Sunday, April 18, 2010

SPRING all over the place!

I am so happy to see SPRING this year! It's been a long cold winter even here in North Texas. Late Friday afternoon I went out to look at the flower beds and I am thrilled at the new flowers, bulbs and all things GREEN!

I have planted a lot of 'pinks' and they seem to do well here with our Texas heat. These I planted in February so I guess they do all right in the cold as well!

I also planted a geranium I found at Kroger for $4.99! The red poppy looking flower is from a bulb I planted and then promptly FORGOT so this is a surprise.....I planted several of these!

We have over a dozen rose bushes and they are all beginning to bloom now!

Behind this beautiful rose you can see the tomato flat Louis Dean has been tending from seeds!
 He loves tomatoes and cucumbers and peppers so we are trying our best to grow some ....even without a proper garden! We have onions lining all my FLOWER beds!! Talk about a 'Redneck' yard!

This is my little scarecrow man I spruce up each spring. This year he is wearing one of LD's old shirts. I have MINT, pinks, mums, peppers and onions growing up around him!

I love the Dusty Miller and it holds up very well here in Texas although I did lose some this winter!

Not much color going on in this area yet but the marigolds are sprouting up by the hundreds!! This will soon be a MASS of blooms! Carolina Jasmine and honeysuckle growing up the trellis....I hope! The honeysuckle was planted by a bird! God's gift to me during a difficult time in my life!

Petunias were an Easter gift from my daughter, Summer. I may plant them in the ground soon!

And THIS is what Spring at my house in Texas looks like! I am posting this especially for daughter in Scotland! You may not BE here but you can still SEE it! Can't wait to see all of YOUR pics of spring from over there in Aberdeen!

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mike said...

(this is Amber, btw!)

YAY! I love seeing all the green. I hope to have some nice pictures to post soon myself, things are starting to green up around here at long, long, long last. We were driving out in the country yesterday and there were more green hills than brown ones!!! Love seeing the house too, and hearing about how much you enjoy the days. Tell LD we said hello!