Thursday, August 4, 2011

Back Home Again......

Louis Dean and I are back home again. We left early Tuesday morning - 4:30!!
This allowed us to drive in the 'cool' part of the day. Not that ANY part of the day or night is cool here in Texas! Our LOWS are in the upper 80's!!!!!

We were gone nearly a week and enjoyed every minute of it!
I think the FIRST and the LAST days were my favorite!
I had Amber all to myself!
Here's how we spent our last day together....

We made one more trip to Hobby  Lobby! We both LOVE that store!

I found a few more things on the clearance isle!
The little metal bird hanger was just $0.79!!!

Can you believe they already have Fall stuff out?
AND Christmas!

I am so DONE with this summer heat! 27 more days and counting!
 September 1st is SUCH a special day for me!
 The last day of August I take ALL my fall decorations from the attic....
and on September 1st I put Neil Diamond's 'September Morn' on the CD player.....hit "REPEAT"......and decorate! I also bake Fruitcake Cookies so it looks and smells like fall no matter WHAT! It may well still be 100 degrees outside but I am doing it anyway!
It is a tradition!

Anyway......back to what I was saying.....

After our Hobby Lobby run we decided to eat lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant Amber was wanting to try. It was delicious!!

Amber had pho.....

I had this great fish dish......or #68 on the menu!

After a leisurely lunch we had mani's and pedi's before shopping at HEB grocery store.
I loaded up with the special ground beef patties they have! Already spiced up with various goodies like chunks of cheese and peppers and such, they will grill up so nicely! Amber served some the first evening we were there and Louis Dean just raved about them! I LOVE that grocery store! We popped them in the freezer so they were frozen solid by the next morning and Louis Dean just tossed them along with some frozen bottles of water in the ice chest. We plan on keeping a spare ice chest in the trunk of our car for visits to the HEB store opening in Granbury soon!

As much as I enjoyed our visit it was time to get home.
Since I left the house clean all I did after arriving back was unpack and put up.

Yesterday I finished up all the book covers for Summer to take to the scrap booking retreat.

Packed them all in a chambray pillowcase.....

and cinched it up with a waist band from a pair of jeans.

And now here it is - Thursday night and still 100 degrees!
34 days in a row of 100+ temps.
No rain means our water supply is dipping low while energy use is soaring.
My head and neck have ached all day. I think the heat is getting to us. It is all I can do to keep house and make sure Louis Dean doesn't sneak outside and start working on his projects. He goes out for a few minutes at a time which is all anyone can stand!

SO  I am bidding all a good night and sliding into bed a little on the early side.
In the morning I am going to take Mother to the beauty shop followed by lunch at Red Lobster. She loves for me to bring my laptop which I will plop up on the table and show her all my pics and posts from Facebook and blogs. I'm glad I am going to see her........
somehow she always seems to make me feel better!
Mothers are like that! I am 62 years old.......soon to be 63-
and I STILL want my mother when I don't feel good!!


Texas Tales said...

Great post! Those food pictures came out really good. It really was a great day.Y'all have a good weekend and stay cool! Heat factor was 110 here today and I was running errands all day, wore me out pretty good. Love you!

Flora said...

Wow what heat!!! but sounds like you had a wonderful time!

Angela said...

I hope you have a good nights rest, sounds like after that trip you need it! What a fun time you must have had. I'm with you on welcoming fall, I'm sooooo ready!!!

Diana Ferguson said...

Glad you had a great trip!! Another scorcher for today........

Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

Glad you and LD are home, safe and sound. Sounds like you had a wonderful time! I love to read of your adventures. Give your Mom a hug from me and let us know what you have at Red Lobster! The cheese bread is great!

Auntie said...

Please... Remind us again, of your Sept. 1st Tradition. I like it, and I'm sure to forget. So now, you have to remember to remind me. :-))))))

So sorry about your weather. -sigh- We get hot, but we get relief, now and then too.

And believe me, I am so glad that my husband talked me into putting these wall unit A/C's in. They are being wonnnnnnnderful. Just wonderful.

Yeaaaaaaaaa for a nice trip!

Christmas things out already? Yikes!


Tink's Spin said...

what a great idea. I just love the blue jean covers. ADORABLE,

Deb said...

love how the book covers turned out....glad you made it back safe and sound....