Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Painting With Urgency!!

Last night we started a new art project! The last few weeks we have been leisurely finishing up things we had begun back before Christmas. However, the NEW canvas we began was painted with a good deal of URGENCY! It is a small 8X10 done in palette knife style. This motivates us to hurry! LOTS of paint AND a new style! Exciting! It also helps us paint out of our comfort zone...if we only paint what we are familiar with..we will not GROW in our art! So the three of us (Sabrina, Ruth Ann and I ) enjoyed art with glasses of herbal tea, bowls of potato soup, and background music of Andre Bocelli and Sarah Brightman. And we DID paint with an URGENCY about us!

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Texas Tales from Scotland said...

they are looking really good!!