Friday, February 18, 2011

Tuesday Morning on a Friday Afternoon!

That's where Mother and I found ourselves..........

AFTER we had lunch at Chili's!
We usually get a combo of some sort that has soup.....
SHE gets the soup and I get whatever else in 2 mini burgers today!

Tuesday Morning is in the same shopping center as Chili's........
AND there is a Guitar Shop a few doors down so Louis Dean was all for our little shopping spree!
He headed one way and we the other!

I have been purging my closets for months now. Every week I haul out another bag FULL to the Goodwill.
This morning as I got ready to go to Fort Worth I thought......'I wish I had some new comfortable clothes for spring.' COMFORTABLE is the key word here. At this point in my life....if it is not comfy enough I could SLEEP in it.....I am NOT going to get it!! That's the rule I have been using as I have combed through closets and drawers FULL of clothing. It is HARD but I am doing it! No matter how pretty the piece is! And I have quit telling myself that if I lose just a couple of pounds it will fit loose enough in so I can BREATHE!!!

I am amazed at how God answers some prayers even BEFORE they are spoken!
Mother helped me make my selections.
She told me once, "Linda, you would look smaller if you wore clothes that FIT instead of being so baggy!"
I admit....I love LOOSE clothes!
I hit the jackpot! I spent MORE than Goodwill prices but everything I got was extremely good quality.
A pair of Bill Blass jeans
A pair of short white pants
A white camisole
A really stylish leopard print top with black belt
(It has a kind of POOFY hem)
A white shirt - pictured above- that feels GOOD!
A black top with leopard print cuffs with a black belt
(no poofy hem on this one!)
A pair of black leggings
A green 2 piece outfit-- slinky pants as comfy a pj's and a nice long tunic type top!
Add to this a black fitted shirt and black pants I bought recently...
I am all set!!!

I DID notice the fabric content in several of these garments include 'Spandex'......

AS we headed to the check out Mother spotted the candy! She has always loved sweets...
So I bought her very own box of chocolates!
As you can see from the photo....
she was HAPPY!!!


Deb said...

what a fun day...I like Tuesday Mom and I hit it every now and then when we go to Souper Salad or Target

Jenner said...

That sounds like an awesome day.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you got some great items!

Blondie's Journal said...

All my clothes are loose it seems and my daughters hate it...I just like to be comfy but I need to look in a mirror.

Yay for you, you look wonderful in that white blouse!!


Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

What a fun day, Linda. You look great and so does Mom! :)

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Your Mother is one smart cookie, with her fashion advice. And hooray for finding comfy clothes, which fit properly. Win-win situation.

Plus, you two must have such a good time, together. How wonderful that your Mother is so full of life. Super wonderful!

Mrs. Bradley >,-)

Pondside said...

I've had such a nice catch-up on your posts. That shopping trip looked like a lot of fun!
I love your current art project - oh to be that creative!

Texas Tales said...

So happy you found some clothes are comfortable and fit - always hard to accomplish together! I need to do the same soon.

Grandma looks great and I love that you guys have such fun together on your Fridays in Ft. Worth. Love YOU!

texwisgirl said...

Your mom is so cute. :)

Just popped over from Deb's Ladybug site because your i.d. of her mystery tracks cracked me up! Armadillo, indeed! :)

God bless you and yours. Looks like you have a wonderful family!