Saturday, August 20, 2011

Wringing out the Week End!

It has been another hot HOT weekend here in the DFW area! I am so tired of this heat!
It takes a toll on our life style and what we can and cannot do!

Friday is hair day in Fort Worth after which Mother and I had lunch at MiMi's Cafe.
She likes to order something different and invariably trades with me since I already KNOW she won't like it so I order one of her favorites! She traded HER Quiche Lorraine for MY clam chowder!

After lunch and a session browsing Facebook and looking at the latest family picture postings she and I headed to Khol's. We had looked forward all week to a shopping day. We each scored on shoes! I got TWO pair to her one!

But she trumped on bath items as well as some lingerie.
We both WANTED to get some cute tops and things but nothing looked good to us today.
Still did well on our tax free shopping day!

The only thing about the day was having to walk to and from each place across a burning hot parking lot and returning to a super hot car interior! Even with the foil windshield thingy on! 107 today!
We were both pretty worn out when I left her to take a nap and drove home to do the same.

The plan was to get up EARLY this morning and do the yard.
In this triple digit heat there really is no 'Cool of the Day.' The ' low' temps have been in the 80's since May!
This is officially the hottest summer on record!
I began edging at 9 am and LD started mowing.

I gave them all a good haircut! No way those crispy fried and scorched ends would ever be green again!

Louis Dean has kept the grass green by using hoses.
The flower beds have struggled.

The Mexican Heather started blooming so I am in hopes this summer will end.....soon?
Lantana seem to thrive in the heat and this bush is doing better than it has ever done!

We spent three hours out in the heat and we were truly 'SPENT!' As I slowly carried the edger and weed eater back to the storage building I realized I had seriously overdone it!
If I had.....I knew Louis Dean had too!!
When I got back to the front yard he was sitting in a lawn chair watering the new grass he put our earlier this season. I spread a newspaper out to rest my head on and stretched myself flat out on the ground!
Louis Dean literally hosed me down! I thought I was going to pass out!
When he worked in the bakery years ago he said it would get so extremely hot! To cool off he would run water on his wrists and pulse points. So that's what he did for me by hosing me down! It did the trick!
The sad thing is that by the time we gathered our remaining tools up and shut the gate and finally came in the house.......I was already dry!

Have I mentioned it is HOT in Texas???
You can wring us out in this heat and humidity!


  1. Oh. my goodness, I feel for you, Linda! I went grocery shopping the other day and it was 92. I was feeling sorry for myself and then I realized that in a few short months it can be in the 20's with snow on the ground. Try pushing a cart thorough a parking lot of snow!!

    Still, I give you and Louis Dean credit for working outside in that heat. Be careful!!


  2. I don't know how you handle 3 hours in that heat! But what fun with mom!!

  3. Way tooooooo hot. Will it ever let up ! Good thing you got a 'cool down' before you totally overheated.Take care in this heat.
    - Joy

  4. I always love to hear of your adventures with Mother :) I will pray for you that the temps get cooler!

  5. Should either of you, be pushing yourselves this far, even if it's *only* every 10 days??????????

  6. it is still so hot.....hard to get anything done....glad you survived...

  7. Bless your heart, I can't imagine dealing with that heat all the time. I hope you all get some relief soon. You better be careful out working in this heat. It is so easy to have a heat stroke.

    Looks like you and your momma had a good day out. I love those shoes you picked up. Kohls has some great deals sometimes.

  8. Your grass is no longer grass it as turned into Hay! Mike waters close to the house trying to keep the house from moving and doors sticking. Oh a couple of months we will be saying it's to cold but right now that's a little hard to believe.

  9. It has been super hot! I am ready for cooler temps. Looks like your getting the hang of this blog pretty good! love your collages. I dont even know how to do that yet.