Sunday, February 13, 2011

My 'Work in Progress'......

I have had so much fun playing around in mixed media on this project! This is NOT my ordinary style of painting....but I LIKE it!! I first glued on a bunch of clippings from an old issue of Victoria magazine. Then I cut out a coffee cup and glued that on. NOW it was time to paint! I used oils but may try acrylics on the other two projects I am working on. I have to clean up the art table now in preparation for a dinner party tomorrow night. Come Tuesday......I shall pull it all out again and start the embellishments! I can see adding buttons, trims, perhaps dimensional paint......whatever I find! This will hang on my pantry door. I used the same piece of Masonite I had painted a duck on maybe 25 years ago. Times have changed and I am finally trying some different things!!!

Today has been good day all around! We served in Hospitality at Fellowship church today. 18 of those HUGE pots of coffee were brewed and every last drop consumed! It was AMAZING! There was Creme Brulee as well as Honey Hazelnut and the regular Cafe Blend. 

I wore COMFY clothes and this fancy necklace my daughter, Amber, sent me from Scotland.
I also wore my Sketchers! Louis Dean and I walked a LOT!!! Filling and refilling the urns, raw sugar packet bowls, ice water pitchers and creamers. It felt good to be serving!

Louis Dean worked more in my bathroom this afternoon and I am getting excited!
That was my new target date since we passed Thanksgiving, Christmas and
New Years as well as Valentine's Day!

We will spend a little time in the gazebo this evening. It feels like spring in Texas!
I  have WRR 101.1 classical radio on out there and brewed up a fresh pitcher of orange herbal tea .
A perfect ending to a perfect SUNDAY!


Texas Tales said...

wish i was there to have some tea with you! miss you mom!

Jenner said...

Stunning work, you are very talented!

Linda said...

You've had such a busy day! Love your Scottish necklace.

LV said...

I am glad I can call you a friend with loads of talent. I still I am amazed how many creative and talented people out in the blog world. You do super job. I love that necklace your daughter sent. Anything from Scotland should be pretty. No, the Joe's Coffee Shop we went to is in Watauga. I am not much on hot tea, but love flavored coffee and ice tea. Would have been nice having a cup with you.