Tuesday, February 2, 2010

One Thing Leads to ANOTHER!!

It never FAILS!! I get all excited about a project and then.....one thing leads to another! It SLOWS me down and I get so impatient! We stayed up late last night cutting the panels for our kitchen under the cabinet area. I was all set to install them when I woke up this morning! But FIRST came coffee...then our reading...then our talking....and FINALLY we got to the kitchen. I had no sooner installed the first section (which measures only 15 X 13 inches!) and was ready to sqeeze the glue onto the next (which has THREE outlet holes cut out!!) when Louis Dean called out. "PROBLEM!" Apparently the electrical work done back in 1983 when my house burned was not quite as kosher as Louis Dean would have done it! It seems that the eletrician had cut an outlet hole TOO BIG and instead of fixing and/or putting in a double outlet there he just put in a spacer and proceeded. I am not knowledgeable in any way regarding electricity and STILL do not understand why we could not continue on....the plug has worked for lo these 27 years with no problem but NO! My husband must fix it RIGHT and right NOW! When we get that wall finished I will have a grand total of FOURTEEN holes to plug something in!!! That is FIVE regular outlets and one DOUBLE outlet! All in a 15 X 83 inch wall! Can you SEE that many things even fitting on the counter to plug into these sockets?? I am planning to cover the outlet covers with plates I will design and paint to be as least noticeable as possible! I am now going off to CLEAN SOMETHING while he finishes THIS project so we can continue on with the job at hand! I am indeed blessed to have a 'Handy Man' type of guy for a husband! And he is glad I quit the emotional tearing up when I had to accept this lull in the action! I was SO on a roll!!

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