Sunday, February 21, 2010

Counting my Many Blessings!!

I am counting my many blessings this afternoon even as I am sniffing and wiping tears from my eyes! I have so VERY much to be thankful for! Amber and Mike just left after being here for such a SHORT time it seems! They packed as much into their few days as they could cram! One of my favorite moments was on Saturday when Louis Dean and I had our morning coffee out in the gazebo and I was savouring the fact Amber and Mike were asleep in the guest room. Saturday was a lovely day and I got to see a lot of them as we did errands, went to a movie and later attended a party...all TOGETHER!!

I am thankful for many things as I write....I am thankful Amber will only be gone 6 months and then be back in Texas for good! Houston seems such a SHORT distance away NOW!!

I am also thankful that my siblings,my mother, my first born daughter and first born son and all three grandchildren live within 40 miles of me! How blessed am I to have them close when some families are scattered all over the world!

Another blessing is a trip to Florida coming soon where I can walk on the beach and visit with Becky and Simon....(Louis Dean's niece). We are looking forward to being with them and their daughter, attending Little House on the Prairie musical and getting to know and be with FAMILY!

I have many fun things planned for this spring! Remember the 'Bring Your Child to Work' days? Now Summer is 'Taking Mom on a Business Trip'! What fun that will be! Charlotte, NC in March! Summer will be receiving an award and I think it's the coolest thing in the world to be able to be there and share that moment WITH her! And even sooner.....this Thursday I am meeting her at lunch and we will spend the rest of the day together! Perhaps browsing shops or bookstores, lunch at Cafe Express, a movie? Who knows? Just spending time together is what it's all about! And I am grateful for daughters who WANT to spend time with me! A HUGE blessing!!

So even as I am a little sad at saying Good Bye....I must remind myself of all the blessings in my life! Now...I am off to a movie! 'Leap Year'....set in Ireland/Scotland/Wales area. A perfect treat for a Sunday that has turned cold and rainy!

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Texas Tales from Scotland said...

we really enjoyed saturday with you, it was great to spend the whole day together even though i'm sure you didn't start it out intending that to be the plan, haha! our visit was short, but so glad we got to be home for awhile. after an exciting six more months, we'll be back for good! love you!!