Monday, February 22, 2010

The Secret of Happy Living..... not to do what you like, but to LIKE what you do! I read this on one of my daily calendars and how true it is! Life is too short to be miserable...and that is what you are if you are not doing what you love to do! I have loved all the stages in my life....wife, mother, home educator...I even liked the three years I worked at an insurance agency. What I love the MOST is being at home! I enjoy every aspect of homemaking from cleaning, baking, gardening, organizing, repairing, remodeling, decorating, designing, goes on and on! I know I am obsolete and few women actually prefer a life centered around the home any more. That's why I am glad God made all of us unique and we can appreciate the 'joys' he has set in each and every one of our hearts...whatever those JOYS are!

Louis Dean and I just returned home from a financial seminar with our Edward Jones adviser, Shannon Gregg. Shannon LOVES her work! She simply bubbles over with her enthusiasm for life! You can catch some of this yourself just by being around her! She is gifted and talented in art, design and photography, loves to travel, and has an adorable husband. But above all that she has a heart for helping people, specializing in helping them reach their financial goals in life and you can tell by watching her how much pleasure she gets from accomplishing this!

Another person comes to who is doing what SHE loves best! That is Summer, my first born daughter! She is an insurance person through and through! Always thinking along the lines of liability and insuring her customers have the best coverage available! She,too, absolutely LOVES her work! Insurance has proven to be her life calling as this has been her field since she was a very young adult. Like Shannon, Summer takes great pleasure in actually being able to HELP people! Always has...always will. Both Summer and Shannon are very PEOPLE type persons!

My youngest daughter, Amber, is a free lance writer and editor. Words and writing are her 'thing' and she is excellent with both! As a 21 year old she was an editor in chief of a luxury magazine in Houston, Texas. She also was editor in chief of HOUSTON BRIDES launching their first issue while working as a senior editor with Houston Modern Luxury. From a child she has loved books. When she was very young and not yet reading, she loved to look at books and see how the words formed sentences and paragraphs and the patterns they created on the page! Thankfully when she grew up she was able to use this love in her career..doing easily what would be a challenge for others! Amber does not write sequestered in a closet somewhere but is most comfortable around people! She was visiting here at home recently and writing a story in our den on her laptop even as Louis Dean and I were talking with each other. As a matter of fact, PEOPLE are the most important part of any story she writes!

I am grateful God made us each with a set of strengths and interests which will hold us in good stead as we live the perfect plan for OUR life! We all have things to do which we do not necessarily ENJOY doing! That is just a part of life but thank God for the most part we can live each and every day LIKING WHAT WE DO!

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