Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Tuesday! Treasures and Art!

Tuesday is a traditional treasure and art day!
Before I ever went about my normal routine - I had my yearly physical.
That meant my alarm went off at 7:15 this morning and I was pulling out of the driveway at 8:30 and sitting in the examining room by 9:15. I dread doctor appointments. I hate surprises.  I try to prepare myself in advance for a good report or a bad one.  Back in 1989 - in a routine exam - the doctor discovered I had a nodule on my thyroid. That was the start of a whirlwind 13 day journey with aggressive thyroid cancer! From that time to now - I never assume the results of a check up. Today was good! My blood pressure was perfect! What did they expect? I am on drugs to make it so!! Tests results will come in next week to tell me the rest of the story. Tomorrow I will make appointments for an eye exam, a bone density test and an exam with a foot doctor for my degenerative joint disease - which is basically arthritis on crack and a disease of the aging. I love my doctor - Dr. Suma Abraham right here in Irving. I have been going to her for nearly 20 years. She was newly married when I first met her and now her first born will be graduating high school next month! She has been with me through thick and thin. She handed me off to public health care when I was going through my divorce after 41 years of marriage. She helped me get the best care possible when I had no insurance afterwards. I am grateful for a good primary care doctor that I can trust and that actually hears me. The only 'downer' of my visit was my weight! While I am still not officially 'overweight' - I am heavier than I have ever been in my whole life!! Like 10 pounds heavier than when I delivered my last two babies!!!
Is it any wonder I had a simple sandwich with ONE slice of bread for lunch and a simple salad for dinner??

It was with a light heart I marched myself off to Goodwill after leaving the doctor's office!!!
Well, NEARLY a light heart!! Ruth Ann was under the weather and out of commission today so I was on my on!

I filled a buggy full of treasures!

Somehow, it wasn't as much fun finding them all by myself!

A Christmas quilt and two TV trays to replace the two we have that are worse for wear after the elm tree killed our gazebo and they have been left out in the elements.

I KNEW Louis Dean could use this outdoor lantern SOMEWHERE around here!!!

I just HAD to buy this for my step son!!! It will make a perfect birthday gift for him next month when I am looking forward to visiting with him down at the ranch!!
How often we have sat out on our deck in front of the camper at night and listened to the coyotes howling at the moon!

A pretty addition to the house wall - outside!

Louis Dean was down to ONE wine glass!
They BREAK so easily!!!
No worries! I picked up these three for less than $3!
AND a nice pajama outfit for me!

These small Corning dishes will be perfect for use at the camper!

I just HAD to buy this Maker's Mark glass for my son in law!!!

I scored on this Ann Taylor top and two brand new crystal glasses + another wine glass for Louis Dean. I KNOW these are really goblets but he uses ice in his wine so it's all good.

From Goodwill, I went right across the street to ALDI and I am LOVING this store!!!!
They take CREDIT cards and that's all I ever use!!!

I could not resist these yard tools!!! Child sized just right for the youngest five grands! I have three other small rakes and a couple for the older grands if they are here and want to use them!!!
Since I am a wee bit concerned about my weight - I bought lots of salad fixings and low calorie things - plus a couple of bottles of wine!!!
I have to tell you  what Ruth Ann told me about being heavier in our older years!
Our belief - and I shared this with my doctor this morning and she saw the validity in it - is that if we have a stroke or terrible illness and lose a lot of weight - say 30 pounds! - at least we would be big enough to survive this!! We would still be a normal size!! Makes sense to ME!!!

It was hard work doing all that shopping and loading and unloading it all.
I am not only loving ALDI but I am loving their customers! You have to put in a quarter to get a buggy. You get the quarter back when you leave so it's even steven. Until they accepted credit cards, I only carried in a Trader Joe's freezer bag and when it was full, I checked out! NOW I get a buggy and carry in several bags - just in case I need them!!! What I have discovered is that when someone is heading toward the buggy line and someone else is about to leave their buggy - they make a trade! Most often the one leaving their buggy refuses the quarter and says it's their treat! Today I had to have someone teach me how to get the buggy after sticking my quarter in! I was happy to give my buggy away to another lady as I was leaving and she arriving. Last week I was the one who was gifted!!!

I cam home and Louis Dean helped me unload and I put everything up - after I took all my photos!!!
I then  went in and took a little rest before starting the next part of my Tuesday!

I took this pic after I came home from the doctor and before I went off to do my errands.
The cottonwood tree in our neighbor's back yard is sending out cotton like snow flurries!!!
This afternoon, I was forced to close all our doors and turn on the A/C!
While we don't seem to be allergic to it - it was coming in faster than I could vacuum it up!!!

For art class we had salad plates and Champagne cocktails!
AND we ate outside! The A/C is still on but the 'snow' had slowed down enough to enjoy our meal out on the deck. 

Sabrina did a fantastic job!!!! Only one more class for touch ups and to sign our name!

I have enjoyed painting this scene! We have a companion piece to do next!!

It's been a long day and tomorrow will come early!
Louis Dean has been following the election coverage of the primaries.
I think we are both ready to close the house and sit for a few minutes together before we go to bed.
No chance of possum visitors since we have had the doors closed.
That just makes me a little bit sad.....no excitement!


Linda said...

As usual you had an interesting day. When you lose weight at our age you have to be very careful or you will look like one of those wrinkled Apple dolls. If you've only gained 10 pounds since your youngest children were born I'd say you are in good shape. Will be interested to see what you get into tomorrow. Is LD sitting down on the job? When does construction begin on the gazebo?

Pondside said...

Another wonderfully full day. I'm glad to hear that there is nothing more to worry about health-wise than the normal things that come to all of us. A little bit of weight isn't a bad thing as we are in our 60's. As Sophia Loren said - it's either your face or your hips. I'll take a little on the hips to keep a little on my face!

Deb said...

You find the best treasures! Moms Dr told her the exact same thing that it is better to carry a few extra pounds in case you get ill.. You look great Linda!!!! Have fun with the Quads❤️

Laura said...

I know how you feel about check-ups but we must keep at it right?
You did great and your Goodwill treasures are amazing.
I think I need to go to Goodwill today!
I hope you will share this at Thoughts of Home on Thursday this week.
Just stop by my blog to join in.
We would love to have you!
Enjoyed visiting,

White Spray Paint

Susie said...

lOL LInda, You cracked me up about missing the possum. I do not care for cottonwwod trees...the fluff can clog up filters and vents...so watch your AC. You ladies are painting the best pictures. They all look so good. Sorry Ruth Ann was not up to shopping too. Linda, I agree 100% about having a great primary care Dr. One that truly care for you. Blessings for a fun Wed. Today is my mammogram and bone density scan., Blessings, love you, xoxo, Susie

Arlene Grimm said...

Linda, being an old nurse, I always go to the dr prepared for anything! But my BP goes up at the drs office even being on meds. I have true white coat syndrome. I love those little corning ware dishes. I have one piece of that pattern that I got as a wedding gift and I still have it. I love your paintings..just beautiful.

Sandra said...

it is a good thing your doctor doesn't check your weight by weighing your good will purchases. brahaha.. just a little LIGHT humor.. i went for mine 2 weeks ago and had gained 4 pounds since my last visit 6 months ago, i have now lost 6 pounds.. eating the same food but less of it... and walking more.. i always heave a sigh of relief when my lab work comes back and they say everything is stable. and no diabetes which is what killed my mother, her mother, her sister and my grandmothers 5 sisters...

Vee said...

My sister the nurse says that plump ladies last longer than the skinny minnies. She's in agreement with Ruth Ann. So I say Yay for a good report! And your shopping trips always impress me...always. I never find anything nearly as good as what you find!

shortybear said...

nice day

Carole said...

So good that everything went well with your check up. Re the weight - I have taken up swimming over the last few months - and while I haven't got smaller I definitely feel stronger and my muscle flexibility has improved. Have a wine for me! Cheers from Carole's chatter

Kathy said...

Linda, I read your post every day even though I don't always comment. Sometimes I'm on my Kindle and it's a pain to use that keyboard. Then it changes words on me with it's spellcheck and that is frustrating!

You always get such good things at Goodwill. I never find anything like that.

We used to have that same system with the shopping carts at Pathmark here. But now they are out of business. They gave us a token we could put in the slot so we didn't have to use coins. That made it much easier. Sometimes I would have 25 cents but not a quarter. People would always be going around asking if you could give them a quarter for change.

Love your paintings. What kind of paint do you use? My mom always used watercolors and my sister uses acrylics. I'm thinking you use oils. Do you?


Now THAT is one great doctor!!! You're so lucky to have found her.

And your bluebonnet piece of art Linda......that is truly AWESOME.

Penny said...

Good news from your check up. Weight can he hard to shift as I know, I am always battling those extra pounds! X