Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Home Early!

Louis Dean and I came home early today. By 'home' I mean the camper!
Amber works on Monday/Wednesday. She's never more than a phone call or a half hour away.
This afternoon she called to check on how we were doing and I laughingly told her I think I may be losing it!
I was doing a load of our laundry and walked out to the garage to fill the cup with detergent. We keep our laundry supplies out there instead of taking up room in her utility room.

That's when I noticed I was filling the cat food dish instead of one of those plastic cup lids!
The cat's dish is now spanking clean!

Louis Dean likes to take his baths over at their house where he can have a real tub instead of showering here in the RV park. I had collected his clothes and then made a pit stop to use the bathroom.
I know I have changed a few TOO many diapers now!
As I was pulling my T shirt down under my apron I - for a split second - wondered where the SNAPS were!!
All these babies wearing the snapped onesies  has just gotten to me!!
I went into automatic pilot looking for SNAPS!

Suffice it to say - she sent us home early!
We ARE tired but let me tell you something!
Those babies are so cute and we DID have a lot of fun today!

It was bath day and I dressed them all up like we were having company!
No fancy hairdos today!

"Did you lose something, Grandma??"

"Tell me! Just how do I get OUT of here?"

"PSSST! Granddad! I'm down here!!"

"MUCH better!!"

"Want to play Horsey?"

Trystan was a little fussy so I thought some fresh air would do her good.
Since it was a bit breezy I just sat her inside the door so she could see out.
I sat on the bench and caught up in my journal.
I am STILL reading Ireland! I used to read so FAST!

"Here Grandma! I'll hold the door open for you!"

Seeing Logan sleeping just put a lump in my throat as I snapped this pic!

We are home! I told Louis Dean if he would play outside for half an hour and let me fuss over the camper I would join him for a glass of wine. I vacuumed, straightened, picked up and fluffed. I washed dishes and counters and even did a little BLEACH therapy! Who KNEW the counter was actually WHITE?
I'm done now and will join him on the patio. He put the top back on the gazebo so we will enjoy sitting out there this evening. Still a bit of wind so not a bad night to sit out there and read and relax.

I'm not good at videos but I recorded a cute one of the babies today.
I really recorded TWO but the first one was too long.
If you're my friend on Facebook - watch for it to show up there.
Hopefully this short one will work.

Goodnight from Quadville!


  1. Find my self doing the same thing. I just say I am going crazy, can't remember any of the current stuff, but can tell you what dress I wore to my grandma's funeral 60 years ago !! My brain is full of these really not so important things.I need and want to retain and pull important info to and fro from my brain. The babies are so cute, and we wonder how God makes them so precious. Take care and the women of FCC often mention the babies to me. Virginia

  2. it's good you got off recharge your batteries...those babies are so cute...I just love the updates...

  3. Such sweet pictures today. They are growing so fast. Thank you for the great sharing today. Bet you sleep very well.

  4. Awww...sounds as if you could use a coupla extra hours of sleep. I don't know what my excuse is when I do those not totally present things, but you have a very good one!

    The babies are just adorable. Everyone is doing such a great job with them. It's a labor of total love, I know.

  5. Snaps...hihi. Plus the cleaning stuff. You really are a talented writer with a great sense of humor. Love it.

    I noticed that not only Kaley is able to sit but others as well. Good job. Are they crawling already? You surely need the fence system out there!

  6. They are precious, of course.

    But... Are these *funny* things you are doing/thinking, telling you that you are "pushing your envelope" (doing toooo much)? Is what I am saying, worth a wee little consideration?

    I know! I am the only *Worry Wart* among your Dear Readers. -sigh- But..... Someone has to do it!!! Someone has to not just, just, just gush over the babies. Someone has to WORRY about YOU. I am the one.


  7. Hahaha!! Lol. I love the looking for the snaps story. And I always love the pics.