Monday, February 13, 2012

Rainy Days and Mondays!

I love them both! It was cold and rainy outside and warm and cozy inside today.

I am still at Amber's and this is what we made for a late breakfast this morning.
Fried potatoes and onions are favorite comfort foods for us!

I have been here a week today.....and it has been a GOOD week.
Except for last Tuesday (it was a ROUGH day!) Amber has felt better and had a bit of an actual appetite - or at least until this afternoon! This was her 7th day of taking in a normal day's worth of calories.
Hopefully she will continue to eat well and put on a little more weight. This will be SO good for the babies and give Amber some more nourishment and maybe more energy!

Saturday and Sunday were spent in Amber's booth at the Katy Craft Show.
She designs AND handmakes all the jewelry.
This was her last craft show!

She will continue her Texas Take Etsy Shop 
That's something she can do even after she is on bed rest!

This is her 14 week pic!

I dressed for the part of a Texas Craft Fair Vendor lady!
Wore my favorite Chico skirt and some vintage boots!

The weekend turned out to be COLD down here!
We enjoyed the fireplace each evening as we came in and wound down by watching some favorite movies. Amber and I both LOVE movies!

Snowball will NOT leave Amber's side when Amber is feeling badly.
She has a critter's 'sixth sense' about such things.
Every morning when Amber opens her eyes Snowball is sitting by her bed looking up at her! Amber had a headache all night and still had it this morning. I massaged her head and it backed off a little. Even on a good day Amber tires easily and I can tell the bed rest sentence is not going to be far away!

We took July - Amber's soon to be TWENTY YEAR OLD cat to the vet this afternoon. With two elderly cats and three dogs there is quite a bit of care taking going on! I told Amber is she and Mike took care of their CHILDREN as well as they do their critters - these kids will be just fine!! July has a thyroid condition and has to have blood work, a special diet and medication twice a day. Snowball has to have a DIFFERENT special diet and insullin twice a day! Talk about high maintenence! Then there is Shiner - their white lab - who is on a vegetarian diet. I cooked a big pot of rice this morning. He loves a bowl of rice mixed with a mashed banana. Bananas are the dogs favorite treats!

By the time we got back from the vet Amber was going downhill FAST!
Even though she was feeling sick we attended the first meeting of a local 'Moms of Multiples' this evening. Amber is THE only one pregnant with or has had quads. Mostly it was moms of twins and there were some of triplets. Amber didn't last long. The lights and noise was already killing her head. At least they connected with a local group. They totally understood when we had to leave early.

We made it home and poor Amber was in pretty bad shape by then. Bless her heart!
You know what she said? "Well, at least I had a break from all this for a few days."
She is still on Zofran and a 'good' day for her means she is not FEELING good....just less badly! She had a cracker and water and I massaged her head again. She couldn't eat dinner and had to go on to bed. Even on the couch she was uncomfortable.
Praying tomorrow will be a better day. There is just no rhyme or reason to it!
This is indeed a VERY difficult pregnancy for her. She tries not to think past the 'now'....there's just too much and it is overwhelming!

I'll close my post with a picture of Reese taken this afternoon.......

......and of Jersey.
They seem to KNOW when Amber is feeling bad and they want to be right there! Jersey just sits and looks at her through the window.


Blondie's Journal said...

Oh, my heart goes out to Amber. This is going to be such a trying time for her. But you are a great mother and so selfless. You are a Godsend to her.

I love all of the pictures...the pups and kitties are so darn cute and you and Amber look gorgeous!

I hope things get better. I will keep Amber in my thoughts.


darlin said...

Wow, Amber is amazing and so are you. What a journey. The fire looks soothing, the potatoes delicious and the pets are amazing.

Deb said...

Hope she feels better I know she loves having you there

Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

Prayers for Amber. I know you, tho and you will be there taking good care of her :) Love the kitties and poochies. So sweet!

Angie said...

Sending so much love & many prayers her way. Pregnancy can really take a toll on the body & quads just increases that by 4 I'm sure. I'm glad you are there with her. I know Amber loves having you by her side. Hoping for a better day for Amber today.

Happy Valentines Day Linda :)

"Auntie" sezzzzzz... said...

Dear One, is she going to have help after they are born? Or even, while she is on bed rest, before the birth?

How can her husband be at work, and take all the care of the animals, which is needed? Amber certainly won't be able to take care of the animals........ In bed rest, and after, with 4 babies.....

Are they making plans?

You can't live there. Nor can you be expected to do all that, anyway!!!

I do hope getting the trailer ready, doesn't mean that YOU will be the nearly-live-in-help.


I know. I am the only one to ask these questions. Every one else just wishes her well and etc. Suppose I should to...........


Kelly said...

Aw, I hate to hear that she's having such a difficult pregnancy. I guess it's expected though with her carrying quads. Heck, just carrying one can cause it to be difficult! At least she can rest easy knowing she'll probably never have to do this again. If I had 4 at one time, I'd say....I'm done now! Ha! You have been such a great mom to be by her side helping her every step of the way. I don't know how she's going to do it with all of those special need pets on top of 4 babies. You see? I'm the anxious type! I'm feeling anxious for her and I'm not even going through it. It's great to know that she can keep busy with her jewlrey making while on bed rest too. That will make her feel so much better. Those potatoes and onions sure do look good too!

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

Four babies on the way...dogs and cats to tend to...a craft show happening....and sick on top of it all. Yes...she needs to be 'strong in spirit'! All the best to Amber.

Your Texas breakfast sounds good to me. I love friend potatoes with onion.