Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Smoothie KING! The HULK!!

Amber has had a tough pregnancy thus far. She has entered the second trimester but is as nauseas and tired as she was during the first. Every day is up for grabs. Some are better than others.

Most mothers-to-be are watchful of gaining too much weight but mothers pregnant with multiples have just the OPPOSITE problem! They NEED to gain weight so the babies will all weigh enough since they will be born about two months early. Yesterday she had a decent amount of calories. NOT as much as she needs but at least she didn't lose ground. So far she has gained 4 pounds but then lost 2 of those!

These Smoothie King Hulks are loaded with good things! They are designed to HELP you put on some weight!

Weight Gain, Butter Pecan Ice Cream, Bananas, Egg Protein, Soy Protein, Non-Fat Milk, Carbohydrate Mix, Vanilla, Wheat Germ, Turbinado, Honey

They 'weigh in' at 1200 calories.

I picked up one for her yesterday and another one this afternoon.
Amber was a synchronized swimmer for 11 years and used to drink these on a regular basis! They did the trick for her back then so hopefully they will work for her now.

In other news of multiple births - my friend who was expecting triplets - now has three precious babies!!! They are all doing well and not even on oxygen as I write. Each baby weighed three pounds PLUS a few ounces! She delivered yesterday afternoon and we are basking in the glow of pure joy over her little blessings!
I have four other friends expecting babies but they are doing it the old fashioned way -

I have a lot of denim crib quilts to make! Some will be for the one year old birthdays!

I am cooking beef stew and baking sugar cookies so I best get back to the kitchen.
I am happy to report Amber is out in the front yard right now getting some fresh air and putting new flowers in the garden. The sunshine is bound to be a much needed tonic for her!

It has been a GOOD day in Texas!


Deb said...

wish we had some sunshine today....she is lucky to have you there...

Blondie's Journal said...

It sounds like Amber is taking good care of herself. I will keep her in my thoughts. I know she is in good hands! :)

It sounds like your gorgeous weather has you feeling peppy! Dinner, dessert and some gardening! How I envy you, Linda! It is cold and gloomy here, we haven't seen the sun in days!

Have a great evening!


Anonymous said...

What lovely news about the triplets, I'm so glad everything went well.

Hopefully your daughter will feel better soon, I just hope because she's having four babies, she doesn't get four times more morning sickness!!

Vee said...

Good news about the triplets...really good news. Wow. That's a lot of calories and she needs every one of Keeping her and those babies in prayer.

Pondside said...

That's quite a drink! I'll bet Amber is happy to have you there - there's no one like Mama! Such good news about the triplets - God is good!

Kathy said...

So glad you are there to take care of Amber. Hope she is feeling better as time goes on. 1200 calories sounds like a lot, but I know she needs all of that and more.

darlin said...

Amber is blessed, and I bet super happy, to have you to help out. That's one huge drink but give her 10 of them if she needs them. All the best to her and the precious babies!

Angie said...

Tell Amber to keep drinking those drinks and put on every pound she can! Hope the sunshine and fresh air done her some good. I truly can't imagine how tired she must be.

Kelly said...

Sounds like you're keeping her on track with helping her body do the best job possible for those babies. Wish I was told I needed to gain weight right now. That would be fun drinking a smoothie everyday!

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Oh she must be so glad, to have you around!!! Poor Dear. This has to be a very difficult pregnancy.

But oh the jolly-ness, of having to have such a Smoothie. -giggles-

I know. If she has a constantly upset tummy, she can't really enjoy it to the fullest.

Mmmmmmmmmm, is she writing the basis for a book, on this?

No, she probably doesn't feel well enough to even think of such. Sorry I mentioned it. :-)

"If you fix on yourself and your tradition,
believing you alone have got "It,"
you've removed yourself
form the rest of mankind."

~Joseph Campbell

Carla said...

Do they have a smoothie to make me lose weight? lol
Glad you're there to get her those tasty smoothies and make everything alright.
Read Amber's post on FB about bedrest. I know that's gonna drive that active girl crazy but she'll survive. She'll be wishing for bed rest like that after the babies get here. ;o)

Judy said...

Oh yes...all those babies are a lot to feed! Wishing Amber day at a time.

So happy for your friends triplets...that all arrived safely.