Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Odd Couple!

That is what Louis Dean and I are! I could be Tony Randall's Felix to
 Louis Dean playing Walter Matthau's Oscar!

I admit I am a neat freak. And Louis Dean is so NOT!
We make a perfect team!
He makes messes and I clean them up.
Of course these messes - or at least SOME of them - are made while doing things I simply cannot do!
Like carpentry work....or electrical work....or anything requiring a good bit of MUSCLE!

We always have projects going on....the latest of which is our bedroom redo.
We were wanting to put in the new window (big time heavy duty version!) A/C.
However, LD decided to go in the attic and run a line down in the guest room wall so we can relocate our CURRENT window A/C to THAT room AFTER he puts in the new one.
Actually he wanted it done so he could simply walk the old one from  one window to the other.
Win! WIN!


there was an 'OOPS!'

Which resulted in a MESS!

This is about the time I 'lost it.'
I cried.

Now I have to be fair in saying I was in an emotional state before all this happened yesterday.
Over the weekend we had a personal disappointment and then early in the afternoon I received some distressing news on another front.
Add in a mess in an otherwise clean ready for company coming guest room....
and I was set for a meltdown!

The grand finale to this story is.......
Louis Dean can CLEAN!!
He went in there and cleaned up every single bit of the mess!
Vacuumed, wiped things off with a cleaner and water using a CLOTH!
Rehung the closet door.....after I told him NO, you cannot put a plug for the A/C on the far side of the closet where we would have to UNPLUG the unit every time we wanted to open the closet door!!!
To which he replied, "Well! You don't USE the closet that often!!"
He even patched the hole in the wall.
Never mind it is pastered white!
(I am now planning on redoing the guest room!)

He has since thought of another way to accomplish his goal.

In the meantime.......

He decided since it was a TAD bit cooler today to go ahead and unload all my fall decorations!

He IS amazing and now I find out he can CLEAN!!!
Who KNEW?????

My MUSCLE man!!
Now the dining room is full to overflowing with tubs and sacks of fall leaves, wreathes and all things AUTUMN!!!

I can't wait to get started!
It won't be OFFICIAL until Thursday when I break out Neil Diamond's 'September Morn.'
I'll bake pumpkin muffins and it will LOOK and SMELL like FALL!
We are still in triple digit heat here in Texas but I am hoping (and praying) for rain and a cold front!


Luann said...

I love the muscel man shot. and what a sweetheart you have that he would CLEAN up while you were having a melt down. now THAT is compassion!I too LOVE having a man in the house that can fix things. Handymen are awesome. Kudo's to you Louis Dean. Your da man!

Blondie's Journal said...

Sorry about all the bad news you received and I hope all is well now. I know very few men that can clean, my hubby for one...but when the mood strikes him, it amazes me how thorough he is!!

Keep up the great work with the bedroom!


Deb said...

it is nice to have a man that can and will do chores....good luck with the fall decorations...

A Vintage Green said...

What a team!
Sorry about bad news though. Hope you post some pictures as you decorate for fall.
- Joy

Pondside said...

You two are quite amazing......and I'm not at all surprised that your dear LD can clean - he can do just about everything else!

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha- You & Louis Dean crack me up! I'm sorry you were struggling Sunday. Sounds as though you were having one of my days. I can't wait to see your Fall decor. Our temps are supposed to go way down this weekend & in the upcoming week. I think next week is supposed to be in the 70's all week long. I hope you all get some much needed heat relief soon. Happy Wednesday!!!

Nita said...

I know you are so proud of Louis Dean. What a nice surprise and I KNOW You where thrilled to see the clean side of your Sweetheart!

Carla said...

How's momma doing? Proud of Louis Dean. David makes messes and he cleans too. Probably better than me.
Hang in there! Thinking of you.

Gale said...

Sounds like you're a pair made for each other. :-). I know what you mean about the "tad cooler." It's been a tad cooler here, too...which isn't much, but I've been getting up earlier with the boys being back in school so that's probably helped me FEEL like maybe there was a chance at fall! :-)