Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sips, strokes and a few tasty bites!

That's what we do on Tuesdays! Tuesday has been 'Art Day' in my house since 1977. That is when I began to teach a class here in the dining room turned art studio for one day a for over 30 years! "To teach another is to learn yourself" and I followed this quote by beginning to teach what I learned in the classes I was taking with my friends. I took classes from various artists through the late 70's and into the early 80's. Amazing how much you can accomplish when you paint at least PART of one day a week....week in and week out....month by month and year by year! I have missed very few 'Tuesday Art Days' since I started! My very first class was on a Tuesday and I suppose I am a creature of habit because I have stuck with that as my chosen ART DAY!
This pic is from a class last year .....

Well, last night instead of the usual herbal flavored tea, we enjoyed a glass of classy Riesling...coutesy of Summer and Sabrina. We relaxed in the gazebo before class and by the time we were done with our wine, dinner was served! We had garlic fettucini with meat sauce along with a fresh garden salad and garlic toast.
THEN...we painted!! Each year we do a Santa and that is our current project! I am painting THREE! One to to give...and one for our family Chinese Christmas Tree Gift Exchange!

After an hour or so of painting I served homemade Strawberry Shortcake....the 'Rich Shortcake' recipe coming from an old Better Homes and Garden Cookbook....1969 Edition! We returned to our painting for another hour or so. Tuesday night is one of my favorite nights of the week! Sips...Strokes..and Tasty Bites!


Tennis Girl said...

I so want to be your neighbor. You are such a neat and interesting gal. I love your traditions! I am, as well, a creature of habit, so I love that you keep the structure of traditions, as well.
I feel, tho, that after I had your wonderful meal, wine and dessert, I would be napping instead of painting--lol

Texas Tales from Scotland said...

what a fun evening! dinner sounds great, and i love that you have kept up with art class. i remember coming home from swim practice, reeking of chlorine, but i always enjoyed stopping at the "art table" to see everyone!