Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday With Mother......

If it is Friday I am usually with my Mother. Except for her color/perm appointments - to which my sister takes her - you will find me in Fort Worth. Her appointment is at 10 am so that gives me an hour for errands while she gets her hair done. This morning she showed me an empty jar of Vitamin E my mission - should I decide to accept it - was to purchase a new jar! After three stores I found it!! The Dollar General at Hulen and Granbury Rd had it! TWO jars for a mere $4.50! She was thrilled!
She is so funny. Mothered suffered a stroke nearly 6 years ago. She has totally recovered - even though the prognosis was grim - EXCEPT for her speech. Though she cannot speak clearly and we do not always understand what she says - she DOES communicate! And in very clever and ingenious ways.

When I picked her up this morning she was waving a twenty dollar bill!

Red Lobster is just down the block from her beauty shop.......

and they have LARGE tables! Big enough to accommodate my laptop!
(showing her pics of our trip to see Amber and Mike.)

We both love the Cheddar Biscuits........and we ate plenty of them!

Mother gets the clam chowder......always!!

I get the salad!

It's been a GOOD Friday!
Next week......Cotton Patch Cafe!!


  1. Love the photo of you together! We cherish the same pictures of us. :) And to see her looking at a picture of my house, makes me feel so good! I know how much my time with you means to me, glad you still get that same relationship with your mom. Love you both!

  2. You are so lucky to still have your mom... I lost mine when I was in my 40's... (I was born when she was 39..) I miss her so!

  3. Looks like you and your mom had a great day. The food looked yum. Soup and salad are my favorite foods. Hope you have a great week end. Tink

  4. Love her spunk!

    And what an inspiration she is!

    Give her a hug, next Fri., from me. :-)

  5. What a gift it is, to have your mum so close by. I'd love to have lunch with my mum once a week, and when she comes out here from January to April, I get that wish!

  6. How precious your momma is. I didn't realize she had a stroke. My grandma had a stroke back in May along with an anurysum to burst at the same time. Her prognosis was terribly grim, they didn't think she would pull through at all. They told us she would never walk or talk again (she's doing both by the way) but her mind has not completely came back. She is still very delayed in answering questions and understanding. Doesn't matter though, I just thank God for the extra time he has allowed us with her. Enjoy your precious momma as much as possilbe :)