Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hunker Down!

We are getting ready to 'Hunker Down' for the next winter weather event here in North Texas! By midnight the rain/sleet/snow/ice/freezing temps will be arriving! Thank goodness we have had a couple of days of 'real life' under our belt. Our trash has been taken out and picked up. (We missed last Tuesday's collection. The trucks came. We were too cold to go out!) I mention our trash was picked up today......but not before I gazed out the window while waiting for my yoga DVD to load. I saw that Louis Dean had FINALLY taken my old bathroom shelf out to the curb. YES!! It is SO hard to actually throw stuff away! While I was feeling very proud of him.....I began to wonder......oh, DEAR!! I walked out and looked it over. Visions of recent blog posts by some very creative people were beginning to form in my head. My daughter, Amber, is doing a lot of the distressed white finish look and several bloggers have been redoing some wooden pieces by painting them white then sanding them in places.....and you know where this is going, right? YES! I went out and called to my dearly beloved husband and he hauled the thing back! He stored it in the back of his truck until this next bout of weather is over. I can redo this piece on a work table in my gazebo.....while HE works inside on  the bathroom. I can picture this newly refurbished shelf high up on my bathroom wall. LD plans to put shelves around the TOP of the bathroom walls for all my pretty 'stuff.' We got this idea from Amber's guest bedroom. AND it is a really good piece....solid wood...even the backing! Much better quality than the vanity we bought recently! So we NEARLY threw something away today!! Does that count?

Ruth Ann and I decided we better make the most of this afternoon so we took ourselves to the Starplex Theater where the movies are fifty cents all day (and evenings!) on Tuesday!

We saw Get Low and it was EXCELLENT!
A movie meal with popcorn, drink and a candy ran us $4.50 so for $5 each we had a GREAT afternoon!

While I was gone Louis Dean 'John Wayned' us some firewood and stacked it on the porch!
It tuckered him out so he is taking a little nap before we go out on our last errand of the day.
We like to take some home cooking in to a dear friend of mine who is no longer able to get out.
For years and years my youngest two kids and I would visit with the Mahaffeys....and always send them post cards from our travels around the country when Amber was competing in Synchronized Swimming.
Mrs. Mahaffey is now in a nursing home and Bro. Ray is pretty much house bound.
I have several meals packed up and waiting. In the mean time I think I will finish up the baby quilt I have been working on. Then I think it would be safe to say the rest of the night will find us snug and cozy in  the den by the fireplace with out books, TV and jigsaw puzzle.
And that sounds pretty good to me!!
Stay warm and safe wherever YOU may be this cold night in February!


Heather@myeverydaygraces said...

Wow! I cannot believe that you were able to see a movie and get treats for $5.00! And it is always nice to get a movie recommendation.

Can't wait to see what you do with your "salvaged" piece:)

Texas Tales said...

i am so glad you enjoyed that movie! what a perfect outing in this cold season.

very happy to hear that you guys are stocked up on supplies and firewood. at least you are more prepared this time - hoping your pipes don't freeze again!

you are such an inspiration to me, so i'm glad i can be an inspiration to you. even from afar! very excited about the bargains i found at hobby lobby today and my office finally has a "look" and a purpose. it's coming together, little bits at a time!

Deb said...

I'm hoping the weather men are wrong...a little after midnight and nothing so far....keeping my fingers and toes crossed...

LV said...

I enjoyed my first visit to your blog. We are almost neighbors. I relate very well to this weather we are having. Thank goodness, this spell hopefuly will be short lived. I do Pink Saturday each wek. Our hostess, Beverly, suggest we feature a new frind. I would like to introduce you this Saturday on my Pink post. I am becoming a followers as well.

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Oh I hope this bout of bad weather did not do too much messing-with-you! -sigh-

I got a kick out of making your husband take something to the curb... And then, making him bring it back. -giggles- What you plan on doing to the piece, sounds delicious, though.

Thank you for your sweet comments, on my blog! You know how to make a blogger, feel appreciated.

Hugs and ♥'s...
'Cause Valentine Day is coming!