Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Wreath a Month

This year I am making- or Remaking a wreath a month.
This is in lieu of the small Christmas tree I usually keep up all year round and decorate for the seasons.
I have wreaths in every single room in my house......except for my bathroom which is currently (STILL!!) under construction! Oh!! There is not ONE wreath in Louis Dean's music room!

I decided to walk around the house and COUNT the wreaths in each room!!
There are 49 wreaths!
4 in the sewing/computer room
6 in the dining room
2 in the living room
2 in the foyer
4 in the den
5 in the kitchen
9 in the hall
1 in our bedroom
2 in the guest room
1 in the gazebo
1 on the wall outside wall of the house
7 on the front porch and window wall outside
1 HUGE Texas wreath on the front of the house
3 on the west outside wall

Now these wreaths also include the ones I use as table centerpieces as well as a group of small grapevine ones hung on pegs in the hall. Some are plain.....most are not.
Some are old and have seen better days.
This winter I  actually burned some in the fireplace as kindling!
These are the 49 left!

SO! Instead of decorating my little tree which was showing it's age and was sent to the trash after Christmas-
I decided I would re do an existing wreath - one each month.

This was the one I did in January.
I tore off the old stuff on this 18 inch grapevine wreath and wired it with these small candle rings. At least I think they are candle rings. I got a whole slew of them at Goodwill for 10 cents each and have had them piled in a brass container ever since. I added the grape clusters because I didn't want a bow.

For February's project I started with a 20 inch straw base. I cut leftover quilt batting in strips and wrapped it around.

 I then wrapped strips of white sheeting...again leftovers from a quilt backing.
No pins.....no glue.

Next I pulled out my lace/ribbon basket of trims from past projects.
I used some strips of lace and wrapped the wreath and tied it with ribbon or small lengths of lace.

Keeping with the cream colored palette I used eyelets, lace, tulle....anything I had at hand!

I thought it need just a bit something MORE!

So I tied on a strand of garland I picked up at Hobby Lobby in the after Christmas sale.


I made this having NO earthly idea where it would 'live.'
I carried it all around the house and then back here to the sewing room.
I love my lace curtains which I picked up at a garage sale for a few dollars!
Even though they are not all matching I scrunched them up and hung them together.
I think it is a perfect backdrop for my newly redone lace wreath which I made with materials I had on hand!

There was a convenient nail already in the shelf above the window.
By the way.....Summer and I saw that shelf on the curb in the neighborhood one day and could not bear for the trash men to haul it off. It was old and dirty and apparently used to hold nails and other hardware.
It EXACTLY fit over my window area!!
I use a piece of jute to make a hanger and was pleased to see the pearly garland I added matches the color of the magnolia swag hanging above it

I don't know about YOU but I LOVE redeeming things!!!


peggy said...

The best things are made of whatever is at hand. I like your curtains, they are unique. And both wreaths too, and if I made one it probably wouldn't have a bow either.

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Oh my, but you are sooooooooooo talented! -happy sigh- Me, I just don't have the "Vision," to see what something "could be." And one needs that, in order to do such, as make wreaths.

And even in regular decorating... One needs that "Vision." I don't have it. Just have to go with what resonates with me. What makes me feel good.

And though I know I don't have that "Vision," that's ok too. I don't beat-myself-up over it. 'Cause I can make a super Apple Pie! -gigggles- It's all, in the way we view things.

But I do love that pic of where you put your lace wreath! Ohhhhhhh soooooo pretty!!!

Gentle hugs...

Nita said...

You do a great job of redeeming things.
You really do have a good eye and huge talent!

Deb said...

that is a great wreath...love the shelf also

Pondside said...

I love the wreathe made with candle rings - very effective!