Monday, February 1, 2010

Cleaning Like a Mad Woman!

If you know me at all, you know I have tons of 'STUFF'.....literally! I keep seemingly everything! A friend recently sent me instructions on making Quilted Postcards....I already HAVE all the materials! I have things I have kept over 40 years.....way too many 'things' altogether! SO! Since I have been ill with flu/cold/allergies for most of the month of January.....and since THIS is February 1st....I am into a cleaning frenzy! This includes throwing out stuff! I purchased 2 new lamps for the den last Friday to REPLACE 2 in the den...not ADD to them! I hauled one of the old ones to the curb (AFTER having removed the perfectly good shade which I used on a different lamp and then tossed THAT shade out! Are you following??) SO one went to the curb and the other one is SO very heavy....and the shade was SO very sturdy....that as I was trying to wrestle it out of the den, I thought about our gazebo! We have what my son in law calls 'Throne Chairs' out there with a table between and lo, and behold! this HEAVY and STURDY lamp looks perfect there!! We will replace the bulb with one of those yellow bug lights and be in business for the summer season! Till the pests appear we will just use the soft lighting it has in it now. On to another room....our bedroom. I had a 4 drawer WHITE wicker chest in there between the door and the bathroom. Now WHITE doesn't go with ANYTHING I have much less my bedroom suite! I do not even remember where this piece came from! I emptied the drawers onto the bed (vests I had forgotten I had!) and hauled it to the foyer.....Louis Dean just returned from taking it to the curb! As I was leaving the house this morning for a meeting at church, I looked at the wreath on my front door that has seen better days and in a moment of reckless abandonment, I jerked it OFF the door and casually flung IT onto the growing pile! I am feeling the power!!! Now that I am home and have the rest of the day as well as week to CLEAN....I am going to go after it! I spent 2 hours in the main bathroom alone yesterday....and tossed a tall kitchen sack FULL out! That was followed by 2 hours in the bedroom but I only managed to scratch the surface! My goal is to have the house CLEAN by Saturday....with a couple of projects done as well. I am putting a new back splash in my kitchen! 'Decorative Thermoplastic Wall Panels' in the Bronce Bermuda finish. So with that carrot dangling in front of me, I am about to clean like a mad woman!! Although I am actually extremely HAPPY!

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