Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday: Bean Soup and Cornbread!

It has been a wonderful aromatic Sunday around here!

I LOVE the smell of homemade cornbread!!

This is a time tested- NEVER fail - recipe!
JUST as easy as using a mix!!

Goes GREAT under a helping of Bean Soup.....
cooked with a big ole HAM BONE still loaded with good meat!

It has also been a PRODUCTIVE Sunday!
I hung these 'temporary' room darkening shades on the kitchen French doors which face WEST!
I bought these at Target on Friday for $5.99 each!
They work wonderfully!! NO hardware.....just a strip of 'sticky' tape.....
to which I staple gunned to the existing shade!
Works for ME!!!

I also hung two more strips of wallpaper in our bedroom.
Step by step we will 'Get 'r DONE!'

Every step I take I love the 'look' more!

Amber and Mike are over and chilling out before they head back home to their busy life in Houston Town!
I have A/C, Bean Soup and homemade Cornbread, cold beer, and  DVR recordings of some of their favorite shows. The BONUS was Mike doing the final steps of hooking up the Surround Sound Louis Dean bought many weeks ago! Saved LD over $130 from the Geek Squad visit he had lined up for Wed!
We LOVE having such a SMART son in law!! And we are glad he loves US, too!!

LD and I are heading out to the gazebo with a chilled glass of wine in hand to finish off this wonderful day.

Hope YOU had as good a weekend as WE did!
Blessings for a GREAT week ahead!


Life 101 said...

There is nothing better than cornbread. My wife makes a 15 bean soup that is scrumptious, especially with warm buttered cornbread.

Flora said...

I am going to give that cornbread a try!

Pondside said...

Really easy? I love cornbread - so I'll have to give it a try the next time I make a bean soup.

Deb said...

nothing better than pinto beans and awesome sunday meal..