Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Morning Coffee in the Gazebo....

That's the way we like to start off our day! It has been windy here the last few weeks and the wind continues this day! No matter.....our gazebo is snugly tucked away in a secure spot sheltered on the west by a masive old elm tree, the south by the back side of our house, the north by a good fence and a neighbor's storage building and on the east by the shoe house (formerly play house and soon to be storage for our lawn equipment).

I am loving this time in my life! I wake up when I want to.....Louis Dean is almost always up first, has the coffee prepared and is waiting for me in the gazebo. We sit for an hour with our coffee and reading. Sometimes we sit longer!  We talk and plan our day. It is a very nice way to live!

Today I am sorting through my shoe house.....I have over 100 pairs of shoes! Since I can't wear but a FEW of these....I am finally going to toss MOST of them OUT! Some will go to Goodwill, some in the trash and others in a bag to be given to a friend. I am not sure HOW I came to have so many!! And PURSES, as well!! Dozens and DOZENS! Most of them must go! I have been carrying one my daughter gave me last August and have discovered I really don't need to change purses every week! I have my work cut out for me today! But first......I think I will have one more cup of coffee and read one more chapter in my book!


Texas Tales from Scotland said...

good luck cleaning it out! it will be a good feeling to get it all "sorted" or given away. glad you are enjoying the purse, it looks great on you! love you!

Candie said...

Wonderful! I wish I lived next door, so I could share your cozy. I don't create the atmosphere nearly as well. Miss you. Wish I could take your art class!!

Tennis Girl said...

Your time in the morning sounds wonderful. I love it when all I have to do is relax in the morning and take my time, before I start the day :)