Thursday, April 1, 2010


Weeds! Weeds!! Weeds, everywhere!! Time to use my trusty old weed POPPER! I love this tool which was given to me by the Steigler' next door neighbors for 17 years. It is the handiest gadget ever! Pops those weeds right out of the ground without even stooping over. You lift it..detach it and plop it in your trash bag! I just came in from spending a few hours edging, weed eating and weed popping! This is our second year to do our own lawn and I am pretty proud of us! Louis Dean keeps the equipment running and I run the equipment! Alas, we could NOT get the lawn mower to start.....or I should say to keep running! It would start and die! Start and die! SO I managed to do everything BUT mow! Perhaps tomorrow. Saturday I am loaning my weed popper to Summer. This is a great thing since I have only loaned it out once before and that was to Ruth Ann, my sister in law, when I had knee replacement surgery. I used it up to the day before I went to the hospital and she kept it for a couple of months. (Besides...she lives close to me and I felt certain she would treasure my 'treasure'...which she did!) Anyway, Summer lives in Arlington.....30 miles my weed popper is leaving town for several days! And I know Summer will enjoy using it! It gives me such a feeling of satisfaction to POP a weed right out of the ground! Roots and all!! It may be silly to get such satsifaction from such an ordinary task....but I DO!!!
Happy gardening!

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Tennis Girl said...

What a neat tool. Happy Easter to you.