Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Valentine: The Memory of the Heart....

I have walked down Memory Lane this afternoon as I sorted through a bag of Valentines I saved during the childhood years of my youngest daughter and son. It was a nostalgic journey. I sometimes yearn to have those innocent years back for a moment just to savor the joy one more time. I loved it when my children expressed their heart and emotions so freely! We homeschooled - so many of the Valentines from them to me were 'Teacher' ones. My daughter, Amber, often wrote.."To Mom! You are the BEST!" On one of them she wrote..."Keep up the good work!" I see Valentines from their childhood friends..Markie, Caroline, Tara, Brandy....all whom have grown up now and yet remain in my heart. And there is a special collection of Valentines I sorted out. These include the ones from their Aunt Deanie who did not miss a single year as they were growing up! And there is another stack from 'Grandma'...known to ALL the other grandchildren in the family as Granny. Amber and Benjamin, however, wanted a GRANDMA and she was willingly called that by only the two of them! The next stack is from Summer, my first born daughter who is some 21 years older than Amber! She ALWAYS sent Valentines to ALL of us and I have carefully kept each one. There were many for ME as well....from Amber with whom I am still very close....and Benjamin of whom I have not seen in over a year. My Mother sent many....and I love to look at her signature. She had a stroke in 2005 and can no longer write as she once did. She had the most beautiful penmanship....graceful curving letters. My sister, Deanie, faithfully sent Valentines to me as well as the kids. She continues this tradition still! I received one in the mail just yesterday and I will save this one along with the many others I have collected from her over the years. I even have a couple she gave me when she was still a child herself...and signed her given name....which she seldom acknowledges anymore! And I have one from my other sister, Nita, and I found one from my brother, Lonnie!I married first and these were sent to me while they were still children! What a keepsake! Yes....Valentine's Day is a special time to reflect on the memories of our hearts....a time we can relive those treasured moments when LOVE expresses itself......from one heart to another!


  1. i didn't realize you kept all those! such a neat history and all for special reasons. i still think you are the BEST!