Saturday, April 30, 2016

Saturday Projects!

I love a Saturday when we can stay at home and work on some of our projects!

Louis Dean bought a super fancy printer months ago!!
He asked me to help him hook it up and we have both been dreading this project every bit as much as we have been looking forward to using this wonderful new printer!
FINALLY, after our morning coffee and reading, we tackled it!
In less than an hour - it was up and running!!!
Since neither one of us are computer/tech savvy - we were pretty proud of ourselves!!!!

From that we moved on to our gazebo!!!
Louis Dean posed for a photo and after I took the pic - I noticed he had turned the instructions upside down!!!

He worked at this all afternoon and evening long!

Step by step - he made progress!
Since he was working so hard and needed energy to keep at it -
I made him a special meatloaf just like the ones his beloved Ellen used to make.
He loves the meatloaf that 'makes its own gravy!'
That means GREASY!!!

Apparently it did the trick because he worked and worked!

He got the frame up and then used his little hatchet to chop off the lower leafy parts of the old elm tree since this gazebo is a bit higher than the previous ones!
He was hoping to get the canopy up but his strength played out before he could do it.
Not even that greasy meatloaf could get anything else out of him.
Not bad for a soon to be 80 year old guy!!!
He IS my hero!!!
We took lots of tea breaks and I helped him some but he can do a job that usually requires two people all by himself using his ingenuity! 

So what was I doing while he was working outside?

Cleaning and cooking!
Louis Dean and I are taking Sunday Dinner over to Quadville tomorrow and I admit to feeling and acting like a little old grandmother today. First of all, I looked frumpy since I only combed my hair back and wore my oldest grungy  clothes. No make up. Only earrings that looked ridiculous since I did look so plain! Anyway, I mixed up the meat loaf for Louis Dean while I was stewing some chickens which I used for chicken and dressing. I also made a batch of company mashed potatoes and for dessert I fixed strawberry/banana Jello!!! Grandmother food!!!!
I have Hawaiian Dinner Rolls, a broccoli and kale slaw salad, and may pick up a tub of ice cream on our way over and that will be Sunday dinner!!!

I love a clean house and mine is rather high maintenance since we keep the doors open to all the dust and dirt in the air. I stay busy all the time just keeping it all clean. Actually, it is never ALL clean! Not at the same time, anyway!!! Today I cleaned the den from top to bottom and the foyer, living room and kitchen. 

The Alaskan Bush People will be back on the Discovery Channel Friday night so they have been running back episodes all day long. I have kept the TV on ALL DAY LONG and popped in and out to see parts of the shows.

So that's it for our Saturday!!!
If you could see me now you would laugh!!!
I am coloring my hair and, as my youngest son, Benjamin, once told me - I look like Golem from The Lord of the Rings! I did NOT include a pic because that would just be all sorts of WRONG!!!!
I will rinse off and shower before Louis Dean and I end our evening with a glass of wine and a bit of the Discovery channel's Alaskan Bush People!!!


Wanda said...

What a Saturday!!! I couldn't even catch my breath running after you and Louis Dean. You are truly the energizer bunnies. I can't wait to see the new gazebo with the wonderful to have a brand new one since you spend so much quality time in it. And meatloaf (greasy)...yes, that's comfort food and oh my I haven't had red jello with bananas for years.
I thought my girls were going to take me to Mimi's for breakfast tomorrow for my actual birthday, but Julie just called and the plans are changed and we're going to make it a day trip and drive to San Juan Capistrano and have lunch and check out thrift stores and boutique's ~~ With my girls...can't wait.
I know you will have a great Sunday taking dinner to the quads. So nice. My dearest will be on his own tomorrow...but he can handle it. He knows how to make peanut butter sandwiches. He's not a cook like LD. HaHa. Well have a great weekend and slow down a little....(smile)

Linda said...

Louis Dean is definitely the star of this post. That man does good work whether it's in the house, outside, entertaining the quads or singing to keep his mother-in-law happy. What a keeper. The gazebo is looking fine. I expect 'we'll' be able to start moving in next week. LD I hope you've planned enough outlets because you know Linda is going to light up the place first thing. You both do good work.

shortybear said...

nice post

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

I love LD and you Linda. You take life and make it happy. Lots of Hugs for both of you. Your are both treasures and I am so glad I found your blog and so glad you share your lives.

Deanna Rabe said...

I love the shape on the rope of the gazebo! What a great space that's going to be!

What an amazing man LD is! And you, supporting home, encouraging him, and working hard in your home!

Lots of domestic beauty in this post!

Enjoy your Sunday! We're going to a wedding this afternoon!

Vee said...

All kinds of amazing that you were able to get the printer hooked up. That's one that I leave for the geeks.

The gazebo is already looking great. Your yard is looking idyllic back the most charming place in all of Texas. Can't wait to see what the gazebo looks like with its skin on. =D

Greasy meatloaf...gosh that sounds good!

Susie said...

Linda, Even when you and LD are relaxing are working !! LOL. I love that LD held the instructions upside down, so funny. I used to work with a fellow who would tell me..."never get caught reading instructions...but if all else fails , then read them. ":):0 I sure miss that fellow, he was my favorite journeyman, while I was an apprentice. Yummy food to Sunday dinner. I know you time with the Quads and family will be fun . Blessings to all, xoxo, love Susie

Arlene Grimm said...

Love that LD had the instructions upside down!:) My cousin loves Alaskan Bush People. I watched it once but it was not my cup of tea I guess. I do enjoy watching Buying Alaska on one of the cable networks here. It is interesting to see the primitive houses there and the outhouses. Which we had until I was six years old,not really interested in re living that!! But it takes a pioneer to live in Alaska, that is for sure.

Sandra said...

that is one big and beautiful frame for the gazebo.. great job on it and the grandmother food. yum yum wish i had a grandmother to bring food to our house. i do so hate to cook. if i took food to someone it would be a pizza box in my hand or a bag of burgers..

Changes in the wind said...

Both you and your hubby are so is amazing!

Nita said...

You sure know how to pack a lot into one day. I too like a Saturday when I clean & do laundry & cook. It makes the week go smoother.

Linda said...

I did see the Alaskan Bush People as I was channel surfing but I didn't stay to watch. Sunday dinner sounds delicious! grandma food or not! I get tired just reading your posts, can't wait to see the finished gazebo.

Nonnie said...

I'm very proud of you for tackling so much and especially the printer. The last printer we bought brought many troubles with installation and we ended up purchasing a printer through Amazon and a personal installer to come out and do it for us!
I'm with Linda above. Your posts always make me a little tired. You guys are amazing!

Jan said...

Wow! You both got a lot accomplished yesterday-I'm tired just reading about it!

Bev said...

You are a beautiful grandmother..inside and out!!

Jutta said...

I do love to see how it is in your life - always. Linda,you are so special!

Penny said...

Well done in getting your printer up and running Linda, I am not good with techy things either, sounds like you managed well though. I didn't realise just how big your new gazebo is. Wow! Will be amazing! X