Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Motorcycle Boots, Denim Quilt Top and Babies!

It was a good day over in Quadville!
The babies were in good form all day long!

After the morning feed the quads go back to their cribs for quiet play/nap time.

Kailey wanted to play.......

Trystan did not!

All four babies did, indeed, play quietly and napped - after Grandma intervened and rescued Trystan!
While they slept I was close by. The guest room is my make shift sewing room and who KNEW I would use the sewing machine Amber's Aunt Deanie gave her as a wedding present this MUCH!
I sewed all the strips for a denim crib quilt before the 11:45 feeding.
Where was Amber? Shopping the new Whole Foods for the organic fruits and vegetables she uses to make baby food. This morning the babies had oatmeal and bananas. Lunch was organic carrots and butternut squash. Amber has done a lot of research and her feeding program for the babies is working!
They are all 15 and 16 pounds! I just weighed them yesterday!

Harrison and Logan are so entertaining!
Although I believe Harrison and Kailey are fraternal twins as are Trystan and Logan -
Amber likes to mix them up so they ALL learn to interact with each other.
Today seemed to be a Harrison/Logan and Kailey/Trystan day!

Kailey is by far the more energetic of the four!

She's also the most dramatic!

What can I say? She is a 'Little Amber!' 
Speaking of Amber - she is recovering nicely from the major surgery on January 10th.
Every day she gets a bit stronger and will soon be back to her old self!
The babies are a bit much to lift since the cribs have been dropped low.
If she overdoes it now - she will pay for it later in a longer recovery!
She's smart to do a little more each day and pace herself.
Just another few weeks and the tables will go back to US helping HER!
It takes 2 people - sometimes more - to do her job!
Thank goodness she is young and will soon be HEALTHY!!

The day went by fast! Granddad was off today but he'll be back with them tomorrow.

This afternoon I sewed the denim strips together to make the whole quilt top.
I am taking it home with me to finish up next week. 
As much as I have enjoyed using Amber's sewing machine - I still love my Bernina and will be able to finish much faster with it!
I spy Louis Dean's feet!
He's wearing what HE calls 'Motorcycle Boots!'
WHY he calls them that I have no idea!

Tomorrow is Wednesday!
Middle of the week and we will be heading HOME in the wee hours of Friday morning!


Deb said...

They are really growing!!! Love your up dates

Bev said...

Those babies are so priceless!! Great quilt...and cute motorcycle boots:)

Vee said...

You sure get a lot accomplished in a day! Almost ready to roll I see.

Kelly said...

It's always fun to see the babies interacting with each other. Good idea to mix them up like that too. The quilt you're working on is nice. It looks like a lot of work attaching all those squares together. I bet it's going to get a lot of use when it's done.

Bernice said...

Love the pictures you are able to capture of the quads, they are so cute:)
How long have you been working on this quilt?
Have a great day.

Linda said...

Bernice, I spent some time ripping up jeans and cutting out squares through the fall. The actual sewing the squares together doesn't take long. I used 8 squares per strip and made 10 strips. When I'm home I'll find a backing - I often use a sheet - and then sandwich the top and bottom together and machine quilt it by stitching in the ditch. I'll post next week how I do it. Not a real work of art as a quilt goes but more of a crafted one which will be very sturdy and hold up for years of wear!

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Oh they are so cute! :-)

You got much done.

Have a safe trip home.


Susie said...

Linda, I love seeing the pictures of the babies. They are just adorable. If I lived near Amber, I'd come help out. You are a talented lady:):) xoxo,Susie

Sherry "Edie" & Marie Antionette said...

OMG !!! 4 beautiful Gorgeous Babies!!! You are a lucky Grandma.My daughter would only give me 1...LOL.How selfish of her...LOL.The babies are rally precious and I love the dentim quilt your making.That is what you are making ? Are Berina sewing machines good? I've been looking for just a simple straight stitch sewing machine.And I have fell in love with the one that is black antique looking.
Marie Antionette

Nita said...

Have a safe drive home, this time the tub will be clean for Louis Dean!