Saturday, April 2, 2016

Spending Time With Family!

Easter weekend was a wonderful family time for us and this weekend is turning out to be just as nice!
Amber had planned to have a bit of surgery on her foot Thursday and had arranged for child care, recovery time here at my house, transportation to and from - every single detail! Alas, her surgery was cancelled due to her coming down with an ear infection! We try to make the best of any situation - and after that fiasco on Wednesday when her every plan was totally sabotaged, she decided to keep to her original idea of spending Friday here with me! We met at The Olive Garden for lunch, after she had dropped the quads off with the other set of grandparents. This is one of our favorite places to eat and always holds good memories for us. As usual, we ordered the unlimited soup and salad!! My sister, Nita, gave me a recipe for the Pasta e Fagioli last year! I need to make some next week! I'll have to BUY bread sticks, though! OR, I could order them from The Olive Garden in take out!!! That might be the perfect menu for Tuesday night art class!
ANYWAY, Amber and I lingered long over our lunch then went back to my house for an afternoon of movie watching!! I have a ton of points to rent movies - but wouldn't you know? - the on demand feature was down that day. Apparently Verizon sold their TV side to Frontier and this was day #1 of the change over. I was not impressed!!

We had an Anthony Hopkins film we had never seen - Kidnapping Mr. Heineken - that Amber had given Louis Dean. AH is his FAVORITE actor! 

He joined us in watching that one!!
Then Amber and I went on to watch The Last Castle!

I love a Robert Redford movie!!!
Friday was a complete day of rest! I had already cleared my calendar so it worked out perfectly and Amber was able to relax and hopefully that will help her recover from that awful ear infection!

My son, Jesse, was ill over the Easter weekend so we didn't get to see him or his family.
Today was a different story!!

I went over to see my oldest grandson's baseball game.

Every time I see Sam, he has grown taller! He's probably going to be the tallest one in the family!!

This is my beautiful granddaughter AND clever photographer, Faith!

She took a ton of photos and doctored them all up to make us look good!
Sam had both of his grandmothers there to watch him today!
We are both named Linda and both blonde!

Jesse, Leigh Ann, me, Sam, Levi and Faith!

We had such a good time!!

My handsome first born son!! He will be 50 years old this November!

That child has ALWAYS loved to take pictures!
Once I gave her my camera at the park I had taken them and she took 177 photos!!!

This is my SHOCKED FACE!!

Linda and I went over to their house for a little while to keep the visit going.
It was wonderful to catch up. Linda is one of the sweetest people ever and she just makes you feel good to be around her!! Faith and Leigh Ann loaded up my car with toys for the girls that Faith was wanting to give them. I can't wait to see their eyes when they come over on Wednesday and find all this new stuff!!!

In keeping with a relaxing weekend, I came home and took a nap in the guest room! I had it all clean and smelling fresh with new sheets and all since I thought Amber would be recovering in here. It didn't go to waste because I loved my little late afternoon slumber!

Louis Dean and I got out and started cleaning up for spring. The yard man came yesterday and worked his magic on the lawn. We pulled the remaining sand bags away from the flower bed - they have been there since last May! LD brought the rug from the gazebo and we will use it under our chairs when we sit on the driveway now. He has begun taking up the deck in the back. It's a long story but he will use THAT old deck wood to deck an area right behind the house and then buy new lumber for a NEW deck for our NEW gazebo. It is a process.

I started in on the flower beds and pruned back the rosemary bush which has grown HUGE!
I now have a large bouquet of it in my kitchen and it smells lovely!!

I cut some fresh roses, lantana and a few flowers off some kind of chive plant to make a bouquet beside the sink.

We are sitting out here on what is left of the gazebo deck watching our fire pit burn itself down.
I think it's just about time to go back inside. We have yet another Anthony Hopkins movie we haven't see yet!

I don't know......maybe we should wait and watch this tomorrow!
Perhaps something a bit lighter before we go to bed! Or maybe just a glass of wine and some quiet talking. We can never have too much of that!


Deb said...

it was a beautiful day today....a great day for a baseball game and time with your older grands...

Linda said...

I am totally amazed how many movies your family watches. Movies, wine, and candles cause me to think of you. It's clear progress is happening in between a lot of family loving. Win win for everybody.

shortybear said...

thanks for sharing.

Kathy said...

You are the busiest person I know. Hope Amber is feeling better. Getting away from everything was probably the best thing she could do. Looks like a great day at the ballgame. Your older grands are so grown up! They will be young adults before you know it.

Susie said...

Linda, I know Amber loves her times with...where she gets a bit of pampering...which a mommy like hers deserves. Wow your grandkids are growing up. Such a good looking family you have. LD, the working-est man in Texas !!! Blessings for a good Sunday and beautiful week ahead. xoxo,love you guys, Susie

Vee said...

Linda, you folks are excellent with adjusting plans and somehow you turn it all into a good thing. Very glad, given the ear infection, that Amber's surgery is delayed, but not for too long, I hope. I am looking forward to baseball season myself. The grands have definitely grown! Louis Dean is keeping busy, too, I see. It's going to be so beautiful when it's done!

Arlene Grimm said...

I love Anthony H as well. My sis got me Remains of the Day for Christmas this year. It sounds like you are really re doing your deck/gazebo area. I am sure it will be beautiful. Loved seeing pics of your big good looking! We spent some time at the ball field yesterday as well....wearing our Landon's Nana and Grandpa shirts! But the wind was blowing so our jackets covered them up! Hope Amber feels better soon.

Sandra said...

phew.... i am exhausted with your day.. and you have so many in your family and friends i am surprised you can remember everybody's name. your little photographer grand is so pretty.. everyone had win even with the canceled surgery. now she will have to re do all those details. with quads even surgery takes a lot of planning

Estelle's said...

Bless you heart! It just came to me how many little grandchildren you have....lots of hugs and activities to attend. Spending time with family is simply precious and golden! Have a lovely week Linda!

Carole said...

Nice day Linda. I had an overgrown rosemary bust which I really hacked into a couple of months ago and it has grown just as big again - I think it liked it! Cheers from Carole's Chatter

Carol Slater said...

Sounds like a nice day for you and Amber. Glad you got to enjoy her company and glad you had a nice easy day!

Penny said...

You had a lovely restful time with Amber. We all love our mums looking after us, I am nearly 52 and still feel so comforted any time my dear wee Mum looks after me. I do hope the ear infection clears up soon. I like the sound of your plans for all the new decking etc, Louis Dean is such a hard worker! You have that in common XX

Carla said...

I just read somewhere that rosemary is good for the memory. Maybe I should plant several bushes. LOL
The picture you and the granddaughter is really pretty. I love the shocked face. She takes after you. LOL