunch in my place.
Thank you, Deanie! You already do so much for Mother - doctor, chiropractor, nail appointments, medicines and bills - and then you do MORE!
This is the photo and note she posted on Facebook:

The reason she is laughing to hard is because she was using her hand like a magic wand trying to tell me something. As I know NOW she wanted me to take a pic of her in her new blouse that Linda took her to get. Then also to photo her food before she cut into it. WELL... I don't do well with sign language and chatter so I thought she wanted me to taste her food hence....the missing end of one said Crepe:(

Mother usually gets the Strawberry Cheese Blitzes but today she got Red Raspberry Crepes!
I didn't even notice the bite gone until Deanie told me!

While I normally do not do much for Valentine's Day, this year I mailed cards and $ for a trip to Yogiberry to the older 3 grands. I chose Duck Dynasty cards and included a poster.
Earlier in the month I mailed Valentine gel clings for Raynie. I also bought a set each for the quads and they have already worn them out!

Monday I wore this black and white flannel shirt to the doctor's office. I was going to toss it in the Goodwill bag later that afternoon since I like my shirts to be a little longer now. Then I thought of the Apron Shirt that's been going around Facebook recently.

It was an easy peasy project that didn't cost a dime! 
made it the PERFECT 'Valentine Apron' for Raynie!

While I have spent the day resting and just BEING - Louis Dean has taken up the slack and done kitchen duty! He tried out his new chicken recipe using flax seed.

It sure made the house smell good! 

He was putting the crowning touch on it - Parmesan cheese!
He added candied carrots and biscuits to round out the meal.
While I don't have much of an appetite I did eat some and it was good!
Louis Dean cooked and now he's in there doing the dishes!!
Maybe tomorrow I'll teach him how to clean house!!


Vee said...

Oh that nasty old infection just has to go! Take your meds and get your rest. This, too, shall pass. Have a pleasant weekend.

Cheapchick said...

If you are sick long enough he might even vacuum! Forget that, get better soon!

Linda said...

I am so sorry to hear of your health issues, Linda! I pray that things will improve for you. Lovely photos, as always. Your mother looks radiant.

Wanda said...

Will be so glad when you are back to your healthy self. But in the meantime how nice to have a stand in with your mom. More of those yummy crepes. I can't get over how cute and helpful your DL has been during you sickness. That cookie sheet of food looks so very good. I think I can smell it.

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Rest. Do whatever the Doctor said to do, (did that include drinking water?). Take good care of you, thank goodness LD is such a good cook as well as being a very special man. Valentine's hugs to you both.

Blondie's Journal said...

I feel so bad that you are still not well from this, Linda. I hope you don't have to go in the hospital but if you do, follow doctor's orders!! You take care of so many and are always there for your family, maybe this is a sign that you might be overdoing it. Hopefully not, I know your life is just the way you want it. And that LD, another wonderful thing coming from the kitchen. And I know how you feel about wanting the house clean when you're under the weather. I don't really know why, it makes me feel more settled and relaxed.

Take care and get better!


Deanie W said...

You just have to get well:) I am happy that you are at least able to post, that is an improvement over last week! We do love us some LD!!! He is very special & so darn funny! Lovz

Terra said...

Your sister and mom had a grand old time, I can tell. I hope you are all well soon, that nasty abcess needs to be gone. What is a Valentine gel cling?

DREAMS ON 34th STREET ~ French Bread & Family said...

I am pleased to hear that you are taking it easy. I know that it is difficult because you have such a "set schedule" of activities with your loved ones. As we age, healing takes longer. With your resistance down, you have to be careful that you don't pick up any other bugs.

Way to go LD! What a champ in the kitchen! That chicken looks divine!

Sandra said...

if you can clone LD i will purchase a clone... after yout teach him to clean.
your mother always looks so happy... phooey on that infection. hope this shot works. love the apron

Susie said...

Linda, Please take care of yourself....for all of us !!! We love you and your up beat posts. You are a wonderful person. LD is taking good care of you. That man loves you ! Your mother looked adorable in that photo....very funny about your sister. xoxoxo, Susie

Sweet Tea said...

Your Mom looks beautiful and like she was enjoying herself, but I bet she missed you...Please "lay low" this weekend and let you body heal. LD seems to be doing a wonderful job in the kitchen. Slow and easy, Friend. We've got to get you back to your usual speed. Valentine's Day is one of my favorite holidays so I've been enjoying it ALL!

JMD said...

Linda, I am praying for your full recovery. Hugs to you.

Gypsy Heart said...

Your mom looks beautiful! I'm sure she loved being out with Deanie. Glad LD is taking good care of you! You do so much for and get well.


Carla said...

Sure hope you feel better again soon in later postings. Now what a clever idea . That shirt apron is really special since it's your shirt.