Monday, February 25, 2013

Monday Moments

"Good MORNING from the quads!
After the 8 am bottle and spoon feed we sent Mommy off to get some work and exercise while Grandma gave us baths and recorded our weights!"

I posted this pic on Facebook.
I am certain all the folks were smiling when they clicked the 'like' button!
The babies were just adorable today. But they are every day!

Kailey peeking over the top of her crib.
The quads sleep two to a bed and it is more entertaining to watch them on the monitor than it is to watch TV.

They climb and roll and sit on top of each other. The babies are nearly ALWAYS reaching out to touch one another with a pat or a hold.

I must say they all play so well together.
If one gets interested in something - they ALL do!

I wear earrings and jewelry every day. 
I also try to arrive with make up on and hair combed.
It is important to me to look nice and I do believe the babies respond to 'pretty.'
I know I feel better when I am 'fixed up!'
Logan was especially intrigued with my dangling earrings....
so I put them on HER and held up a mirror so she could see.
I am one of probably a dozen women in the US who does NOT have pierced ears!

These comfy crocheted slippers were given to me by my oldest daughter, Summer, and they make me smile and think of her. 
Harrison seems to like them, too!

It was a good Monday in Quadville.
We noticed the wind continued to pick up as the day went on.
By the time we left around 4:30 it was blowing on the wild side!
I admit to being nervous about what we would find when we got back to the camper.

THIS is what it looked like this morning!

THIS is what it looks like NOW!
Fortunately nothing was damaged - just blown around.
We took the top off before the wind RIPPED it off!
I think Louis Dean has now fully figured out to secure the whole thing - but only by taking the top OFF in high winds.

We meant to come home and spend some time out there doing art and music.
Instead we hung out over at the rec building where I walked on the treadmill and read the paper.
It recapped the Oscars last night.
Amber had recorded it so this afternoon I had watched the highlights by fast forwarding it!
SO much nicer than watching every minute! EXCEPT - it didn't record the entire program!
That's why I read the recap in the paper.
Outside in a lakeside spot - visible from both my sofa where I was reading AND the treadmill I walked on -

- was THIS super cute teardrop camper!
We met the owners - a retired couple who had just returned from a cruise that sailed out of Galveston. 
They will only be here a night or two.
Usually they winter in Arizona but have spent the last two months in down south!
They gave me a tour.
As you go in the door the U shaped banquet seating to the left turns into a full size bed.
Under that window on the right is a counter that houses a coffee machine and below that a fridge with a clear glass door. Very little storage room as you can imagine but they have a good sized vehicle to store their clothes in. I saw the hubby getting a change of clothing from one of those blue tubs.
 ALL camper people have lots of TUBS!

When I feel a bit cramped I shall think about that very small camper!
Perfect for that couple but a bit smaller than I can handle!
I am not really complaining about the weather!
From what we've seen on the weather channel tonight - and heard from my sister on Facebook -
there is a LOT of REAL weather happening across our country!
I have a classical radio station playing while I write.
Louis Dean is listening to his music by headphones.
Our supper salad is ready to toss.
 A little reading and a glass of wine and we will call this Monday DONE!


Carole said...

Cute pics, Linda. So sorry you lost your gazebo again! I was thinking that one thing they do with umbrellas to stop them blowing inside out is to put some little slits in them so the wind can go right through rather than building up so much pressure. LD might like to think about that.... Best of luck for the next lot of wind

Chatty Crone said...

What a joy, joy, joy, joy to see.


Oh honey, I'm sure you were scared..I would too! Sorry you had to go thru this. Thank goodness all is well and your pictures are perfect, with the perfect and adorable quads..they're just too much!! Have a safe week.

Cheapchick said...

Even in Canada we heard about the storms in North Texas on the news tonight. The four are starting to really grow up now aren't they?

Vee said...

Oh no! It made me gasp. Glad that nothing is broken or ripped to shreds.

The quads are darling as ever!

You made me laugh with the "They gave me the tour." Too funny, but what a cute little camper.

Deb said...

the winds have been horrible hear too...I've been waiting for cows to blow by the window.....Dorothy...those babies are precious

a portland granny said...

Oh my--not the poor outside room again!! I want to tell you that I do not have pierced ears either and it gets harder and harder to find clip-ons!!

Your babies are just beautiful--nice heads, just the right amount of hair, and such sturdy little bodies. They look very huggable with their bright little smiling faces!

Sandra said...

that tear drop is adorable for sure as are those sweet babies...

Kelly said...

The quads are probably going to be such well adjusted adults since they had so much social interaction while they were young! They are all so cute and getting bigger every time I see them. I watched the very beginning of the Oscar's but then changed the channel because I thought it got boring. I wasn't very impressed. I also didn't see any of the movies that were nominated except Zero Dark Thirty. I would like to see Lincoln and Silver Lining Playbook and Argo though. I don't care to see Les Miserables because of all the singing. I'm not really into musicals. It's just not realistic enough for me. LOL! Hope the wind dies down where you are so you don't have to keep worrying about your stuff blowing away. It is cold, rainy and windy here today too.

Regine Karpel said...

They are so cute!

Debbie said...

goodness, they are just too cute for words!

Bev said...

Well I am late getting to checking out the this is the cute trailer!!! Well we are having winds crazy wind too... your poor patio!!

And again adorable that first one!!