Friday, February 3, 2012


Today was a great Friday! I have missed my mother! I KNOW! I am 63 years old.......she is 86! I still miss my mother when I don't see her for awhile. AND I have been sick lately. I always miss my mother when I am sick. Well, today I was back in the saddle again! I headed west to Fort Worth for the Beauty Shop Run. It rained all the way there as well as during our lunch and visit. The rain worried me since our den flooded recently when we had a downpour of over SIX INCHES! No worries. LD said it only sprinkled here at home. Plus he has hauled out MANY wheelbarrows of dirt so the water SHOULD be running AWAY from the house instead of INTO it now!

While Mother had her hair done I did a few errands and made a thrift store run. It was the McCart Thrift store and MAN! Did I hit the jackpot!!!

31 Onesies!! At $0.66 each! WOW! I impressed myself on THIS score!

We know there is at least ONE girl in the mix but we also know Amber is NOT fond of pink! So only TWO were pink and most were 'Amber Friendly' colors!
With Quads it is a given they will be born early and small. So I was fortunate to find ALL 31 of these in newborn or preemie sizes!

They are so small that the whole stack fit in a SMALL grocery bag!

Mother helped me take the tags off and snap all the Onesies up.
I uploaded pics to Facebook when we finished. Now that I have a 'Hot Spot' from AT&T we can browse and visit our Facebook and blogging friends ANYWHERE.
Before I had to combine lunch with our online visits since I could NOT get CLEAR in at Nita's house. Now? NO problem!!

We had lunch at Red Lobster and Mother was telling me all her news! I was 'getting' most of it but then she started telling me about......?????
She kept saying - very distinctly - 'Nita!' I said, "Yes!! Nita!!"
Then she would say, "Her MOTHER!!!"
Well, I could NOT follow that and was coming up blank.
I told Mother to wait til we got back to her house and she could show me who she was talking about on her family name list.

(I took this pic later in the afternoon.)

Well, she did NOT want to wait and kept telling me over and over.....
"You LOVE her!!!"
FINALLY I put it together and came up with LEAH!
Leah is Nita's sweet DAUGHTER.
Mother threw her hands out and said, "YES!!!!"
She had really worn herself out trying to get me to understand WHO she was talking about! To diffuse the situation, I looked at her and smiled and said, "Well, why didn't you just SAY so?" We both laughed and laughed and she said, "I wish I COULD!"
Names are what really throws her for a loop.

So this was a good Friday!
It is the weekend.
I am well!!
Life is good!

Happy Weekend, Friends!!!


Angie said...

I'm so happy you got some mommy time today. No matter how old we get we always need our mothers!

What a deal you got on those onesies. Amber will be going through a TON of them soon!!!!

Enjoy your weekend friend!

Vee said...

Now that was the mother lode of onesies. Yes, I did read that Amber is not fond of pink. Good thing that there were not too many pink ones.

(I must say in pink's defense that it looks very good on a baby's delicate coloring. I was once given the dickens for dressing my baby girl in primary colors by a family friend. She told me that babies' coloring requires pastels. She said if I didn't believe her to try it. I did. She may have had a point.)

Sounds as if you and your mom know how to have fun together even when you're not yet on the same page. My sister and I have those kinds of conversations right now.

Keep having fun in the hunt for all things Quad!

Deb said...

what a happy you are doing better...back in the saddle..

Debbie said...

life is very good!!

don't you just love a bargin?? you sure did get one!!

your mom is adorable, have a wonderful weekend!!

Kelly said...

Your mother seems like the sweetest lady! She looks good with her new hairdo too. That really was a great score at that thrift shop! You are being such a big help to her helping her find clothes for the babies. I can relate to your mom about having trouble with names and I'm only 47! I tell my husband, all the time, just wait till I'm really old. I'll just have to point to them. Ha! So glad to hear that you're feeling better now.

Changes in the wind said...

So glad you are well and back to having fun...great find on the onsie's.

"Auntie" sezzzzzz... said...

A post, here...

I'll tell you now...

Think you didn't post on Fri. and I am such a "worry-wart" that I got worried that something was wrong. Tsk, tsk, tsk me! I know. I know.

Many things can get in the way of our posting, and they need not be *awful* things. Look at how much trouble I had, a while ago, with my Net connection. Duhhh me, for worrying.


I'm *Olden* and I do worry about my Dear Blogging Friends. When they usually post daily. And then, they miss, sometimes. -sigh- Duhhhh, duhhhh me, I know.

You had a wonderful day, and that's all that counts.

"Nothing is so fatiguing
as the eternal hanging on
of an uncompleted task."


"Auntie" sezzzzzz... said...

Ohhhhhhhh... And..... There is at least one girl, in the mix. Oh isn't that lovely!

Then again, just wait till they are all about 13 and she gets interested in boys. She will have all those brothers, *looking out* for her. Which will probably *drive-her-up-a-wall.* -giggggggggles-

"Nothing is so fatiguing
as the eternal hanging on
of an uncompleted task."


Pondside said...

I loved that little mother-daughter interchange and the way you laughed about it afterwards.
Those onesies! What a score!!!

Flora said...

How wonderful your mom times!! your lucky lady...oh oh... if you daughter doesn't like pink...her daughter will LOVE pink and be a pink girl:) (I've been

Winds Of Tohi said...

you scored, I love it when people can find things that can be used again, good for you, you did great :)