Friday, June 23, 2017

Tea Time, the Makings of a Bathroom and Snapshots From Puerto Rico!

This morning (Thursday) Grandson Robert and I went to town to buy a shower!
I say morning - but since I slept until after 9:30 and GR slept on until nearly noon - we made a late arrival. Louis Dean had been up and working since 8:30! By the time I carried my coffee out to the 'new room' - he had already put up the frames for two of the bathroom walls. Alas, he forgot about the window that was to go in one of them but that can be fixed later.

Robert and I headed to Waco - actually Belmead - to the Home Depot.
While Robert loaded up the lumber Louis Dean needed, I went to the bath department and bought a shower big enough and sturdy enough for my 6 foot husband who is working hard and eating less and losing weight, He still needed a bigger shower than the tiny, inexpensive one I had originally picked out.

Next we went to Collin Street Bakery for a much needed tea break.
We are having a special dinner tomorrow night for Sherry!
She has been commuting for the last few years from Irving but at long last, she will be working from home now and we are all so very excited! I wanted a special dessert and Apple Pie is her favorite.
Tennessee Apple Pie from Collin Street Bakery! Perfect!!

From there we shopped HEB for our Friday Night Celebration!

Shrimp Boil Foil Packs!
Looks yummy!!
We are looking forward to this meal!

Home to unload the shower!

Grandson Robert is a big help and we are so happy he is here!

Can you see how the plan???
We can!
Nothing is hooked up yet - but it will be soon!!

I visited with my Summer Dee this evening and she shared some pictures from paradise with me so I thought I would share them with you.....

Yesterday I thought a brown recluse and an exotic wasp was amazing!
I can't wait to visit Puerto Rico and see all this for myself!

Flowers are everywhere!

Please think of my Summer in prayer.....

She's still dealing with several things right now - including her health.
God is good and God is faithful and Summer is a woman of great faith.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Country Things.....

Grandson Robert arrived Tuesday night and we were so glad to see him!
This morning (Wednesday), Robert and I drove to Belton, Texas to Sunbelt RV Center and we bought a new AC replacement for the camper. I am so NOT a happy camper if I am HOT and it is always HOT in TEXAS! We came home by way of Hwy 84 in search of the 'Tomato Man.'

And we found him! 
His name is Bill Weldon and you can find him on Hwy 84 coming our of Belmead Monday - Friday.
He is 82 years old and a true farmer!

On Saturday and Sunday he is at the bottom of Loop 340.
The tomatoes are AMAZING!!!

When we got home, Louis Dean had been steadily working and he was just finishing the bathroom floor. Grandson Robert painted the floor with Thompson's Water Sealer.
Within an hour and a half, the master electrician, Don, drove through the gates and checked out the new unit that we had just unloaded. I think he will be here Saturday to take out the old and put in the new! While Don, LD, Robert and I all sat out on the deck visiting, I noticed a wasp pulling a spider.

I don't know what kind of a wasp this was but it had beautiful iridescent wings.

Dean tells me the wasp paralyzes the spider and takes it to the nest for their babies to eat.

After Don left, Louis Dean and Robert went back to work and I started whacking up a batch of jeans that Robert brought me on his last visit.

The horses came by to remind me of their evening treat.
Tonight I gave them sugar cubes. Tomorrow will be apple slices.

Our dinner tonight was a late one. 
I'm cooking outside on a hot plate in order to keep the camper cool.
Louis Dean got a second wind and squared up the finished bathroom floor and will be ready to frame the walls in the morning.
Robert and I will be going to 'town' to buy the shower kit.
We purchased the bathroom sink yesterday. Since this is Louis Dean's bathroom, he chose a laundry sink......

He wanted it to be big enough for a MAN to use! 
No frills in THIS bathroom and rightly so!

I am enjoying these country days.
God has been so good to provide an electrician just when we need him.
God has blessed Louis Dean with amazing strength and perseverance at his age.
I am so impressed with this guy!
Next Monday will mark our 12th anniversary.
These have been some of the best years of my life!!

I have to be honest in saying - that as much as I am enjoying my time in the country - I am missing four not-so-little quadlings!
Trystan, Kailey, Harrison and Logan are growing and changing with each photo Amber sends us!

I am so looking forward to seeing all their precious faces soon!!

Harrison is 5 and knocking out these Lego sets for 7-12 years old - all by himself!!!
They are having a great summer and I am excited to get to join them soon in some of these adventures. 

But for now.....I am happy being a country girl!

Monday, June 19, 2017

A Rainy Day and a Monday!

I love rain and I love Mondays!
 We woke up around 8:00 to a real thunderstorm and it rained all morning.
I, of course, went back to sleep for another two hours while Louis Dean went out on the deck with his coffee. The new room has only the plywood roof deck so there wasn't a lot of dry places out there.
It was so cool today that I turned the AC off and opened up all the camper windows.

The rain was gone by noon! It remained cool all day, though.
I went out and gathered some fresh flowers before setting down with my needlework.
 Louis Dean started work - on the roof.
I wanted to stay close in case he needed me.

I climbed up the ladder from time to time to check on him.
He was painting the plywood with Thompson's Water Sealer and then used silicone on all the seams. 
He's not putting the felt and tin on until he gets the bathroom framed in and the roof up on it so he can do it all together.

The view is pretty good from that ladder!

Since I wanted to keep the camper cool, I cooked some of our dinner out on the deck.
Fried cabbage! It turned out just like what we get at Luby's Cafeteria.

Our second good meal of the day!
The first was farm fresh eggs, bacon and eggs.
We had a small ham and I cooked it in the crock pot with a Peach Bourbon glaze I bought at HEB.
The tomatoes came from our very own garden. Sherry brought them down for us.

I'm afraid that I am becoming lazy.
Louis Dean works hard and I hardly work!
Plus I am eating well!

This is the needlework I'm working on.
I've been inspired by my friend, Arlene at Nanaland!
She stitches some amazing things at an equally amazing pace!
I stand in awe of how much she accomplishes and decided to pick mine up and stitch!
I started it over a YEAR ago!

It's embellished cross stitch so I threw away the instructions after I read this:
"The fabric in this kit is printed using the artist's original painting. The entire picture is not intended to be stitched. Stitching chart is provided to indicate the areas we have embellished to enhance the design. Remember that you are free to follow your own creativity!"

My other area of creativity was decoupage.
I keep my calendars and have used them extensively in decorating our camper.
Yesterday I decoupaged some chickens on the cabinet door.

I love these!

I added these on the other side!

I'm thinking about painting the other areas Colonial Red......

By early evening I turned the AC back on - except it didn't come on!
At least not at first. We are living on borrowed time with this AC!
Our saving grace is that we have a window unit sitting out on the deck!

I seem to be having writer's block regarding the book I'm writing.
I'm in 1963 and 14 years old waiting for my baby to be born. I turned 15 one month before giving birth. Telling my story as well as what was happening with my siblings once I was not there to take care of them is complicated and I'm floundering a bit. 

As I sat in here looking at a blank Word document, Louis Dean called me to come out and listen to the mockingbird. I'm glad I did. Perhaps tomorrow I will get back to my writing.

I close with a prayer request for my friend Sandra and her husband, Bob.

On Saturday at 3:40 am, Bob had a stroke, he could not walk, could not move right arm or right leg. within an hour he was able to move, the slurred speech went away. it did a little damage to the brain that effects his walking and balance, he is working on that at home while we wait for surgery. they found one artery totally blocked and the other 85 percent blocked. 

He now walks like a toddler, but he is walking.
Bob's surgery is approved for Friday the 23rd, it will be inpatient, they will open the carotid vein, clean it out and patch with a patch. there is 3 percent chance of stroke during surgery, chance for facial nerve damage, and a few other things, to say nothing of 80 years old going under anesthesia.
The big man is worried they will shave off his beard he has had for 50 years..

I am a little freaked but will survive. The surgery I mean, not the shaved beard.
Thanks to all of you for prayers and for the loving comments I have received.

I will be back when life slows down a little. He had melanoma surgery on Friday the 9th and still has a large whole in his shoulder, and we had to cancel his next appt. But the good news was the melanoma was removed totally...

I will be back soon... right now my mind is not working properly, his stroke messed up my brain...

Bob and Louis Dean are the same age and Louis Dean and I strongly identify with Sandra and Bob as a couple.
Every prayer for them will be so appreciated.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Our Country Weekend!

The weather is warming up in Texas but it's still not as hot as it usually is this time of year.
We are thankful for that and Louis Dean is handling the heat pretty well. He works for 20 minutes and takes a tea break and then works some more. I keep making tea throughout the day because he only likes 'fresh' tea so I make two big glasses at a time. Like he can tell the difference. But it's the least I can do while he is working so hard. He's working on the bathroom floor as best as I can tell. That means the frame and digging ditches for the plumbing pipes. He talks about it being square and level and I can't tell hide or hair of what's going on but he knows what he's doing and that's all that matters.

We tend to eat two meals a day and for one of them we had the BEST BLT's!!
Tomatoes fresh from our garden - courtesy of Sherry who brought them down with her Friday morning.

I bought some Bacon Cheese Bread at the Collin Street Bakery and it was delicious!!

It was a Foodie Friday because that night Dean and Sherry brought down the makings for fajitas....

Yum! YUM!!!
My contribution was the Spanish Rice and.......

Margaritas! Love me some lime and salt!

We all called it an early evening.
I look forward every evening to the sunset.

Saturday Louis Dean and I went to 'town.'

I took pictures all the way back to the ranch!
My phone camera completely recovered from its tea bath. However, I can't get the cover back on it so it is more vulnerable than it was. 

I admire this barn scene every time I pass it on Highway 84.
This would make a good painting.
Once I finish writing my book, I intend to paint a ton of country scenes when we are down here.

Louis Dean has the patience of Job and willingly stops when I ask him and sometimes even before!

Sweet, sweet country time!

My knight in shining white armor!

At every turn I see another beautiful landscape.

The corn is growing now......

I've seen it from first planting and love watching it. 

It is on both sides of the road.

This is our road back to the ranch.
I have a few friends from Mart who are very familiar with some of these scenes.

Here I am standing on the sideboard of the truck trying to get a picture!

Some of these areas seem to be vacant but then I see them full of big trucks and lots of activities.
On our last trip down here we saw truck after truck completely loaded with chickens going down these country roads. There are three chicken companies in Waco, Texas. Most of the trucks we saw were from Sanderson Farms which has a chicken hatchery here. Pilgrim's Pride Corporate Office is in Waco and also Claborn Farms has Poultry Farms in the area.

The little donkeys across the road from the ranch are growing and that was my last time to hop out of the truck an snap a photo or two. I take lots and lots of them because I have to delete so many as they are blurry or off in some way!

Dean sent us a text saying they were bringing Father's Day Dinner down on Saturday night!

It was GOOD!

Dean and Sherry do the BEST BBQ ribs. It's their specialty!

I made the garlic bread using the rest of that Bacon Cheese Bread from Collin Street Bakery.

A wonderful dinner with dear family.
After Dean and Sherry left, Rufus stayed behind with Granddad.
Louis Dean and Rufus bonded back in March!

My phone rang and Louis Dean was trying to turn it off and ended up taking a few pictures!

The sun set on yet another Perfect Country Day!

Sunday dawned and Louis Dean was up and working long before I woke up.
He stopped and took a coffee break with me while I read the One Year Bible's daily reading.
We are reading only the New Testament, Psalms, and Proverbs part this year. Next year  we will read the Old Testament section. 

Then Louis Dean went back to work while I started our lunch.
I'm cooking on the hot plate outside these days in order to keep the camper as cool as possible.
Our AC is limping along and we hope it hangs on until the fall when we will get an entire new unit to replace it. I turn the AC off in the mornings and didn't turn it back on until late this afternoon.
There's a real good breeze outside and I spent much of the day on the 'deck' reading and doing my needlework. That way I was handy as a 'gopher' for Louis Dean.

You can't tell by this picture - but this is our new bathroom!

It will have a plywood floor base.

By day's end, Louis Dean was ready to put said plywood down.
Alas, he had mistakenly ordered the WRONG thickness!!!
No matter. He took out his frustrations by loading all that plywood into the truck and we will be making another trip to town tomorrow and exchange it for the right one!

I stand amazed at this wonderful man!
I'm loving how much he enjoys spending time with his son. They truly admire one another and I love them both. Louis Dean's granddaughter, Misty, called this morning to wish her grandfather a Happy Father's Day and he enjoyed their phone visit and plans to get together and play music soon. 
Then Summer posted on Facebook........

"Happy Father's Day to you! Thank you for being such a vital part of our family, for loving our Mom and providing so well for her future. You amaze us all with what you do for instance re-roofing a house while having chest pains you thought was just indigestion. For the building plans there at the ranch. You have such an engineering mind and figure out how to do what needs to be done with forward thinking about "what if." Your love of music and serenading my Mom. Glad you love Willie! You are a man among men and godly man at that. Hugs!"

And Amber posted on Facebook after she and Logan had a FaceTime visit with us......

"We didn't know we would end up with each other, but I love you like I've had you my whole life. ❤️Happy Father's Day to the Dad I couldn't imagine life without!"

It's been a great weekend and we have accomplished a lot - or at least Louis Dean has!
The weather forecast looks promising for this next week and I hope we can get the frame up and start on the walls! 

But tonight, we are comfy in our camper and watching the movie.....

It's Father's Day so I gave up Downton Abbey for tonight only!
I'm on the last disc of Season 5 before I start Season 6!