Thursday, February 2, 2012

Spring Fever!

We worked outside for hours and hours today! Yesterday we saw the first sign of spring......bud droppings from the elm tree littered the front porch. Spring can be a messy season early on! I tackled the flower beds across the front of the house. Pruned the roses and cut back lantana and honeysuckle. Pulled up yards and yards of MINT!

In the spirit of using what we have - we hauled three wheelbarrows of good rich black  dirt from under our deck - and spread that over the freshly weeded and worked bed.

I spotted a fresh flower and a few buds on the pot of mums.

The Carolina Jasmine is blooming! LOVE the fragrance!

The birds were singing and flying back and forth like crazy!

This honeysuckle bush was FULL of birds! You can't see them but I counted dozens of them as they flew into the branches! When something startled them it was as if the whole bush exploded with buck shot as they flew out and OFF!!

All of our bird houses are already occupied! Even this old gourd. A neighbor made this one for me 20 years ago. The hail storm last year took a piece or two off but birds still seem to love it! I cleaned it out a couple of years ago and you should have seen all the nesting material! It filled a white trash bag. Amazing how those little critters can pack that stuff in there!

We took a break to eat some fresh oranges and sit in the sun for a few minutes.

Louis Dean was changing the oil in my car while I was working. It felt good to be out in the fresh air!

Lucy enjoyed it, too! Yesterday I was sitting out here talking to Amber on the phone when a lady came by walking her giant husky dog! Lucy was NOT on her leash - I KNOW!! LD is always fretting at me if I let her come out with us without snapping her leash on! She tore off across the street to 'meet' the dog! I told the lady Lucy just wanted to play. She said, "That's the problem! HE doesn't!!" Neither dog was hurt but it was a little scary and it took ALL that woman's strength to pull her dog away from us and on up the street. So no more freedom for Lucy! She will enjoy spending time down in south Texas with Amber and Mike's dogs this summer!

I gave my tired wreath a bit of white spray paint. I plan on tearing up some white sheeting to make a big bow for it tomorrow. Everything is looking a little better around here!

So our day is done. We are eating light and going to bed early.
As much as we did today......there is so much MORE to do!
Isn't that always the way? We never wake up and wonder what in the world we are going to do today! There are so many choices! So  much to do!!

As I leave you I want to share the latest video of the Bell Quad Squad!
The video is at the bottom of her blog post.
It made me tear up to see all four little Baby Bells in there!


Vee said...

You sure do bounce back quick, Linda. That's great. This good weather is good for what ails a gal. You're going to be all ready for spring at this rate.

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Just took a minute away to watch the quad's video. My goodness, four babies. Bet you are trying to get everything ready so you can make the trip as soon as you are needed. You both got through so much work today. I can not believe your energy. Glad you are over your bad cold though. Loved hearing about the birds too.

Deb said...

it was a nice day to do yard work...looks like you got a lot done...

Flora said...

Oh it is so hard to believe you are thinking spring already...back home we still have over 2 months of winter for sure...then if we are lucky...spring may start...but we can get snow until May....

Kathy said...

Spring? Still winter with us. We had a couple of nice days but now it is only 22 degrees this morning. Your yard looks great! Can't wait until mine is like that. Glad you are feeling so much better. I wish I had your energy.

Kelly said...

We're planning on working in our yard today too. The bushes need pruning and fresh pinestraw needs to be put out. It's supposed to be nice here today and then rain all weekend. Yuck! Glad that you were able to get out and enjoy some nice weather at your house too. Your dog sure is sweet looking. We have the same problem with our dog sometimes too. If we're outside and he's not on a leash, he gets excited when another dog goes walking by. I sometimes have to tell him "STAY" with a firm deep voice. It doesn't always work though. Ha!

Angie said...

Isn't this weather just amazing! I sure hope we don't pay for it come the end of Feb & into March. I've seen some of the biggest Ky snowfalls during that period!

For a woman who was sick a few days ago you sure do get a lot accomplished. I need you to send me some of your willpower! This place (our yard in particular) has a TON of things that need done. I guess I'm going to have to get onto the hubby LOL. I supervise more than I do anything else!

Oh and I watched the video, too too precious! It made me tear up and they aren't even my babies :)

Have a good weekend friend!

Nita said...

Glad to see your up and running! I watched the video also, Amber does an awesome job on these post. It's amazing how you can see their tiny bodies.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Linda I was so charmed to see your facebook photos of all the onsies that you and your mom were preparing for the babies! I went over to Amber's blog to see her precious quads--they are growing so well! The video was amazing. God bless you all! It will be a very exciting and happy year for you!

darlin said...

Wow, spring is in the air at your place, I can tell by your tone and excitement and good for you! That's a bit of a fright with Lucy wanting to play, really what's the harm?

Cheers from down under! :-)