Thursday, February 21, 2019

Curb Side Treasures - Our Thursday

This was day #4 to go to the gym and Louis Dean was pretty pleased with himself!

He's feeling more confident each day after the initial shock of Monday when the cardiologist told him he was at serious risk of having a stroke.

This morning I took out a small kitchen drawer that holds scissors. wire cutters, Sharpies, you know the likes - a junk drawer! Since it is right by the sink - and since over the years Lois Dean and I have both overflowed the sink - turning on the water and then forgetting about it until the kitchen drawers were full of it and it was pouring down onto the floor! We haven't done that lately but the damaged drawer remained damaged. I took the drawer in to Louis Dean to repair. In the course of working on it - his screw driver slipped and cut his hand. We have been watching and waiting for something like this to happen. He's been taking Plavix which is a blood thinner and when he cut himself, it would bleed more and longer than it would for someone not on blood thinners - but it stopped easily enough.
The new medication is stronger and the doctor said to beware of excess bleeding if and when he cut we were relieved that, while he bled a little more and a little longer than before - it wasn't a real problem to get it to stop. That right there made him less nervous about things.

As we were leaving the house this afternoon to go up to the center, we spied a work bench on the curb just around the corner from our house. We went right back home, got the truck and returned to load her up! Then we got back in the car to go up and exercise.

We spied yet another treasure sitting on the curb by the Senior Center - free firewood!
Since we were in my car - he just threw it in the trunk. And I drove slowly home as it was too much to close the lid.

He got right to work in cutting it into firewood pieces.
You can see the bandage on his left hand. The cut is actually small but it's in the groove between hi thumb and fore finger so I had to tape it up pretty good so the bandage wouldn't come loose.

You can't tell much about this first treasure we picked up but we are real excited about it!
I've been using a long table from Sam's to cook on at the ranch. It's in the front room and I use all manner of electrical appliances to cook on - from a hot plate to electric skillet to crock pot to grill to a hot air baker. This will be my new cook table. I'll repaint it with my red and Louis Dean will add a shelf at the bottom. I can hang pots and pans on the pegboard on the back. Win! WIN!!

I hovered around on the front porch while Louis Dean was out there with the chain saw.

I've been sprucing it all up for spring.

All faux flowers and plants at this point.

I really like the colorful quilt I picked up at Goodwill this week.
I knew it would be perfect for the porch bench.

I used a lot of the flowers I bought to finish fluffing out this wreath!

It's looking like spring down here in Texas!

I'm getting the spring decorations from the storage building a little at a time and I'm also going through them and pitching the things I don't truly love.

It was chilly enough to build a nice fire late this afternoon so I brewed up a pot of Earl Grey tea and used tea dishes from England that Summer gave me a long long time ago.
My treat was a red velvet cake ball from my neighbor's home bakery.
Two are pictured. I only ate one and gave one to Louis Dean.

Our dinner tonight.
This is Louis Dean's plate and he ate every bite!

This evening I have been sorting through my denim organizing trim and pockets.
I'm gearing up to make Louis Dean a Texas themed denim quilt....


I've made a couple of Texas quilts before but I'm going to try to do one similar to this ....
but maybe without the outer edge parts.

That's it for our Thursday.
Tonight when Louis Dean pulled off his t-shirt, his heart monitor came off.
We taped it back on and I hope it didn't mess up the monitoring.
He only has to wear  it until 11:30 Saturday morning!

Good night Folks!

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Exercise Day #3, Bluegrass Music, Heart Healthy Salad......Our Wednesday

Today's perk was Louis Dean getting to sit in on a Bluegrass Music group after we walked 25 minutes on the treadmills in the gym at the Heritage Senior Citizen Center.

We knew about this and he opted to sit in the audience for our first visit.

This guy, Tom, was the only one we knew from past music jam sessions at our house and at the rec center. There were 6 guitar players week there will be 7.

Louis Dean was in hog heaven!

The highlight of the afternoon for me was seeing this lovely elderly couple get up and dance.

The music is from 1:30-3:30....
I'm good for an hour. That's it.
Louis Dean was not performing and I have next to NO interest in anyone else playing and/or singing.
I am only there because of my devotion to Louis Dean.
So, at 2:30 I whispered to him that I was going to leave for awhile......and I would be back....

I went down the hall to the library and sank into a comfy chair and propped my feet up.
I read and played my Words With Friends.
I sat and I rested. I thought about some things and I prayed about some other things.
I thoroughly enjoyed my quiet time and I shall look forward to this hour every Wednesday now.

I did share the library with one other person.
This fellow was asleep when I got there.
I was quiet so as not to wake him.
Perhaps next week I shall take a nap.

Tonight I fixed a heart healthy salad.
Lettuce, cherry tomatoes, celery, cucumber, orange sections and strawberry slices, diced onion and shredded cheese, boiled eggs and roasted chicken.
We each ate half and will have the rest for lunch tomorrow.
Dinner will be fish and rice and a veggie dish.

Louis Dean has had no angina whatsoever since he started the new medicine.
He has tests and doctor appointments every Wednesday for the next three weeks.
Saturday at 11:30 he will take off his heart monitor and turn it in on Monday.
Last night he slept well with the help of a doctor subscribed sleeping pill.
He takes them rarely but a good night's sleep is important in maintaining good health.

I've been paying a lot of attention to his well being so tomorrow I hope to get back to doing some of my housework. You know, getting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle takes a good bit of time!

We are working on it!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Tuesday Treasures!!

Ah, today was just chock full of all sorts of treasures!

We met up with Amber this morning for a 10:05 showtime of a really good movie!

I love movies based on true stories and this one was!
We drove over to Dallas in the rain and we drove back in the rain.
It's been a cold wet day in the DFW metroplex.
A perfect day to take in a movie!

Our next scheduled stop was at the Senior Center Gym.
We upped our time to 25+ minutes!
Day #2 of exercise!

Louis Dean had a surprise when we got home.
Granddaughter Chandy had roses delivered and they were waiting for him on the front porch.
He dearly loves roses as Chandy knew quite well.
The card said, "Give me the roses while I live."
That's a song Chandy remembered that her granddad loved.
Louis Dean's sister, Bobbie, lived in Abilene and we visited her several times before she passed away.
With every visit, Louis Dean brought a big bouquet of yellow roses to her.
He does love to give roses.
I received two dozen red roses for Valentine's Day.
He has given many a bouquet of roses in his time.
This is only the second time Louis Dean has ever received roses!
Brandy Dawn brought a rose florist bouquet to him shortly after his heart attack in 2009.

Summer was here at the house when we got back from the gym.
I took her to the airport where she winged her way back to Puerto Rico.
She lives there part time while she is addressing some health issues.
Summer is doing so much better these days.
She is having more and more good days and she is so thankful for that!

Louis Dean was home practicing some music so I decided to go by a couple of thrift stores.

I bought a whole basket of flowers for $12!
Now I can fluff up the two 'new' wreaths I bought a couple of weeks ago.

I love quesadillas!
This was brand new never out of the box for $4.50!

I 'love' this!!
Perfect for taking small muffins to the nursing home next month!

Deanna at Creekside Cottage  gifted me a beautiful burgundy cowl back when we met in November.
I found this gorgeous one at the thrift store and was compelled to bring it home.

Behold my new coffee pot!
It's the one in the middle!
Not bad for $4.50!

I am loving a wine cooler of watermelon juice and Pinot or Sav Blanc.
Tonight I added a strawberry.
Maybe tomorrow night I will put a sprig of mint in it!

 It has been a really good Tuesday and I thank each and every one of your for your kindness in praying for Louis Dean. I pray two prayers every day for him......
#1 - Dear God, please keep him safe and strong and healthy.
#2 - Dear God, please give him the desires of his heart.

On my way home from the thrift stores tonight, I shopped Aldi.
We are now stocked up with fish, skinless/boneless chicken and lots of salad fixings!
Bless Louis Dean's heart - literally!
He has no clue what's coming.
The gym is a done deal.
Now I am moving on to heart healthy menus.

Do you think he will notice the change???

Monday, February 18, 2019

Get Organized. Talk to Doctor. Get Reorganized!

This morning I sent Louis Dean off to his cardiologist for a routine visit while I ran around packing up for our trip to the ranch. He'd been gone quite awhile when the phone rang. It was Louis dean but the connection was bad and every other word cut out. Then his doctor took the phone and said, "You need to stop packing. Your husband cannot travel...."
She went on to tell me he had an irregular EKG and she was running some tests on him.
He came home with a heart monitor on and a sheaf of papers explaining that he was at an elevated risk for a stroke. She changed his medication, explaining that Plavix was not doing the job any longer so she prescribed something else that would.
Dr. Uppalapati said to Louis Dean - more than once - "this is a God thing that you came in today."
Louis Dean was also instructed to exercise 30 minutes every day.
I know what you're thinking....I thought the same thing!
But I am here to make sure that Louis Dean is taken care of and so I marched us down to the Senior Citizens Center, joined and signed us up for a year at the gym there.

You can see how thrilled he is!

We took our new membership cards and proceeded to the treadmills where we walked side by side for 20 minutes. Tomorrow we will do 25 and the next day 30.

Before we left I took our picture and you can see he was feeling better about being there.
We picked up the new medicine on the way home.....Eliquis.

He came home and I made us a breakfast for lunch - oatmeal, bacon. biscuits and we watched a Madam Secretary. Then he went to bed to take a nap.

I must say we were in a bit of a stunned stupor.
He had a good check up in December complete with a normal EKG.
Here it is February and it's abnormal.
That's why it's a God thing.
Louis Dean has been experiencing some tightness in his chest the last few weeks and we thought it was sore muscles because you know how much he stretches and lifts and works.

While he napped I unpacked.
Then I read every single word on every single paper he brought home.
Then I do what I always do when I don't know what to do......
I prayed and cleaned.

We were still a couple of zombies so I cooked supper - fried potatoes and sausage.

The cook had a cocktail of watermelon juice and Pinot Grigio.....delicious!
Plus I lit a brand new candle for good measure.

I now have one more clean room!

Pretty music on the stereo and fragrant candles and the smell of furniture polish and Pine Sol soothed my spirit and knowing God is in control comforted my heart.

So we are not going to the ranch as we had planned and have proceeded to Plan B.
All is well with us tonight.

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Sunday! New Glasses and Polished Silver!

For the last three weeks I have been promising Louis Dean we would go to the Bass Pro Shop after church. It is literally across the street from Fellowship - if you count a major highway as a street!!
He has his heart set on doing some fishing when we get down to the ranch so he bought himself a brand spanking new minnow bucket and that that inexpensive plastic kind either! That and a good sized net to haul up the fish he hopes to catch plus a few other things that I don't even know what they are! He was a happy camper.

While he shopped I sat in the great room they have before you actually go through the turnstiles and into the store. I sat right there in front of this magnificent fireplace!

What a beauty!
It was a chilly day with a cold wind blowing.
I could have stayed there in front of that fire for a long time but Louis Dean finished his shopping faster than I would have liked.

We walked right next door to the Steak House and I bought Louis Dean a 16 oz rib eye plus a glass of Stout Ale. He was an even happier camper now!
Rufus is going to love that bone!

We had a really good Sunday!

We stopped at Sam's on our way home so I could pick up my prescription 'wear all the time' glasses!

I was a bit daunted by all the selections when picking out glasses and these are the first 'progressives' I've ever had plus the first time I have needed 'wear all the time' glasses.
My check up was last March and it took me the whole year to get around to filling the Rx.
These are actually men's frames and they are next to the cheapest I could get.
I wasn't sure about investing a lot in case I couldn't get the hang of wearing them.
But I like them! I cane see distance, in front of me and I can read - if I keep my head up and look down. It will take some practice.

We came home and took good long Sunday naps and it was dark when I woke up!
I didn't mean to sleep that long!

We are going to the ranch tomorrow and my goal was to leave a clean house to come home to.
I'm slowing down this year and pacing myself so I did not make that goal but over half the house is clean! I'll take that.

The sewing room was what I tackled tonight.
I had worked on it some yesterday and finished it - complete with a candle burning in celebration.
We will be addressing some repairs in there when we get home.
I am so thankful Louis Dean can fix any and every thing that needs fixing!

He helped me polish up the silver for the dining room last night.
That poor silver was so neglected.
It had been left in an uncovered tub in the storage building behind other things and I couldn't see it.
I haven't laid eyes on it in over a year and a half so I am truly happy to see it sitting there sparkling and shining in the fairy lights.

 I am chomping at the bits to get back down to the ranch.
They haven't had any rain for several days so there's no problem getting in but several 90% chance of rain days are in the forecast starting on Tuesday.

We will probably have a campfire tomorrow night to celebrate BEING there!

I love this photo but even with my new glasses I had to enlarge it greatly to read that last word.....

"Life is a journey and only you hold the map."

We don't even need a map to get back down to our Happy Place!!