Saturday, February 9, 2013

Snapshots of HOME!

We are loving being HOME!!

I'd forgotten how BIG it is and how PRETTY it looks!
Lucy was pretty excited to be here, too!

We left January 8th and returned February 8th!

Lucy managed to get in most of my pictures!

Bless her heart! The cat loves being here as well. Can you see her under the coffee table?

She picks a spot and simply SITS and looks around.
Then she finds another spot.......

There is fresh water in her favorite wine glass!

My kitchen!!! 
I have missed it!
Louis Dean is planning on baking some rolls while we're home.

Be still, my heart!!! My BEDROOM!!!
Do you see all that FLOOR space??
Actually just seeing FLOOR is a treat!
There IS no seeing the floor in the camper bedroom.

Amazing how much mail can accumulate in one month's time!

I took all these pictures last night after we got back from Fort Worth.
We did, indeed, get up at 3:00 yesterday morning and were on the road by 4.
We arrived here in time to unload the critters before going on over to pick Mother up at the beauty shop.
I dropped Louis Dean off at Nita's. She had left bath things out so he could take a long hot soak in the tub -
which he DID! She left deli meats, cheese, chips, coffee and cake in case he was hungry - which he WAS!
She also made the guest bed down so he could nap - which he DID! For FOUR hours!!

Mother and I went out for lunch and - after going back to check on Louis Dean and finding him sound asleep! - we went over to Deanie's to visit!
What a great time we had!!
As soon as we got there she demonstrated her weighted hula hoop!
She was showing off because she is so GOOD at it!
She can keep that thing spinning forever!

I gave it a try!!
We laughed and LAUGHED and laughed!!
Oh, I have MISSED my sister!
Before I realized it HOURS had passed so we Mother and I hurried back to Nita's. 
 Louis Dean was nice and rested and since it was so late we decided to wait until Nita and Mike got home so we could see them!
I didn't take pictures then but I plan to take some next Friday.
You will not BELIEVE the 'new' things they have in their just like a museum home!

She sent us home with a good sized bowl of Grape Salad.
I had never HEARD of this before but MAN! It is GOOD!
Grapes, a tub of whipped cream cheese, some brown sugar and chopped walnuts!

I also brought home a couple of bags of real goodies!
In the two jars are home made body scrub and Shea butter made by my talented niece!
Coffees, hot chocolate, a Van Gogh book ( which we started reading last night!), candied fruit and dates for this year's Fruitcake Cookies - and so much MORE!
The Dunkin' Donuts coffee and mugs with the quads' picture were gifts from Amber.

We had a light supper sitting in our den with chicken salad we brought from 'home' (we tend to call the camper 'home' now), grape salad, cheese, crackers and iced tea!

No fireplace but I did light the new Morenci candle!

We slept so well last night! 
Louis Dean was up before me this morning and had coffee all ready!
The day stretched out in front of us and there was nothing we HAD to do.
So what DID we do?

Shopped Cavendars for a pair of nice leather suspenders......

followed by a movie at The Studio Movie Grill.
It was a Louis Dean kind of movie!

We had a great time!!

Closing out our day in front of a cozy fire.
It's cold and rainy outside......
and I am so happy to be HOME!!


Deb said...

Welcome home wish the sun was shining today but sometimes it is nice to have a drizzly day to stay inside and chill out

DREAMS ON 34th STREET ~ French Bread & Family said...

Welcome home, Linda and LD! I can't long will you be there? I love the wine glass for your kitty cat!

bj said...

OOO, sooo glad you are home for awhile. I know your home seemed like a mansion after being in the camper so long. I do love your little camper, tho....ya'll fixed it up so cute.

Kathy said...

So glad you got home safely. Sounds as if you had a wonderful couple of days. I know the house looks huge after living in the camper. Isn't it wonderful to have so much space in your bedroom?

Vee said...

I so enjoyed the tour! LD looks perfectly content in his chair with the dog beside him. You all look happy to be home! Oh I love grape salad...I even have the recipe in my sidebar. I hope that I forget this before
I think I need to have any. Keep having fun enjoying your beautiful, cozy home.

Pondside said...

Home - nothing better. The relaxed look of Louis Dean says it all!

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

So wonderful!!!!!!!!

And thank you so much, for being worried about we in the NE, with our Nor'easter.


Sweet Tea said...

So glad you are getting to relax for a time and enjoy your "home w/out wheels. I loved the photos! The house looks like "you", which is a compliment. Enjoy your Sunday!

Kelly said...

I know you must be so happy to be able to stretch out at home now. Like they say, "There's no place like home." There's just something about the familiarity that comforts us. I've seen that movie too and loved it! I love going to movies. Glad that y'all are having fun back at home.

Blondie's Journal said...

I know you are thrilled to be home, Linda! Your night photos look so nice and cozy and having all that good food around, I truly had the feeling of what home means to us. I hope you can stay put for awhile! :)


Marsha @Spots and Wrinkles said...

Bless your heart - I am so GLAD for you to be home - LD too! Enjoy your rest and relaxation, you have certainly earned it.

darlin said...

Deanie is such a doll, what a fun lady! She IS good on the hula hoop, I can't keep one of them going at all! I sure laughed, please tell her thank you for the smiles and chuckles!

It sure must be awesome to be home, it's amazing how big home is when you return from your camper. I was the same way when I returned from OZ and student living, my humble abode was HUGE!

Welcome home Linda, thanks for sharing your adventures! And grape salad, that is different, different enough that I might have to give it a try one day.

Have a wonderful week!

Bev said...

Your home looks so cozy!!

Say What? said...

You have such a beautiful home. It looks so warm and cozy. Enjoy every moment. That must be a great feeling ... "on vacation" in your own home. :)

Carla said...

Home Sweet Home.
Glad to hear you're relaxing