Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Being a Mom to a Mom-to-BE!!

Yesterday morning I packed up my little Ford Fusion......


.....gave Louis Dean a last hug as he attempted to take our picture. He has such long arms it should have been a snap! But he was seriously intent and it was NOT as easy as it looks! That's his 'studious' look!

I pulled out of the driveway, popped an audio book in and I was OFF!!
The key to arriving at my destination in a timely manner is this: Stay IN the vehicle!

I DID make one stop at Bucee's in Madisonville......which is on the home stretch into Houston. I SO wanted to buy these little booties back in December when we first found  out Amber and Mike are expecting QUADS! I dashed into the store frantically looking for them because just because Bucee's has something one day does NOT mean they will have it another. JACKPOT! They had all sorts of things A&M! I will be a regular customer on my trips back and forth. But for now I bought booties - one of every color! And those pacifiers!! How cute! I heard Amber wants some Dallas Cowboys ones as well! I had so much fun!!

Rolled on into Houston by 2:00 pm.....just as I planned.
However, once in Houston does not mean you are there yet! Houston is HUGE!!

But I am here now and we are having a good time.
I teared up when I saw Amber as she came out to greet me.
She is adorably PREGNANT!! This was the first time I have seen her since Christmas.
I immediately showed her all the baby clothes I had brought and made....
she showed me the nursery and all the changes they are making in their house.
I am so very glad to BE here! You know how mothers are!

We went to our favorite nail salon later in the afternoon. I had my nails done and Amber got a massage. She LOVES spas and salons and has been to some pretty glamorous ones - both here and abroad. However - at this point and time - the little shop by HEB is her current favorite! They have this awesome chair and she gets all comfy - they cover her with a heated blanket. It reminded me of a little turtle. First the lady rubbed her head and worked her way around to her arms, hands, legs, feet. This was much more comfortable for Amber than having to lay on her side on a traditional massage table. I could tell she felt SO much better afterwards!

We then did what we love to do best after getting our nails done.
Shop HEB!
I bought more of the hamburger patties LD and I love so much.
I will take them home frozen. I could spend hours in that store and always find such 'cool' food items!

I fixed chicken and rice plus a green bean casserole for supper.
By the time Mike came home the house smelled good with dinner baking.

I had fun showing him the little booties. Mike is an A&M grad.
Texas State is Amber's school.......but harder to find things from there.
Wonder if I could ORDER something? That's a thought.
I am actually wearing my 'Texas State Mom' t-shirt today!

I know I have said it before but I will say it again........
I am SO glad to BE here!
Except for missing Louis Dean of course!
I told him to do everything he wants to do that he doesn't get to do when I am there while I am GONE! Because I will be BACK!!
The one thing I asked him to do - fix the wobbly ceiling fan in the guest room - was done before I ever reached Houston! He got that right off his list so now he is free to PARTY!!

We never outgrow our need for our Mothers. I haven't and I am glad Amber hasn't either! I know there is at least ONE girl in Bell Quad Squad so I am grateful she will get to experience some of the special joys of the Mother/Daughter relationships.

Now, let me see!! What do I want to do now? Play with some baby clothes?


Deb said...

sounds like you girls are having a great time...it is nice that you get to spend time with her...especially while she is carrying all those adorable little babies...

Vee said...

Keep on having a fantastic time! What sweet booties... I see that pink there. ;>

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Oh my Dear, your happiness just glows right out of your post. :-)

And betcha' the Momma-To-Be and Poppa-To-Be are mighty happy to have your around for a while, too. You fixed supper! Doesn't get much better than that. :-)

Adorable pic of Mike and some wee booties, today. Expect lots more pics, around there, tomorrow. :-)

Only if you have the time, of course. This Mother-Daughter bonding time is getting shorter and shorter. 'Cause when the babies arrive, everyone will be busy, busy, busy, busy, busy, during visits.

Thank you to you and to your family, for allowing us to go along with you, on this very unique adventure. :-)

Gentle hugs...

"Every one is a moon,
and has a dark side
which he never shows to anybody."

~Mark Twain

Kelly said...

Oh, I can hear the excitement in your post that you are right where you are supposed to be! You are such a good mom! Your daughter is very lucky to have you for a mom. Glad to hear that y'all are having fun together and catching up on everything. Hopefully, your hubby isn't too lonesome without you.

Bev said...

OOOHHHH so excited for you and your family!

Angie said...

I'm glad you've arrived safely Linda. I'm sure you girls are having a blast. I think I need a massage. Amber might have just given me an idea! Those booties are the cutest. You guys are going to have the quads spoiled rotten before they get here. Have a good visit dear and a safe trip home. BTW- the first pic of you is darling :)


Changes in the wind said...

Such a special time....so gald you are able to have this wonderful experience.

Carla said...

Nope a daughter never outgrows the need for their momma. I haven't.

hmmmm sounds like a party at the Chapman's while the cat is away. LOL.

Judy said...

Playing with baby clothes l;ooks like a whole lot of fun! Love those booties and pacifiers.