Thursday, August 11, 2011

Six Hundred Tiny White Lights......

I have been decorating with strands of white lights for over 30 years!
When they first came out - LIGHT years ago!- we called them Italian white lights!
As I walked through my home just now I realized I have them in nearly every room!
The exception is Louis Dean's music room/office and my laundry room.

I first began to string them up on my front porch back in 1983.
The roof of my front porch was ugly with a 2 X 4 ceiling
 that was MEANT to be finished out with a piece of plywood.
That never happened.
As with so many things in my life - I just decorated what I had!
I had seen a beautiful bedroom display in an antique shop that had grapevines entwined in a canopy.
Entwined in the grapevines were hundreds of tiny white lights!
My front porch has featured strands of white lights year round ever since!

In the fall I often add some of the golden lights and at Christmas I sometimes use colored.
June and July I have some red white and blue light tubes that look pretty.
It is easier to freshen up the lighting at night when I can 'see' better.....
so last night Louis Dean and I spent the later part of the evening outside in the front.
He had purchased several soaker hoses and was hooking them up along with a new water hose.
I was taking down burned out strands and stringing up new lights.

Then we did what we do best!
Propped our feet up on the stone wall and settled back in our lawn chairs
 with a glass of wine and did some serious night sky watching.
One of the pleasures in life at our age is that we get to stay up late and sleep in the next morning!


dreams on 34th street said...

The dearest story. Your lights are beautiful!

Nita said...

Linda, what a beautiful front porch! Great job!

Angela said...

How beautiful is that? I have never saw anyone decorate with lights other than for major holidays. People must drive by your house and just smile. Glad you and Louis Dean had a relaxing evening!!!

A Vintage Green said...

Sure makes a great evening vignette, complete with you both relaxing.

Flora said...

Wow that is a lot of lights! Looks great!

Deb said...

love it Linda

Lorrie said...

What a beautiful looking porch you have. And I think you ended the day just right - putting your feet up and skywatching.

Diana Ferguson said...

You earned that privilege!

Aunt Amelia said...

I share your love of little white lights. I call them "Faerie Lights." :-)

Don't have as many though. -sigh- They kind of bother husband's eyes, as he has many eye problems. So having them alllllllllll over, would be very confusing/uncomfortable for him. So I just enjoy a few. He'd do anything for me, so I can do that little thing, for me.

But I'm so glad you are able to enjoy loads-and-batches of your Faerie Lights!

bj said...

I, too, love the little tiny lights...we call them fairy lights. :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful lights & beautiful blog!