Tuesday, August 23, 2011

UP on the House TOP!!!

We have had a critter in our attic! A rather large loud one that has been making 'thumping' noises.....
not 'scratches' like rats or mice! So yesterday an even bigger critter went up on the roof!

Louis Dean took the cover off the turbo vent and dropped down some poison.
Let's hope the critter gets thirsty and escapes BEFORE it dies in my attic!
One end of our house has been open for most of the summer......one of the projects LD started BEFORE we discovered it would be the hottest summer on record here in Texas.
He simply can't work in the attic in this heat so we have put off finishing this until it cools down.
WHEN that will happen I have no idea!
Next Wednesday we are getting up at 5 am so we can go up and unload all my fall decorations OUT of the attic! Guess I will find out then if and how much damage has been done to them.

I jokingly told Louis Dean he could NOT play on the roof! AND he had to put away all his 'toys' (like that huge extension ladder!) before coming in the house. But how could anyone resist this face?
I know I can't.

Today we have continued to work on the bedroom project. He is building a stand for the new super duper window unit and will install that soon. I am continuing my wallpapering. Two complete walls done - 2/3 of one and I am rounding the corner on another! He is in the bedroom now resting. Hopefully when I finish my post he will be awake and I can start painting. I am doing the door jams and the door - both sides of the door. I am so tired of these big dark hulking doors. I am painting them an off white and then we will see where my creative juices will take me. The back side of the bedroom door is only visible to US when the door is closed so I am looking at it as a blank canvas and just waiting for inspiration! I do have a few ideas in mind!

I could complain about the heat in Texas but after watching Fox News this afternoon I have decided to praise God instead! As I write there were still no accounts of injury in the earthquake that hit the east coast.
How awesome is THAT?? I have also decided complaining doesn't help so I am grateful to have A/C and the ability to pay the electric bill. I also appreciate the simple pleasure of drinking a cold glass of water.
And that is exactly what I am going off to do right now!
Fill up a clear glass pitcher with ice cubes and filtered water and float some thin slices of cucumber in it.
I will pour me a tall glass and prop my feet up and read a chapter or two in my book!

"Enjoy present pleasures in such a way as to not injure future ones."

Roman philosopher
Mid - 1st century AD


Anonymous said...

That Louis Dean sure seems to be a handy man! You my friend are quite a lucky gal. Hope the poison takes care of your critter AND that it escapes the attic before dying. If not, ewww...you may have a problem on your hands. That has happened here before, can you tell? I'm so excited to see your Fall decor. I love Fall and I know you must be itching for cooler temps. I'm in KY and the quake could be felt here. I was sitting at the computer when it started shaking. It was minor shaking of course but was still pretty darn scary. When you pray tonight, pray for my hubby's safety. He is underground working tonight & I fear aftershocks. Have a happy & blessed Tuesday friend!

Vee said...

Oh the thought of a critter in your attic with your stuff gives one pause. Yikes! Hope that you find no damage whatsoever. Your hubby is a very handy guy to have around though I am not certain about that final expression. Looks as if he may be tired of the camera. I like your approach to life...easier to complain, but better to praise the Lord.

Marsha Young said...

I see that you like Jan Karon too. She is one of my favorite authors.

Your guy looks like he is having too much fun on the roof. Mine (the LOC - Lovable Old Coot) - is no longer allowed on the roof since he almost fell off putting up the Christmas lights. :)
Have a great day - Marsha

Blondie's Journal said...

We had a raccoon in our attic once...well we found his remains! I hope you don't have anything that large. What if you find it when you are up there getting your fall decorations?!

You are a busy lady...I am excited to see the finished job on your bedroom! I know you have been working hard.

Take care and enjoy that cool drink and your book!


Lori said...

We had a racoon two years ago. Sounded horrible every sunset and then came back in the morning. Finally caught him and released him in another town. Closed up the hole and no more noises. Hope whatever you had doesn't die up there. Usually when you use poison they go out to find water and die outside. Good-luck.

Flora said...

what a handy dandy man! You guys have so much fun! and you are right...there is always someone or something worse off than what we have!

Elaine said...

Critters can be a lot of trouble . I hope the poison does the trick and it goes looking for water. I love fall but I'm not ready for summer to end.

Pondside said...

We get the odd bat and mouse in our attic and The Great Dane is my hero and gets rid of them. I will not be showing TGD that photos of your husband on the roof because I have forbidden him (as far as I can forbid him!) to go on the roof or on any ladder!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Your Louis Dean is quite a handy man, Linda!I hope nothing was damaged by your critter!
We had squirrels in our attic once and had to trap them and then get some roof work done to keep them out.
Yes, the earthquake was quite scary today but thankfully no one was hurt and not too much damage was done. We all have to be thankful to the Lord for that!

Diana Ferguson said...

Scares me to death when they get on the roof!!!

Love the attitude!! Blessings....

'Ol Auntie said...

-Harrrrumph- *Now stop it, right now!!!* You two are going to scare me silly.

-First you spend way too much time outside in this TX heat...Doing yard work. -sigh-

-Now LD goes up on the roof, and *plays around*! -moan-

What are you trying to do to 'Ol Auntie?!? Get her knickers in a real twist, is what I think.


Just very glad, that he got back down again, without any mishaps.

Brrrrrrrrrrr... Heights scare me!

Deb said...

hope your critter leaves soon...we are fortunate aren't we...

Carla said...

I had to laugh when you mentioned the back of the bedroom door was a blank canvas just waiting for you.
You'd love getting hold of the half bath. It doesn't even have a mirror. Hopefully after we move Pamela back to school Saturday we can go find a mirror to fill some dead space. ;o)