Thursday, April 29, 2010

It is YOGA for me....

I have been exercising on a regular basis (more sometimes...less others!) since 1983. I started out with a cassette tape of Richard Simmons my sister, Deanie, gave me. Back then I barely made it through the warm up!
After I was able to complete that without a challenge....and this took some time...I graduated up to Denise Austin 'Daily Work Out', Charlene Prickett 'It Figures', Jane get the idea! I kept this up until the end of 2006 when my leg wouldn't bend like it should. A sports massage therapist advised me to do yoga and pilates which I totally enjoy. It ended up being my knee and after a total knee replacement in 2008 I have continued with the yoga/pilates, rotating them along with walking. If you head out my driveway and walk left onto the sidewalk....and continue walking on that very sidewalk as it 'snakes' around my will come back to my house and will have walked 1.7 miles. I usually take Lucy with me and she truly loves a good do I!

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Tennis Girl said...

Good girl, Linda. I heading out myself in about 5 minutes, so the dogs can walk me. :)