Thursday, May 25, 2017

We Are HOME! Our Garden, Summer Update and a Visit With the Quads! We're BAAAACK!

It took all day yesterday to load up, clean up and close up the camper but we finally left about 6:30 in the evening and headed home.

We were a scruffy looking lot by that time.
My hair is driving me crazy and I can not WAIT to get Yulisa to cut it!!!
No more hair in my eyes or on my neck!

I drove the back roads from Mart to Hillsboro - roughly halfway - and we stopped for dinner at The Lone Star Cafe. The food was seriously good and we ate every bite!
Louis Dean lost nearly 10 pounds with his new exercise program - building a room! - and it will take more than one meal like this to put any of it back on!

This was on the wall of the Ladies Room and I think I will make my version of it after we get completely through with our building project and use the leftover pieces. This would look good hanging on the outside wall right next to my red screen door!
I've already been collecting all the bits and pieces of wood in a box to save. Now I know what I'm going to do with them!

WE got home about 10:00 and within 7 minutes of opening the front door - I was in the shower.
Louis Dean unloaded - which wasn't all that much since we left most of the tools and such at the ranch. Then when I got out of the shower - he got in the bathtub for a good long soak while I put the food and stuff up and started the first of many loads of laundry!
By 11:00 we had opened up the gazebo and poured a glass of wine.
We were in bed asleep before midnight!

I set my alarm this morning for 8:00 as Summer had an appointment with Dr. Kosmoski for 10:15.
I left Louis Dean sleeping and took my coffee outside to check on our garden.

I was so excited to pick a basket of produce - FRESH produce!!

I checked on my herb garden and it was beautiful!

I noticed the wild purslain was growing in the bottom right corner of the if it knew it belonged there. Tomorrow I am going to use some of it in a salad.

All cleaned up and ready for a photo op!

Everything looked good around here - thanks to Sherry, Stephanie, and Ruth Ann for watering and care taking of our place while we were gone!
Sherry even left dinner in the fridge for us! We ate it tonight!

A tiny miniature rose by the back fountain.

Canas that came from the Comanche House and holds such good memories for Louis Dean.
They were from Ellen's mother and grandmother and Louis Dean treasures them.

I finished my coffee and got dressed. Make up and hair plus nice clothes instead of wearing a hat and comfy old things. I do love being at the ranch.

I don't look near this good down there - and I am okay with that!!
My sweet Summer.

Her appointment went well. We all love Dr. Kosmoski!
Her surgery was a success and the pain she continues to have is due to the piriformis.
From Facebook Posts today:
I'm hanging in there. The back surgery was a huge success. Still struggling with the piriformis issue. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers, much appreciated!

Bless your heart if you are struggle with piriformis issues. Pain takes a toll on the body. Wish you a speedy recovery.

Louis Dean was a happy camper this morning!
Summer gave him an early Father's Day gift - Willie Nelson's new CD release....

I cannot TELL you how excited Louis Dean was over that!!!

Here.......see for yourselves!!

He LOVED it!!!
Summer is such a trouper!
 She had surgery on her hand on Tuesday. She's set to leave for Puerto Rico where she will stay for six weeks.....and yet she remembered Louis Dean and Father's Day.
Plus she gave her doctor a framed photo I'd taken from one of her visits.
I didn't see it but I hope it was the one where she hugged him and cried because he had given her such relief. On September 19, 2016 - she was napping on the sofa in her office. She turned over and two things happened simultaneously......the first - the muscles that were holding her spine in place (due to a birth defect) snapped. At the same time - the piriformis muscle snapped as well - on both side of her hips. Praise God she is dealing with only ONE pain issue now......even though that is an extremely difficult one.

This afternoon we were off to see the Quad Squad graduate form Pre K!

After the ceremony, there was a celebration complete with cake!
Notice Louis Dean's empty plate!

Kailey was loving her granddad being there!

Harrison took my phone and my photo!

I love this little Logan was a tired little girl!

I'll share pics of the ceremony tomorrow......they were adorable!!
Afterward, we went over to Quadville to see the kids new swing set.

I LOVE this set of pics......
Logan is standing on a small stool that Amber meant for them to use to reach the trapeze......

instead they use it to JUMP up to it!!!!

Success!!! That Logan is going to be a great gymnast - we just know it!!

The last time we had see the quads was Thursday - two weeks ago!
It was time to come home!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Our Last Full Day in the Country!

We've had some pretty heavy rain the last few days and our truck was totally stuck in the mud yesterday! Dean came down to help his Daddy put the roof on and they got a lot done. They had to wait for the rain to pass and things to dry out a little bit. They worked late into the night.
I actually went to bed and took a nap and when I woke up at midnight - they were still at it!

By the time they stopped they had all but two pieces in and they had gone ahead and thrown them up on top to nail down this morning. I was happy with what they accomplished but I was THRILLED that Dean got our truck out of the mud and moved to higher ground!


THIS is where it was!!

This is where it is now!!

More rain came in today but Dean says it will be no problem to get out tomorrow.

This morning the father/son team were back at it bright and early - relatively speaking.

Most of the day was blue skies and lots of fat fluffy clouds.....

They worked long and hard all day long.

The roof is the hardest part and not something Louis Dean could do by himself.
I took these pictures from the top of the ladder.

I didn't get on the roof myself but I was up high!
I liked the view!
Louis Dean said we may need to build a platform up there and a ladder so we can climb up and watch the stars at night!

While the guys worked, I went down and fed the goats and checked on the critters,
As soon as the horses see me, they start heading my way.
Today I gave them cut up apples.
Yesterday I gave them each a whole one.

The storms began to circle back and they worked even when it started raining.

DONE!!!! The roof is up and nailed down!!
I cooked them some steaks, baked potatoes, green beans and salad to celebrate!
Dean went back down to his place to get some things done he needed to do and Louis Dean continued to work on 'stuff.' It involved nailing and screw nailing and such.
He had a couple of pieces of the roofing plywood and screw nailed them up on the walls to keep them dry instead of leaving them out on the ground.
Tomorrow he will put the roof felt up before we get ready to go home.

It's time to go home. Normally, I am never quite ready and for the first time ever, I am.
Louis Dean, on the other hand, says this is the first time he has enjoyed every single minute here and wishes we didn't have to leave. But we do. We are out of medicine, for one thing.
For another, I am needed at home. Both of my daughters had a surgical procedure done today - Summer had a small hand surgery in Arlington and Amber had a fourth round of knee injections in Dallas. I was sorry I couldn't be there. Yesterday, my phone rang and when I went to answer it, I saw Harrison's face! He was Face Timing me! We talked for a good long while. He had a lot to tell us. He has been sick with a bug of some sort and told us all about how he had been throwing up! Kids are proud of stuff like that. And he told me about the books he is reading and that Logan brought him a chapter book from the library and he was excited about that. I told him that as long as he has a book, he will never be lonely.  He squeezed my heart when he asked if we were going to come see him. He showed me the playground and their new swing set and told us about them graduating from Pre K this Thursday. We talked to the other kids, too, and I heard Kailey say, "My Granddad needs to SEE me!" So Harrison handed her the phone. Logan and Trystan had a turn and Logan made sure I knew how much she has been missing me! Tomorrow will be our 13th day to be gone. We may not get home until evening but we WILL be home tomorrow!
I will go with Summer to her doctor appointment Thursday morning and we will attend the Pre K Graduation that afternoon. Amber sent me pics of the kids in their caps and gowns and they are A-DOOR-a-BULL!!!!

Ever since we got the AC fixed, we haven't needed it except for that one afternoon!
Tonight it will be 51 degrees and when I was helping Louis Dean outside tonight, I wore a jacket and my cheeks were cold! HE wore his heavy denim coat!
Instead of wine this evening, I warmed myself up with a cup of hot chocolate,

I finished The Little Paris Bookshop yesterday and immediately felt adrift without a book.
Once I really get into a book, there is a bit of let down when it's over. A really good book makes me wish the writer had kept on writing and the story would keep going.
I have a lot of books here just as I have a lot at home so I'm never without something to read.

I found this one in a bag by my chair and I will be taking it to bed with me in a few minutes and read myself to sleep. My last night in the Girl Bunk! 

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Sunday Snapshots.....

It was an unseasonably cool Sunday in May! 67 degrees when we were having our coffee mid morning. There were storms north and east of us but we escaped! Good for us since this was our Roofing Day!! 

I started us off with a hearty country breakfast.
It's all about coffee and food and wine down here.
And WORK for Louis Dean!

I caught the first piece of plywood going up!!

This was one job Louis Dean could NOT do by himself.

Dean is extremely STRONG!

Louis Dean was telling him that HE used to be!
He's still pretty darn strong if you ask me!

Rufus came down to supervise.
He and Louis Dean bonded back in March and now they are Best Buds!

The pile of materials is going down......
Raise it up......

walk it over......

hoist it UP!!

Nail it down.
Later this evening, Dean threw one up on the other end all by himself!
I am so impressed!!! He has been so much help to his dad today.
At one point, Louis Dean said, "Son, just tell me what to do!"

So, while they were working hard, what was I doing?

Taking a nap in the girl bunk.

This is what I see when I look right outside the window of my bunk.
This is right by where we fill the camper's water tank. Invariably, we forget and it overflows, this watering this little patch. The wildflowers change from time to time but there's always something pretty blooming here.

After my nap I went down to look at the critters and feed the goats.....and the cats.

BBQ and BeeBee....

We save every scrap of fruits, vegetables, bread, onion skins, strawberry tops, orange peels....everything!!! The goats eat anything!

They know when I come down it means FOOD!   
This is Thumper!

There are critters everywhere!!

I went for a walk up by the big tank....

and stopped to read The Little Paris Bookshop right here.
I am loving this book!

The guys got all but two pieces of plywood up on the roof before the storms hit this evening.
I sat out there under the roof talking to Summer on the phone with it raining down - but I stayed dry!

We celebrated tonight with a good dinner!

Dean supplied the pork chops - marinated and ready to cook!
I filled the meal out with sweet potatoes baked for a few minutes in the microwave and then sliced and fried in a little butter along with a garden salad. I tossed lettuce with diced tomatoes and that didn't seem to be enough so I added some sliced strawberries, string cheese, onions and two of those tiny Clementines. 

And, of course, we had wine.

It was a good day and a lot was accomplished.
We only have two more days here before we go home.
I have enjoyed every single minute of our time.....even those hot afternoons.
A cool day at the end of May in Texas???
A real blessing!!
Saying good night now and it's 62 degrees!!!
That makes it perfect sleeping weather!!!