Tuesday, April 26, 2016

It's a TUESDAY!!!!!

The first thing I do after I wake up is NOT to jump right out of bed and start my day!!!
No, I spend a leisurely hour praying and thinking and then I check Facebook and my blog to see what's going on with my friends and family! And I admit to loving Scrabble and Words With Friends!!! Don't YOU???

This is my next to youngest sister, Luann! Mother gave her up for adoption when she was between two and three years old - I think - maybe closer to four - so she did not grow up with us. She is still my sister and, although we don't have 'history' together, we do have 'now!'
She posted this pic from three years ago when she moved back to Texas from Tennessee and I visited her in her new home.
"Had to share this photo from 3 yrs ago when I first moved back to TX. It has been great getting to know my birth sister Linda Chapman."
It's crazy how busy life is and you have to work hard to make time to do everything you want to do!

Louis Dean and I had coffee and reading out on the kitchen deck before I had to get ready for my yearly mammogram!! This seriously made my Tuesday run a bit late but I picked Ruth Ann as soon as I got out of the hospital and we headed to Goodwill!

Ruth Ann had been AT HOME more or less for TEN DAYS and she was ready to embrace our day!

I found a shopping cart full of treasures!!!! As usual.....
From Goodwill, we shopped ALDI !!! I am so thrilled they accept credit cards now and it is a weekly stop on Tuesdays now!!! This has greatly reduced Louis Dean's 'Honey Do' trips to the grocery store for me!!! I am LOVING this store!!! My oldest son has long been a fan but the credit card situation put me off until NOW!!

After our shopping we visited Reaoma - my dear friend and former neighbor of 17 years before she and her husband moved to Palestine and built a log cabin!
Ruth Ann and I love visiting Reaoma! We talk and laugh like crazy when we're together!!! She is an amazing lady and my children and I love her dearly! She has been an important part of my life for over 30 years!
We were watching the severe weather forecast on TV and it said it is a PDS warning. I said what's a PDS? Reaoma didn't skip a beat! She said, "Pretty DAM Serious!" She's a hoot!

Ruth Ann and I made one more stop on our way home - at Big Lots!
I filled my basket with candles, Hamburger Helper and Suddenly Salad, and paper towels and on and on!!! LOVE this place! And TEA!!! Organic Peach Tea!!!!

I snapped this pic to show Louis Dean!
We have a side deck - three actually!
AND a bedroom patio!!
Perhaps something later this summer??

I came home, unloaded and put everything up all by myself.
Louis Dean was in the back yard putting things up and making things 'safe' for the storm that was heading our way. THEN we put our feet up and waited for Ruth Ann to arrive for art class.
Sabrina decided to stay close to home - good call considering the storm that ravaged Rowlett earlier this year!

Ruth Ann only lives a mile or two from me so art went on as usual for US!!!

I forgot to take a pic of Ruth Ann's but this is mine and I'm calling it done!
The rule of artists is to sign your name and LEAVE it!!!
I'm not happy with mine but rules are rules and no one is happy with their signature on their painting!

The art table has been cleared and the dining room is now back to normal.
We have lit our candles and have our flashlights at hand just in case we lose power!
So far so good!
I am going to close and sit with Louis Dean and catch what is hopefully the last of the light show tonight! There's no light out in the back to see what that leaning and swaying power pole is doing.
We have power so it still stands!!!


Blondie's Journal said...

I think your relationship with Luann is so wonderful, Linda. You are a pro at making room for so many people in your life and for me, that's very time consuming and tiring. I hope that doesn't make me seem like a cold person but I have to have a lot of time to myself and doses of people here and there. Maybe i'm a bit introverted. Maybe that's why I love you so!

I have an Aldi nearby and I've heard they have done wonderful things in their produce department. I treasure a good produce, meat and bakery department in a store. The freshness.

Your painting is simply beautiful. I've seen a lot of your work over the years and this really appeals to me. The muted colors---it reminds me of the impressionists!

I hope you guys were okay with the storms. We had severe warning for hours last night and they passed miles north of us thank goodness. Crazy weather!!! ;-D


Deanna Rabe said...

I'm glad you're getting to know Luann and she you! Blessings on you all!
I love your painting and I'm praying you all are safe!

Deb said...

Your painting is beautiful! I love Aldis too!

Arlene Grimm said...

Linda, you have led a very interesting life. I have enjoyed the TLC show, Long Lost Family. It is about adoptees finding their birth families. Very engaging stories...some sweet some sad. I am glad you have made it a point to get to know your Luann. And I hope that power pole stays put in the storm. I love your friends take on teh PDS warning. It was five years ago today that we had a terrible tornado hit this area. We were without power for five days but we were just happy we had no damage. Others were not so fortunate.

Sandra said...

I hope you are ok today. we saw all the damage in Houston and that the storm was headed for 24 million people and that you are part of those millions.. please Lord no water in Linda's house. i love your painting. and sad your sister was adopted but happy you found each other. wow on building a log cabin,i have always wanted one.. stay safe

Susie said...

Linda, It pleases me that you remember your sweet neighbor. So glad you girls still made your shopping rounds. You have all been in my thoughts and prayers for your safety...what with all the bad weather and those heavy rains. We've been blessed once again. The rain was not so heavy here as predicted. Today may be a different story as it's cloudy and windy. Blessings, xoxo, love, Susie

Linda said...

Ok girl, you seriously thought you'd just slip Luann in and I wouldn't ask questions, no way. I need to know that story. Bob is one of 10 and has a sister who is 88 now and remains bitter over similar events in their family. Although his family became very close as adults this sister's bitterness kept her at a distance at times. Some times were better than others. The family always had to reach out to her. She never reached out to them. Bob called her just the other day but she never calls him.

Now about this gazebo 'we're' putting up this week. That's tomorrow, right? I saw a nice one at Costco and thought of you. It was all screen.

I remain amazed at the amount of groceries you buy and the amount of cooking done by the two of you.

Our daughter flew home to Texas yesterday and was anxious to get there before the storms. Her plan landed early at DFW and she still had enough time to drive to her part of Fort Worth before they were scheduled to hit. Haven't heard from her this morning so I assume all is well.

Is no one concerned that pole could fall on your house and you'd have hot wires on the ground?

shortybear said...

really enjoyed this post, you are awesome

Kathy said...

Love your Tuesdays. I'm always looking forward to seeing what you bought and what you are painting. Your painting is so beautiful. Joe says to tell you he loves it too. It won't be long before your new gazebo is up and decorated.

Penny said...

Hope you stayed safe in that storm Linda. It says so much for you, and Luann, that you have built a positive relationship despite the childhood difficulties. X

Carla said...

I'm like your reader Kathy I love reading about your Tuesdays to see what you find and bought. I love your painting. We are our own worst critic. Sign your name lady and own that painting. LOL