Monday, February 7, 2011

A 'Normal' Day.....

I love 'Normal' days! When I was young I remember asking, "Mama, are we a NORMAL family? Is our life NORMAL?" We weren't and it wasn't! However, I always longed for a typical 'normal' life. My mother used to tease me and say I was a sucker for anything if you could convince me it was 'normal'!!

Well, after a couple of weeks of being sick and then a week of icy/snowy/wintry was oh so pleasant to have a Normal Monday!

The day started off with coffee in the den as USUAL! We do love our coffee/stupor/reading time in the mornings! Louis Dean has been experiencing some back pain and thought it had to do with congestion in his lungs. So he went in to see the doctor and I did some housework. He felt better when he came home and told me the doctor thought he had just pulled a muscle. She took an x-ray of his lungs just to be sure but she thinks it will be  'normal.'

We had hot water to run the dishwasher, do laundry and take showers!

The sidewalks are all dry and I took Lucy for her first long walk in awhile! She LOVES her walks!
The skies were blue and life is good!

Louis Dean was back at work on my bathroom!

I was back at work on the baby quilt I am making!
My Bernina sewing machine gave me a scare! It wasn't sewing right and I was ready to put the quilt together!I took my little scew driver and took the covers off everything I could find to unscrew.....
looked it all over real good.....could not find anything wrong.
Put it all back together again and it SEWS fine!
I was HAPPY about THAT!!
Hope to finish this little project by Wednesday so I can mail it off to Hawaii!
I will take a pic of it first and show you!

And if it is Monday there is dinner and music at the Chapman's!
The dinner part was super easy tonight since we still had food left from last night's Super Bowl Party!

This is Brenda.....Louis Dean is in heaven on Monday nights!
He says it is because Brenda sings like an angel!
She is as sweet in person as her voice!

Then there is Wayne.....a talented musician who writes some of his own songs.
He plays beautifully and is an awesome singer!
These two people are a direct answer to prayer!
For over a year I had been praying for God to give Louis Dean 'the desires of his heart.'
I knew and God knew this meant someone to play music with him.
We tried many places and they never quite worked out until one day Brenda and I were coming out of a movie together and she said, "By the way, I would love to get together with Louis Dean and play some music!" It's all in WHO you KNOW! I knew Brenda and Brenda knew Wayne!

And most important of all.......God knows us all and God answers Prayer!
In His time and in His way!

There is a loveliness in the normal routine of a life.
But in every life there is usually a bit of sadness as well. This, too, is 'normal.'

The sadness today was hearing my Aunt Geneva Gilbreath had passed away. Aunt Geneva lived in Houston and was in her upper 90's. She was my Granny's baby sister. In my young married days Aunt Geneva would send boxes of her 'out grown' or no longer wanted clothes up to my Mother for me and my cousins. Some of the nicest outfits I wore in the 70's were from Aunt Geneva.
When I talked to my mother later in the afternoon she was still a bit emotional.
My Aunt was a Christian and had been bedridden for the last year or so.
It was her time to go.
Now Mother is the oldest living person in our family bloodline.
She is very aware of that. Mother lost her sister just months ago.
Mother told me recently how irritating it is to her that she is so dog gone HEALTHY!
She made me to understand that she is READY to go but it isn't TIME yet!
And some days she gets impatient!
I remind her she is still being greatly used by God as a Prayer Warrior.
Everyone in our family knows that if you need prayer about something.....tell Mother!
SHE will PRAY!

It is selfish I know....but when Mother is gone....WHO will PRAY FOR ME?
No one will like SHE does.
Mothers' prayers are special.
I hope I leave a legacy of prayer for MY children as wonderful as the certain knowledge I have that.....

My Mother prays for me EVERYDAY!

And I, in turn, pray for MY children......every ONE every DAY!
My mother taught me that.


Jenner said...

I seriously have no idea what a normal life is like! I am glad you enjoyed your day, though!!

Anonymous said...

I often as myself what normal is. I'm beginning to believe there is no such thing as normal. I surely wouldn't conside my life normal but to me that is a good thing! Glad you enjoyed "your" normal day. Routines are sometimes wonderful aren't they? Wonderful news that the Doc thinks Louis Dean doesn't have anything going on with his lungs. Hope his back heals soon. Sorry to hear about your Aunt. No matter how ready they are we just never want to let them go. It's the selfish nature of human beings I believe. The words you spoke about your mother were beautiful. I'm sure they would make her VERY proud. Hope you have many more wonderful days this week!

Blondie's Journal said...

After being ill as long as you were, I can see you wanting a normal day! It looks like you had a wonderful one that went right into the evening. I want to compliment you on the pretty table setting! And I am happy that your sewing machine is back to working fine again!


Diana Ferguson said...

Glad you experienced "normal" once again. Have a great Tuesday. Oh, and get ready for another round of "not normal" weather!

Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

Sorry about the passing of your Aunt :( I am glad tho, that you are back to normal. Very cold here today, but we are suppose to be at 40 over the weekend, so we will have some major melting!

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Oh I just love all your beautiful "normal-ness"! And totally understand how you long for it, at a time of bad weather and health issues. Oh my yes!

We are better on the illness front, but more snow just keeps coming. I couldn't walk a doggie, if I had one. It's "Narnia," again today, around here. Or else, some *Mad Baker* plopped gobs of whipped cream on everything. Take your pick, of mind pictures. :-)

How kind-of-lovely to hear of an older person, who is kind-of ready to go. No, of course, I'm NOT hurrying your Mother, especially since she is in such good health!!! But, it's still rather nice, that she has this calm view.

Hugs and ♥'s...
'Cause Valentine Day is coming!

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Dear Linda, don't you worry one bit, about *complaining* about your weather. Just because it isn't usually cold/snowy/etc. We each live where we each live and we experience "our spot," as we experience it. And we can all certainly blog about it. :-)

Where are we? Up in the NE. Where it's standard happenings, to be snowy and icy and cold, in winter. Especially Jan. and Feb. We're *lucky* to be older, and not have to go out and about, unless we want to do so. And can stay in, in really bad weather.

With all our children living right in same city. Two of them and their families, living right on the same street as we do. If we run out of anything, someone will get it for us. :-)

Yes, we are very lucky, and should not complain about winter!!!

And I don't think I could live anywhere else. I do love having 4 full seasons to experience. We went to FL one winter, and I didn't like it. So, even though I "gripe" a bit, I'm still a NE gal, I guess.

Hugs and ♥'s...
'Cause Valentine Day is coming!

Texas Tales said...

i know how you love a normal routine! i thank God every day that you and LD found each other. you bring joy to others near and far!